Windows Phone still struggling Down Under

While we've seen our fair share of sloppy marketing of Windows Phone by carriers here in the States, Australia seems to be taking it on the chin. We've mentioned the weak marketing efforts with stores continuing to push out other handsets and now it looks like Australia's largest carrier isn't making life easy for the Windows Phone either. tried to purchase a Windows Phone from Telstra online and had some surprising results. It seems if you go to Telstra's website to buy a Windows Phone it's not the easiest task around. Telstra does give Windows Phones a category of their own and while Windows Phones are eligible for the penny shipping only one model is available online. The HTC HD7.

To buy the phone you have to choose a wireless plan (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large) that are listed just below the HD7 listing. But when you pull up the plans, the HD7 is no where in sight.  It would appear the only way to buy a Windows Phone from Telstra is to find a store that has one in stock.  Online, Telstra has the Windows Phones doing a vanishing act.

And Telstra isn't alone.  Optus (opens in new tab) lists the platform as Windows 7, not Windows Phone 7.  Even when the Australian online mobile retailer MobiCity offers a Windows Phone (the Lumia 800) they incorrectly advertise it as having extra memory options.  While the effort should be recognized, it shouldn't be this hard.

While we've seen some great promotions on Windows Phone by manufacturers such as Nokia (as we've seen in Paris and Hong Kong) and HTC.  Even Microsoft has done a good job at promotion with the Spend the Night Tour and sponsoring events like we saw on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  But where Microsoft appears to be lacking is with the carriers.  Somehow they need to light a fire under the carriers retail wing and get them excited about promoting Windows Phones as everyone else is.

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George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Telstra online is EOL (end of life) and out of stock on the HTC Mozart.  Now it's only down to whatever dwindling store stocks there are.
    The HTC HD7 is still in stock, and available separately online by searching for Windows isn't listed as show the actual monthly plan available handsets.
    AND no new GEN2 handset announcements.  Freakin useless! :(
  • Yeah, on the site wp7 is not even listed under "recommended" smartphones!
    Scroll to the bottom of this page:
    nokie e5-00 is there, blackberry curve 8520... sigh.
  • The problem is that no one in Australia advertised the Phones, and apart from the Generic windows 7 pc adds recently showing a quick flash of a windows phone. 
    Every Phone store you go into in Australia push iPhone or Android.  Most tell you Windows Phone is not any good, is very old and most assume its just Windows Mobile still.  None of them know anything about Zune..
    Serious let down.. But thats ok.. I have my Samsung Focus which i bought last year from Mobicity and a Lumia 800 arriving next week from eXpansys.
    There are ways around Telstra/Optus/Vodafone/Virgin etc.
  • In the 12 months that I've been using WP7 I've done more advertising talking to people about it than MS has in this country (Australia). There's no way I'd use a fruity phone or join the android lemon party. I'm on my second Titan because Nokia was too slow.
  • It's been like that since launch. When the Mozart launched in Aus, I scurried around to get one for my partner. 3 Shops didnt eve have stock or know when they were getting it, another 2 had no idea it was even out yet, the following 3 I had spoken too, had sold out and only one store left had 21 units of the Mozart but advised going in they were getting snapped up fast!
    Telstra has commented a few times in the past few months that it's looking into the state of WP7 but isn't sure if they will continue to carry new models. Honestly, im a bit annoyed with it.. Telstra was great when it came to carrying WinMo 6.5 devices but just lacks any interest in WP7, and I just have no interest in Android anymore or in iOS at all.
    Guess it just means I have to pay full price for my handsets.. that or swap back to Vodafone.
  • Australian carriers are doing _no_ advertising of WinPhone, nor do their salespeople have any clue about it.
    Optus's website has the Omnia 7 on one plan only - a cheap $19 cap with minimal data access. Meanwhile they sell 8GB iPhone 4s on a $59 cap. Plus, if you go on their website, the plans page will take you to the Omnia 7 page, but the page lists no plans, and no options to buy in and take the plan.
    Telstra's even worse, and Vodafone... well the fact that their stores and advertising is all branded with a Vodafone-red Android should tell you something.
    The only way to really get Windows Phones in Aus is through an importer like Mobicity. That's certainly the only way to get 2nd Gen phones (so far I think they stock the Lumia 800, Radar and Titan, and I think the Omnia W is on pre-order). I bought my 1st Gen Focus through them... I suppose I didn't think about the extra memory option on the other phones, since it's actually relevant to the Focus.
    It's a shame, because there is plenty of buzz about Windows Phone around Aussie sites like Whirlpool.