Tonight, the company is evidently refreshing the Store app with some unique changes – at least for our PCs on production builds (not so on Fast Ring). Version 11707.1000.80 is a jump from the previous 11706.1001.25.

Old store UI (left) vs. new menu layout (right).

Here are the changes we've noted so far:

  • Gray instead of black background
  • Downloads and updates, Settings, My Library, Redeem a code, etc. moved into new ellipsis submenu
  • Account icon now is only account-related, option to add work or school account

The shift is an interesting one as many users had complained before that there was too much information hidden under the Microsoft Account icon. Moreover, it was not clear that is where settings, downloads, and more would be found by novice users.

Ellipsis menus instead of the now deprecated hamburger style are a more modern and logical choice for the change.

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The switch from black to gray for the background is another interesting shift. While many prefer the all-black look, it did blend too much for the game/movie trailers and other background elements into a seamless sea of darkness. With the new gray approach, there are now clearer border areas for navigation. Nonetheless, we're curious to see how people respond as is Microsoft.

Tonight's update follows an even smaller change over the weekend with "Check for updates" replaced by "Get updates" for the action button under "Downloads and updates" sub-section.

If you received the update, let us know in comments what you think of the changes.