WinMo wish list: One media player to rule them all

We'll begin what we believe will be a long and winding list of major Windows Mobile overhauls we want to see with this: The media player.

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Chances are if you've been around this site for more than, say, five minutes, you know we loathe Windows Media Player, especially on the mobile side. We put up with it on the desktop, and it's certainly gotten better with Windows 7. But woe is the person who is content with WMP on a Windows phone.

And so, we are calling for one media player to rule them all. And the Zune player currently fits that bill within the Windows ecosystem.

But right now the problem is that Windows (the desktop) ships with Windows Media Player, which in and of itself is not the world's worst media player. But, let's face it, it's old. It's tired. It's not immersive.

Phil Nickinson

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