Windows Phone Marketplace begins rebranding on Nokia devices

We've heard through the tip line during the last few days that the latest Tango ROM updates for Lumia devices features a slightly new Marketplace.

In short, the 'Nokia Collection' is being renamed to 'Nokia Market' on all Lumia phones, a move that we applaud ("Collection" never really fit). The move is accompanied  by a icon change for the Marketplace as the traditional bag is flattened for a more Metro look but also features a big 'n' logo emblazoned on the side.

The new logo can be seen in an unboxing video for the Lumia 610 in Vietnam at about the 3:25 mark

Certainly this is an unprecedented move by Nokia obviously done with the blessing of Microsoft. It also shows how deep the Nokia-Microsoft partnership can go with Nokia slowly but surely exerting control over the OS and user experience with the focus on Lumia and less on "Windows Phone". Even with all the advertising here in the US for the 710 and 900 the words "Microsoft" and "Windows Phone" are never mentioned, which is probably a good thing for now.

Users of the AT&T Lumia 900 should probably expect their Marketplace to be updated with a future software update which will most likely include Tango.

Source: Nokiapoweruser, XDA forums, Verge forum; Thanks, Dave S., and Simon G., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I don't like the appearance of it. I like it the way it is now....IMO.
  • +100000 I don't want another touchjiz on my windows phone, I want WINDOWS PHONE, god damn it
  • Yep, if Nokia meddles too much it will be another device for me next. I really don't like this either. An N Shopping Bag icon? Odd, but liveable.
  • @Hiiiiiiiii...It's just an icon.
  • That's how it starts
  • Oh, ok Conspiracy Theorist.  I for one don't mind the change.  This does mean MS is giving Nokia (or other ODM's) the license to start changing Windows Phone.  This is simply the Marketplace.  It's NOT the end of the world.
  • +1
    They think just because of one tiny little icon, Nokia is now going to warp Windows Phone into their own OS. Calm down, its not the end of the world.
  • agree, change it back Nokia!
  • i like the nokia branding
  • Wow, even on a 800MHz, 256MB RAM device, the Windows Phone OS still boots up in less than 25 seconds. Amazing.
  • Ugg I don't like OEM branding. Just keep it the way MS made it.
  • Does anyone know why the Nokia App Collection disappeared from the marketplace on my Lumia 900. The apps can still be found in the marketplace, but the link that combines all the Nokia apps in one area is gone for no apparent reason.
  • Still visible for me.
  • Me too, in USA
  • Maybe this is why my "Nokia Collection" vanished from the market place 2 days ago.
  • I bet you are correct. I am hoping if the branding change is starting maybe the Tango update is not far behind. My Nokia Collection went missing Tuesday evening.
  • Nokia user here, and I have to say that I prefer the Windows marketplace logo. This reminds me of the Ovistore stuff which I never really liked... 
  • I agree.
  • Current N8 user here - this doesn't remind me, in the slightest, of the Ovi store stuff; the icon, however, slightly borrows from the current store icon on my N8, but this version on WP looks better in my opinion.
  • Nokia user here, and I have to say that I prefer the Windows marketplace logo. This reminds me of the Ovistore stuff which I never really liked...
  • They're in love! Wait until the two get married.
  • What pissed me off is that European lumia 900 already has tango update while att doesn't. I can bet $10 we won't see tango update for at least 3 months.
  • Smh
  • I disagree, I think if anyone, Nokia will get the update out as quickly as they can.  We've already seen a firmware update come across from Nokia quickly on ATT phones (yes, it was needed, but it was done and another is coming).  Something I didn't see on any of my HTC or Samsung phones.  As attentive as Nokia has been in regards to customer service I have faith that ATT will stay out of their way in regards to updates.  
  • I'm not worried about Nokia not delivering. Im worried about AT&T failing to deliver. If I had to guess, Nokia probably delivered an update to att who takes an eternity to test it.
  • Curious, what is it about Tango that you desperately want that you don't have already?
  • Well for my fiancés focus flash its a firmware bug with the proximity sensor that can cause it to get hung. Supposedly their is an update but not until art releases an is update.
  • Att*
  • Not defending ATT, but I think this is more of a Samsung issue than ATT.  It has been shown that if a firmware update is needed and ready it will be pushed.  
  • As I was on my way in to work this morning, I was just thinking how satisfied I am with my Lumia and the WP7.5 OS.  I will say, I only have two issues.  One being the purple hue (albiet no biggie) and the other being the lag when scrolling when the phone is in the midst of an auto-brightness change. I'm not itching to get Tango (nothing game changing here), I'm more interested in the firmware tweaks that Nokia has in the works.  Apparently according to articles and tweets, Nokia is well aware of some of these issues and will be addressing them in the near future.  Daniel, I actually think Nokia fragmentation is a beautiful thing for us the customer.       
