Windows Phone sees slight dip in U.S. Marketshare

Nielson has released their second quarter numbers for 2012 and while 54.9% of U.S. mobile subscribers opted for smartphones, 1.3% opted for Windows Phones. This is a jump from Q1 2012 (opens in new tab) for smartphones (50.4%)and a slight decline for Windows Phones (1.7%).

Android still has the lion share of the market with 51.8% and Apple is a distant second with 34.3%. RIM is holding steady at 9% with Windows Mobile pulling in 3% of the market.

Nielson's 1.7% is somewhat less of a market share than we saw last month from Comscore who has Microsoft holding on to 4% of the market. Then again, Comscore's numbers combine both Windows Phone and Windows Mobile shares in the market.

Regardless, both reports show that Microsoft still has some work ahead of them. The slight decline in the Nielson report could be from consumers holding off on the platform until Windows Phone 8 is released later this year. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change once the new devices hit the store shelves.

Source: Nielson (opens in new tab)

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  • Wait for Mango, wait for Tango, wait for the Lumia 900, wait for Rolling Thunder to kick in, wait for WP8, wait for hell to freeze over. 
  • Hahaha, I died from laughing. That is so true. I can't wait to switch to something else.
  • Sad but true.
  • Have fun with malware and a stale OS :)
  • Why are you even here posting!?  Or do you mean you can't wait till wp8?
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  • What you stated is nothing but helping the brand. If it wasn't the brand would be totally dead right now thanks to Nokia and their efforts soon they will be rewarded for their hard work.
  • Really? Something you know that the rest of the market doesn't?
  • Well you guys should already know. Like I said before WP7.5 doesn't really give you a clear reason to own one I mean its cheap, reliable, stable but the WOW factor isn't there. With WP8 its enterprise ready so carriers can easily sell the platform to enterprises. WP8 has direct X so it can backbone of Xbox's sucess. WP8 also has native Skype, Wallet and other features that make it a must buy. Also don't forget Nokia innovation when it comes to PureView. So yeah this fall there is many reasons to buy a WP8 device and there is alot of reasons to buy a 7.8 device as well. Good things are coming.
  • Based, I hear you and like others on this board, I do love my Lumia. But so long as Microsoft continues to be its own worst enemy units marketing and let's face it, execution of a cogent and effective strategy vs. Android and iOS, WP will be relegated to the dustbin of tech failures. WP8 is it; after that, it's over because Nokia will be gone by then, and other OEMs will be like, why bother? And don't think that Sammy's intro WP8 phone is going to save the WP ecosystem... The smoking wreckage of one OEM will be enough to keep everyone else away. You know, no one has addressed the possibility of another entity coming to take over Nokia (apart from MS) just to spite MS. I know of three who could....
  • If worse comes to worse Microsoft will buy out Nokia and make their own Windows Phone. What do you mean by enemy units marketing I dont understand?
  • Hell freeze over is  good no more heat wave. Mango taste good and we can do the tango after I ate my mango. What do you think?
  • It's going to keep happening, too, until WP has the support of all of the major US carriers. AT&T and T-Mob only cover 136 milion Americans. Verizon, alone, covers almost 109 million. I won't be worried until after Christmas of next year.
  • Christmas 2013 is actually a good gauge to see where WP will be at a year after WP8 is out. We'll see.
  • You are just saying the numbers in such a way that makes it seem like AT&T is NOTHING compared to the Verizon jugernaut...  Leave the emotion out of it...what if I say that AT&T and T-Mobile are bringing Windows Phones to more than half of all cell phone subscribers...?
  • Very true!!!
  • Problem here is people are thinking small and have blinders on. You have to take in the big picture of the whole Windows 8 ecosystem that is being put into place. WP8 is just a piece of the puzzle. Go back and read the article about 2012 being an epic year for Microsoft on WP Central and maybe you'll begin to see what is still to come. Metro will be everywhere.
  • well, I do agree that the new ecosystem will be a huge step for MS in the right direction, but it's also right what the opener if this thread said. We are waiting for a long time to see windows phone getting a substantial share of market. Until now every upgrade or new pho had only little impact in terms of success. Windows 8 and metro maybe is MS last chance to make WP a success story. It's not only about how awesome an ecosystem is, it's also about consumers who buy those products.
