Windows RT 8.1 mess up your Surface tablet? Microsoft has a fix for you

If you've been following news of the Windows RT 8.1 update, you'll know that Microsoft has pulled the release due to some issues that consumers have experienced while attempting to upgrade their tablets (be it Surface RT or other models from OEM partners). Redmond has now released a Surface RT 8.0 recovery image, which can be used on a "bricked" tablet to take you back to original factory configuration.

While we covered a potential fix that could be applied to help address the problem, it's positive to see Microsoft taking steps to allow consumers to revert back to a working tablet before releasing a revised Windows RT 8.1 update. As noted above, this image will install Windows RT 8.0 on your tablet, so you'll still be without the latest release until the company turns on the update once again.

Head on over to Microsoft's website to download the Surface RT 8.0 recovery image. Be advised that this recovery image will require a USB drive.

via: WinSupersite

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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