Windows Phone takes most positions in Amazon Wireless top 10

Windows Phones are taking the top spots over at Amazon Wireless on its "top rated cell phones with services plans" list. But a few positions in the top ten aren't enough it seems as a total of seven spots are taken by handsets running Microsoft's mobile operating system.

The Lumia 920 in black is situated at the top with a full five-star rating and the Lumia 900 (same colour) is in second place. Another three Lumia 920s and a Lumia 900 are present further down, as well as a Samsung Focus S. It's good to see not only Windows Phone 8 hardware being rated highly, but mobile phones running Windows Phone 7.x are still beating competition.

Source: Amazon Wireless (opens in new tab); thanks, konaitor, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ehhh this doesn't mean much. The Lumia 900 was at the top for weeks and it barely sold. Not buying any hype until Nokia releases some solid numbers
  • Troll
  • Yes I'm a troll, that's why I own a 920 and have had a Focus S for a year before this.  The 900 sales were hyped up on Amazon and on the best seller list on Amazon for a number of weeks.  In the end it didn't really matter much at all, did it.  How am I a troll for stating the truth
  • Heck, Stephen Elop himself said he was disappointed with the sales of the 900. You're right; these "top 10" or whatever lists don't mean much. The HTC Arrive on Sprint had one of the best satisfaction ratings (for those who actually kept the phone, LOL) yet how many units were actually sold?
  • Nothing trollish about it.  Saw these kinds of things with the 900 and some time later the numbers just weren't there.  So yeah, being highly rated is great but I'd like to see numbers myself.
  • Yet, according to ATT, it was the top selling WP 7.5 device and was in the top 3 of all devices sold on ATT for a period of time (something that other WP devices released at the same time and prior to, didn't do). 
    At the end of the day, while the Lumia 900 didn't break any sales records, it is still the top rated and most popular WP device.
  • I agree with you totally.. There was a big hype and I purchased the 900 only to find it was a phone that didnt meet any standards.  However, I have got the 920 and that phone is a oompph... But I still not agree to anything from Amazon Wireless as I have seen this happen before. 
    The real numbers will be from Nokia in a few months. 
  • Means little, unfortunatly. 
  • No surprise.  It may take a while, but people will finaly realize what they are missing.
  • This is expected
  • The best part of WP has always been the customer satisfaction, which is why I always called shenanigans on Sprint saying the Arrive was a high return device. It's just getting people to try it that has been the problem.
  • I know a guy who worked at Sprint and he told me about how much the Arrive got returned. Yes, it's only an anecdotal reference but a lot of people returned the Arrive because of lack of apps or not willing to get used to the WP UI. So although the Arrive was a good device, it was WP7 being so new that killed it on Sprint. I'm sure Sprint employees didn't help much by steering people to other platforms, but heck, Sprint had/has a lot on their plate to deal with.
  • Missing apps will yield returns. I was showing off my 920 to a group of teens and they really loved it. I showed them the live tiles and how the Facebook integration worked. They were asking about pricing and a few were bemoaning their recent IP5 purchase and asked each other if it was too late to make a return. They were totally sold until I told them there was no instagram. They thought I meant you had to install the app. When I told them the app wasn't available for WP, they looked confused. I explained again that their is no instagram for WP yet, it might come, but it's not here yet. The joyful looks of excitement changed to ghastly scowls of reprobation. If these kids had bought the phone based on their first impressions with the OS and later discovered no instagram, they would have brought it back...
  • It's a vicious catch 22. Devs aren't going to jump in to such a small userbase. Customers are turned off by the limited ecosystem. I think the new live tiles offer enough of a wow factor that with the right apps, it could take off, but right now looking at the windows phone app store is pretty scary with the number of knock-off apps on the "top free" and "new+rising" charts.
  • Wonder when we might see some actual sales numbers.....if ever
  • This doesn't mean much, but looking at best sellers in "Cell Phones with Service Plans" (on Amazon, not Amazon Wireless) shows 920 black and white in 3rd and 4th right under the GSIII. That may mean something.
  • "Top Rated" has nothing to do with sales. WP has always had top rated phones. When I see the Lumia 920 on the Amazon Wireless HOME PAGE on the right under Best Sellers, then it will be making some noise.
  • Could not agree more
  • +10000000
  • This is good news as always, but it has very little to do with the number of devices sold. It still shows that people who get a Windows Phone love Windows Phone, but doesn't show anything being done about getting it into people's hands. The reason iPhone has lower reviews is because there are lots of people who know what it is before they buy it then find out it's not what they wanted later. People don't even take that chance with Windows Phone so these reviews are pretty much just Windows Phone fans (naturally, 5 stars). Think about it.
  • Yup.
  • Rated well, but not selling as well as the iPhone or GS3. Doesn't mean much unless they're the top selling, sadly.
  • Pretty excited to see the new statistics for user base. Wonder how WP is doing? Any guesses?
  • hey i agree with everyone on the fact that it has to hit best sellers, but come on being top rated is good because people looking into the phone will kinda loosen their fear of getting said phone because people love it and give it great reviews. i think this is great news.
  • I totally agree with you. Favorable feedback and top rankings will help overcome the stigma of being "Windows" and help encourage people to give it serious thought. It helps build the hype.
  • According to this list on Amazon,, two Lumia 920s are in the top 5 best-sellers list. 
  • We can keep track of the national debt at times square and the world population as soon as a new kid pops out , but can't keep track of Nokia Lumia 920 sales? Let's put this gigabyte technology to work. Let's make it exciting!
  • If they sold it on more carriers in the U.S. then I'd think you'd see some nice results (in the U.S. at least), but until then I feel like they are going to have a hard time getting the ball rolling. The 920 should definitely sell better than the 900, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  • I. drink, your LIST!!  I DRINK IT UP!