  • OP you hit the proverbial nail right on its proverbial little head.
  • You go ahead and wait for Android 6. That'll probably fix the android fragmentation.
    Also, let me tell you this: Early next year we'll see Android 5.0 and by fall, we'll see Android 6.0
    Approximate Android Worldwide Marketshare fall 2013:
    2.1 or below: 7%
    2.2: 12%
    2.3: 38%
    4.0: 25%
    4.1: 11%
    5.0: 5%
    6.0: 2%
    Note: These are all different OS.
  • So lets see the WIndows Phone was released in November 2010 and the expectation is it would seem that in this short space of time it would overhaul significantly both Apple and Android phones in the market place.
    I find peoples expectations rather odd, I would suggest that with the two dominant players that the Windows Phone is making steady progress. I will be the first to admit that if I looked at the trends for both Android and Apple launches that Windows Phone appears to be lagging but then they did not release into such a strong market.
    WP7.5 did help, Lumia 800 then the 900 have helped and WP8 will help. Personally until the WP8 phones come online I expect some small downward blips due to the announcement versus product in the shops.
  • You must be jealous:) even before nodo android and IOS were matched...
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  • I'm not waiting, I have my WP and I love it. The most interesting people are part of minorities, while I wish good things for WP I have no desire for it to become the populace phone.
  • I thought you're switching?
  • Yes to the minorities part and no to the wp not becoming a very popular phone.
  • i think this is just following normal pattern since when new things are around the corner there will always be a dip, besides with the previous wait we did see an increase in marketshare for windowphone, the only question now is how big of a jump can the platform make this time
  • Exactly. The same thing happens every year with the iPhone as well. When we KNOW that something new is around the corner, people stop buying to wait so they scoop up the next big thing.
  • We know a new iPhone comes out roughly around September, but with Windows Phone we have no idea. New phones are constantly coming out and when you have devices like Windows Phone/Android you can't determine a single date to wait till really since multiple manufacturers release multiple phones for the platform. WP8 is not a new phone, its a new software and based on Microsoft's silence on it many had no idea what to think about it other then that it would be coming to their device since they were on WP7.5.
    Also, most consumers (average person, not you or me) doesn't care at all about WP8. They had no idea it was even coming out. They went into a cell phone store, messed with the phone, listened to the rep, and then decided what they would do. 
  • Looks like MS were too late to the party. Don't get me wrong, I love windows phone and have the lumia 800, but I don't think we are going to convince the masses. The problem is that most people I know who have an android phone, don't even know its android, and just think of it as an "internet smartphone". Windows will never catch up with android, and should just keep going, and producing class products for us that are in the know. I do think we'll eventually catch up with iOS.......
  • In some ways, you are right. I have bright student in epidemiology who told me she got a new phone and I asked her if it was a windows phone and she said yes. So I asked which one and she told me Samsung galaxy 3....hmm! She honestly didn't know that she had android was just a smartphone.
  • You should give her an "S" for a grade :-P      S= Stupid.
  • Therein lies the problem...
    When you put a Windows Phone next to an Android... people will pick Android because of more apps being #1, but also the moving background wallpaper.  It doesn't matter how many squares you put on WP or how big the squares are... average people still see squares.
    Android can have a 3D Spider-Man moving head wallpaper.  How the hell can WP compete with Spider-Man!?  Not with a Nokia Phone with a Batman logo on the back that you can hardly see.  People choose from visual looks, first impressions. I know we don't have all the facts about WP8 yet... but they should do something more with the Lock screen... like the ability to swipe (or lean) left and right to see more info... weather, stocks, scores, movie times, etc..  That way, we don't even have to "unlock" the phone to get access.
    WP8 is a step in the right direction, but I worry that people are gonna look at it as just being a bunch of squares.
  • Spot on buddy. First impressions matter. I've had people asking me, what phone are you using? It looks so full with the boxes, which I believe is somewhat true. WP still has a long way. They took the wrong step by screwing up enterprise customers in hope to gain more regulars with Facebook and twitter integration. They paid for it, learned their lessons. So last hope shall pie in WP8. Enterprise or go home.
  • Lie, not pie, my mistake
  • The pie was a lie? I am disappointed :( Hungry too!
