Microsoft has begun converting its Classic Windows Apps for the Store through Project Centennial

Microsoft has published some Win32-based Classic Windows desktop apps, such as WordPad, XPS Viewer and more in the Windows Store for Windows 10 on the PC. The apps appear to have been converted via the company's Centennial tools.

The apps, which were first reported on the WalkingCat Twitter account also include the Windows Fax and Scan and Microsoft Character Map apps. Oddly, one of the most popular Windows accessory apps, Notepad, is not in the Windows Store yet. Also, all of these apps are just for Windows 10 on the PC; they don't yet support Windows 10 Mobile due to their 32-bit architecture.

Microsoft recently released a preview version of its Desktop App Converter tool that allows desktop Windows installers to be turned into one that be deployed on Windows 10.

So when can you actually download these apps to your PC? A good guess is that Microsoft will make these apps available through the forthcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update due later this summer. Insiders may get early access to them before it goes live to the public. Regardless, it is clear that Microsoft is taking its own medicine and embracing the Universal Windows Platform even for older, classic apps and not just new ones as well. Things should get real exciting this year if you enjoy old-school 32-bit apps and Windows 10.

John Callaham