  • The 610 looks pretty impressive, but I hope they lower its cost to well below $200 w/o contract - especially for those specs.  I heard the 710 in some places is priced lower, and 710 offers a bit more in terms of the WP experience.  Should be interesting to see if Nokia pushes out a direct Asha-series replacement in the near-future using Tango-variants.  Just price them at $150 and ensure that the "core" experience (e.g. MS Office Mobile, SkyDrive, Drive/Maps/Transit, Skype and Angry Birds) is offered alongside a smooth UI.  Although it wouldn't mean much to premium markets, such a device would be in a good position to challenge similarly priced Androids and Badas, and of course, replace Symbian.
  • I hate, hate, hate it.
    This pretty much sums it up for me, please do something, MICROSOFT
  • I totally agree with you. Microsoft should stop Nokia screwing up Windows Phone. 
    I won't buy a Nokia Windows phone with them rebranding Windows phone like they ceated it! 
  • I disagree. The "Windows" in "Windows Phone" has been poison to the marketing of the OS. Downplaying the name and focusing on the features, design and uniqueness is not only smart but it's working. While Nokia didn't build the OS, they are in the room with MS on future design and direction. LTE was a combo of Nokia & AT&T nudging Microsoft as was Tango. Nokia is (or will be) basically a co-developer of the OS so if they want to brand things, I'm okay with it.
  • Not agreeing just to agree with you. But I agree. :) Regardless of how Nokia is doing right now as a company, they are still a somewhat respected name in cellphones around the globe.  The irony is that they are doing pretty well in the US but not so hot overseas.  However, the 900 hasn't truly been launched in europe yet.
  • So what should it be called then? Microsoft Phone, Zune Phone. The name Windows Phone is perfectly fine.
  • So far the only thing they've done to the OS is change the icon for the marketplace...
  • The tango rom for lumias also bring new Bluetooth profiles which are Nokia exclusive. Also stuff like sync with Symbian or save contacts to SIM.
  • While I don't like the new logo, it's hideous in fact, I wouldn't let it stop me from buying the best phone out there (Lumia 900).
  • Verge is expected to give a total negative spin out of nothing. That's how their history has been with WP. 
  • That's a link to a Forum Post.  The Verge has forums.
  • Could it be possible that other oems might be getting something similar in the future as well? Maybe a Samsung WP would have a bag with an "s" ? I'll agree that the 900 hasn't been pushing the ms or windows brand but seriously guys, MOST commercials for android never bring up that either..the Samsung note, the infuse 4g, galaxy s II, htc rezound, they talk about what makes the device unique and the company who makes them, not the Os it runs, so I don't see any issues with Nokia. They CHOSE windows when they could have went android, and for that Nokia, we thank you...but of course, some people jump to the negatives first..cue the "fragmentation" haters in t minus 3, 2, ..
  • Do not like icon.
  • Face facts: the biggest negatives about Windows Phone in most Consumer's minds are "Windows" and "Microsoft". Practical everyone identifies these as necessary evils associated with WORK, not fun. All those HemorrDroids and iFuncs out there are being sold to people, not Corporate IT Depts., and frankly, after a day staring at often inscrutable MS Office programs the last thing people want is to do the same with their phone. We know that in this case the Phone is leading the Desktop to a better and more enjoyable interface experience, but most people have been burned way too often by MSoft's BS that their "newest is a great improvement" to trust them. Nokia on the other hand has a well earned reputation for making great phones that are easy to use. IMHO this is their greatest contribution to the growth of WinPhone and I think MSoft knows it but doesn't want to say as much. Win 7 has rehabilitated MSofts reputation somewhat, but they will have to make it two in a row with a hit from Win 8 before their brand will make a positive contribution to selling WinPhone to the public. Frankly, in the meantime its all on Nokia's shoulders,and the more Nokia branding on their phones the better for all of us.
  • KIN failed, it wasn't Windows
    Zune failed, it wasn't Windows
    all failed
    Just because you have Xbox as a reference, doesn't mean your claims are true
  • Mediaroom is a successful product. Passport evolved, it did not fail.
  • Zune didn't fail, it's evolving.
  • Yup...Nokia tries not to mention Window or MS as much as possible. U rarely see window phone mentioned on any of their commercials.
  • As long as its just rebranding the Marketplace name and not restricting availability of applications to only Nokia phones I dont really care, its just an icon.
  • Interesting changes beginning to unfold. Just to let you know Daniel, you've got "show shows" towards the end of the article.