  • No, the cake is a lie.
  • To an extent, the pie is indeed a lie :D I'm hungry too .... Gonna get my girl to make me sandwiches
  • I've had live wallpapers on my android phone forever now and never used them once,,neither have any of my friends,,,sure its a neat feature but its more of a novelty that nobody uses,,and as far as having the lock screen display more information,,,why? That would only mess up the clean elegant look of metro,,missed calls,,text's and emails and maybe the curent weather is all that's really needed anything else would be information overload and that's what the start screen is for.
  • It's a fad look at it now look at Android customer statififaction ratings.
  • Well I agree with you on that point. When you walk into a store and you look at windows phone and you look at android the android seeks more interesting. I don't know why windows phones on display show just the stock tiles and nothing more. Hardly anything is pinned to the screen and no interesting tiles or apps are present. Look at an android and it has widgets and live backgrounds and apps all over the place. If I didn't know better I would have gotten an android. Why does Microsoft not set these demo phones up to make them look how they should. There is so much more to windows phone but people will never know that if you don't show them.
  • I tried to get my friend to get a windows phone. His mom has one, but he decided to not get one (he got a pantech burst). I asked him why he didn't get a WP and he said, its too simple. Microsoft just needs to make it flashier to get people's attention with more customization.
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  • Speak for yourself, she makes me feel good about my phone any platform which doesn't have such users is a sign it's the right one community wise.
    Anyway, 10% is the sweet spot hope it never goes beyond 25% at most, heck Xbox was a better system when it was less mainstream.
  • yea. I know 10%- 15% is a got spot for wp. but this  Tekhna is driving me nuts
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  • I'm resolved to the fact that Windows Phone will never be a majority in the US, but it will be in emerging markets that matter like China.  Sadly, the US is not a trend leader anymore.
  • of course it would become one. everyone is will dumping balckberry in enterprise and we will just take the rest of BB's marketshare. and honestly. companies will maybe have to force people to use wp becuase it's basically has everything Windows 7 and 8 does in enterprise
  • WP7.5 is pretty good for enterprise companies can save moeny by going with Lumia's instead of iPhones. I would gladly switch my corporate to Windows Phones but Bell doesn't have WP7.5 devices. Thats the problem with WP its not available everywhere until WP8
  • That's why you should ditch Bell
  • Danny, I *want* this to be the case. I have Blackberrys I want to replace with Windows Phone 8s. However, it's going to be a tough sell. Windows Phone's small marketshare make it a tough sell for corporations. Windows 8 is going to be a tough sell as well. I would have swore that the Lumia 900 was going to boost sales numbers for Nokia and Windows Phone 7 would see a surge Q2. So much for that theory. 
    There aren't enough Microsoft stores. There are over 300 Apple stores. MS has under 50 currently. MS needs to push Windows 8 like it's future depends on it, because I think it does. Go for fucking broke selling this shit, MS.
  • Corporations don't care about marketshare. It doesn't matter to them whether there's Angry Birds Space or Amazing Alex on it. Even if they find one single phone that is secure and controllable, they'll buy it in quantities.
    Microsoft has created ultimate power for Corporations by allowing them to install/uninstall apps without user input. Having IT hub with apps, news, etc. is a major way for companies to push their news to users. This all can be contolled with windows tools.
    The enterprise sector is largely ignored. Corporations know that people are starting to dislike blackberry. The alternatives: Android can never make it there. Third party apps are required to control iPhone.
  • "MS has under 50 currently."
    Just 21 actually (but more on the way). Biggest concern is that the only way they seem to generate crowds (and sales) is by big events/giveaways that are not directly related to the stores core products (they draw a lot of free Justin Bieber ticket lovers, more than Microsoft product lovers). At some point some MS accountant is going to ask why they are losing so much on the stores if they can't improve traffic).
  • I am very happy to know that I am one of the few with a windows phone. Its like having a Audi instead of a toyota
  • While that sounds good and all, you need to keep in mind that low market share is NOT good for Windows Phone.  That means devs will have less interest in developing software for our beloved platform.  Less apps, means small ecosystem.  Smaller ecosystem means smaller users.  It's a cyclical thing, and one Microsoft DESPERATELY NEEDS TO FIX THEMSELVES.
