WMExperts Invades the Cell Phone Junkie Unlocked

If you're not already listening to the cell phone junkie podcast, shame on ya. Take this as your call to add them to your podcatcher, as yours - truly joined Mickey and Joey on their most recent episode to talk about the Smartphone Round Robin. 

Also joining the 'cast, Matt Miller of our brand new sister-site Nokia Experts. If you're not reading Nokia Experts, double shame on you, becuase there's quality content there both for S60 lovers and (this may mean you, it definitely means me) people new to the platform and looking to learn more about how the most dominant smartphone OS on the planet works.  Have a question about S60? Ask here in the comments and you'll be automatically entered to win one of two Nokia smartphones, the N85 or the E71.  The contest last for another couple of weeks, but the question round ends on Sunday, so hie thee hence!

Dieter Bohn