  • What's impressive here is that someone who doesn't even speak english was able to navigate the UI with no problem unlike Phil. Lol
  • Nothin' wrong with individuality!
  • Okay people, while I like MS marketplace logo better, a shopping bag is a shopping bag. Furthermore, I believe tile customization maybe coming in Apollo at which point you will be able to replace the logo.
  • Why is it a lower case n? Looks odd. It should have been an uppercase N in the Nokia font to be done correctly.
  • Well, if I recall correctly, shortly after the Microsoft/Nokia partnership announcement, Stephen Elop did mention that Nokia would have something along the lines of their own app market within the WP ecosystem; this is just the fruit of that arrangement.
    Since the demo didn't show what was behind the tile, it's very possible that it could be a shortcut only - a shortcut to what was formerly known as Nokia Collection; or not :)
    Personally, I don't see an issue with this, at all.  At a glance this is no different than someone giving their email account a name (i.e. GMail or Hotmail) on their e-mail tile - it still gets you to the specified content.
  • The original Marketplace Title was replaced or just the Nokia Collection turned into a "Nokia Marketplace"??
  • The whole marketplace gets replaced.
  • I think it oughta stay the way it is unless its just a shortcut to the Nokia apps.
  • I think that this is just stupid! Sure, it is only a change of the marketplace icon but it destroys the unification of Windows Phone as a platform. Additionally, your Nokia device says already "Nokia" on the casing / housing. Do I really need them to remind me that I have a Nokia device by changing the marketplace icon too? I just try to imagine what would happen if every WP OEM is going to do the same now! And I try to imagine what is going to happen when my sister (which lives 5000 miles away) calls me because she wants my help on her newly purchased WP. Would look like this: Sister: "I have a new Windows phone and don't know how to do ... (insert here). Can you help?"
    Me: "Sure. What brand?"
    Sister: "It is a ... (insert here)."
    Me: "Please hold while I try to find some screenshots of your ... (insert here) ... so, that I can see how the icons look like. Don't worry about the international rates while you're holding, I should have found them in a few minutes." :) It would have been a much smarter move if Nokia simply would have added a HUB a la "HTC HUB" in Windows phones rather than changing stock default icons around.
  • o come on guys does it really matter if its only on nokias it doesnt affect you anyways right?
  • Another comment like everyone else but I really don't like that logo it doesn't fit in and makes it look weird :-S
  • I agree!
  • I like Nokia having pull, but personally I like the Windows Icon. It's still a WindowsPhone, and this is the WindowsPhone Marketplace, Not the Nokia Marketplace. Right now I bet WindowsPhone sounds better to the general public than NokiaPhone. Lol. I'm still getting the Lumia 1000!
  • They should have put the n on the current bag. I just dont like that new bag. It doesn't even look like a bag sometimes.
  • If this is just a link to the Nokia market, I'm fine. If this is the actual marketplace icon I'm pissed!
  • Nokia would do well to get the Facebook posting changed to "via Nokia Lumia" or similar, as opposed to Windows Phone. Windows Phone at present, doesn't mean a lot to most people, Nokia Lumia on the other hand, is like "via Blackberry/via HTC ChaCha/via Facebook for iPhone" etc... it's free marketing 24/7 whereas Windows Phone is meaningless. My WinMo 6.1 device says "via Windows Phone" since the rebranding of WinMo in its final days... hence the pointlessness of the current tagline.
  • Keep in mind that people don't want a Windows Phone but a Lumia! Nokia got the biggest OEM in less than 3 months, Nokia is pushing the platform forward. Not Microsoft or Samsung or HTC. So Nokia has therefore every right to rebrand the OS, control the market, customize the OS, add features and get as many exclusive app deals as they wish! Every Lumia owner should be proud of Nokia. The tiny amount of other OEM branded phones where the OEMs don't even care about the OS should be left behind without looking back! Go Nokia go!
  • Take it easy dudes!!! For me, both MS or Nokia logo are OK for Lumia phones, which are Nokia-window handsets.
    It's JUST A LOGO / ICON, it does not move away or ruin any appz on marketplace. Why do u guy insist on MS logo? :p
  • It's not just a logo because little enough people know what the Windows Phone Marketplace is contrary to the AppStore, and even less what the Nokia crappy icon store is. Nokia has understood that what makes a smartphone is its apps, thats why they're doing exclusivities, but only a tiny proportion of the apps are Nokia, and now Microsoft have gone and done it for Nokia they're going to have to do it for the others, great, were going to have a sickbag with an S on it for Samsung etc ...
    And don't you think that if I want a Samsung with an exclusive Nokia app that I'm not just going to get an Android? Don't get me wrong though, I'm a Windows fan boy
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