  • Yes, it needs a little more, but I hope it never gets to be like 50% or something. MS moved mountains to bring Xbox to the top, now that it reached they're getting sloppy, it became too mainstream. Anyway, that's my opinion, I'll get a Firefox phone or something if that ever happens, hopefully it seems like it won't, for a long time.
  • MS moved mountains to bring Xbox to the top, now that it reached they're getting sloppy What are you talking about?  Microsoft continues to move Xbox 360's.  They don't have to market the Xbox 360 as heavily as they need to with Windows Phone.  Why?  BRAND RECOGNITION.  That's what Slutdroid and iFruit devices have, that Windows Phone does not.
  • What you mean by "move" ? If you mean "selling devices", I care very little, what I want is exclusive titles and dedicated shows like they used to have. I have a 360 the day it came out, and I wished they weren't selling this much. I seriously don't understand why people get kicks out of market share.
  • It's all bragging rights. I dont really like talking about marketshare if the playing fields arent even.
  • It's clear that you don't understand economics, let alone business.
    Microsoft still get's exclusive titles, just like Sony does.  The problem with 3rd party titles is that they are forced into increasing their marketshare (which equates to MORE MONEY), thus means they need to have their product accessible to more customers.  Not everyone owns an Xbox 360 or PS3.
    And if Microsoft were not selling as many Xbox's as they are, we would never see service expansions (i.e. Hulu, UFC, Amazone Prime, etc.) or what will eventually become Xbox Music and XBox Video (to replace the Zune brand.)  And speaking of Zune, do you know WHY they killed the name and the Zune hardware?  Wait for it...  Wait for it... Psst.. It's called LOW MARKETSHARE.
  • I don't use apps on my games console, it's exclusively for games. Like I said I like it better when it was less mainstream, but hey, that's my opinion, no need to get upset, time to chill a bit.
  • I'm quite calm.  I'm just pointing out how mistaken your comments are regarding the issues with low marketshare, and how critical it is to a business.  If the Xbox wasn't as popular as it is now, there is no way Microsoft would have the balls to continue forward with their 3 screen vision.  Consumers drive demand.  Demand drives innovation and more products.  I'm not saying MS will pull the plug on Windows Phone anytime soon.  Look how long it took them to kill Zune.
  • Good for you. I use mine less for games and more for the "apps"... We are all different... Your opinion is no more or less valuable than another' you chill a bit
  • The beauty of the future is that WP8 will backbone off Windows 8. So most likely developers will develop for Windows 8 and port down. As you can see Apple rides the momentum of iOS and mobile which is what they are strong at. Microsoft will ride the momentum of the PC which is what they are strong at. Most likely in the near future they will fuse both platforms they can't afford to loose out on mobile.
  • Agreed.  I hope they can ride that wave.
  • Having Audi instead of Mercedes or BMW would have been a better analogy
  • I'm not buying the "consumers waiting for WP8" as a partial reason for the decline. That is BS because only geeks know WP8 is coming. Windows Phone doesn't have the mindshare for that much people knowing what's coming down the pipe. "People holding off..." Gimme a break. At least it's up from Q1 2012.
  • The smartphone market has more than enough geeks to have a hit on the market share
  • Hold on, wasnt practically everyone here saying the exact opposite when the whole WP7 not getting an upgrade discussion was going on? That normal people dont care and only a small minority of geeks know about WP8? Doesnt work both ways, people are not buying WP because MS has sat on the OS waiting for WP8. Otherwise we wouldnt be missing functionality that the CE core is perfectly capable of providing and did provide in their previous mobile OS.
  • I don't know. I've only been here a day :).. but the smartphone market is geeky (definitely the android and windows phone section anyway) most business users are fairly well informed too. The current windows phone user base is relatively small, as the article shows. It's not worth the developement cost to keep us geeky fools happy
  • Right.
  • Exactly! You can't have it both ways!
  • No it really doesn't. Most of the geeks go to Android since it offers far more things to do when it comes to "geeky" stuff (themes, roms, hacks, scripts, etc). 
    The geeks going to WP would most likely be those who just enjoy phones and have secondary ones to feed their addiction (I wish I had the money to do this). 
  • I think it has seen a dip because of what's happened with windows phone 7.8. I think wp8 will attain a big market share