WMExperts Podcast Episode 39

This week: a bit of Mobius, a lot of services, and a bit of software. Plus, your emails! Listen in.


How To and Software

  • OTA Sync with Google


Thanks to Marc, Erik, Tak, and Joesph!

Quick tip on possibly making ActiveSync more battery-friendly


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Dieter Bohn
  • OMG, with all due respect, Mal totally doesn't get Live Mesh for Windows Mobile. It's awesome. It doesn't give you access to your Live Desktop or remote desktop access to other devices on your mesh, but it syncs any folder you want between your device and your mesh simply and easily.
    You run the client, sign in, pick the folder you want to sync from the list of folders on your mesh and then Menu > Sync folder with mobile. You pick your storage (device or card) and that's it. Any changes you make to anything in that folder will reflect back to your mesh just like it works on the desktop. If you open that folder now from the Live Mesh client, it opens in File Explorer and you can just pick the file you want to edit. You can also add folders from your device (like /storage card/dcim/) to your mesh.
    The client is designed to be simple and "fire and forget." Once you have it set up, you don't have to think about it, you just trust that your files are synced just as reliably as your Exchange data. One tip, though. Add a shortcut to the Live Mesh client to \windows\startup because it otherwise won't initiate sync until you launch the client manually.
  • No, no, no, no! NDA does *not* stand for "non-disclosure agreement" (whatever that means!). It stands for "No, Dieter... Announce!"
    So what's the super secret WinMo 7 juice?! Is it... wait, I know!
    Clippy Office Assistant Mobile!!!
  • Hey Jeff,
    I'll default my opinion to yours since you've seen to have grasped it better than I, lol. I'll play around again today and give it another shot.
  • Great show. Dieter, you dog, I want to know what you saw. Next time you are in some super exclusive WM conference will you pass this along for me. All that I have seen for WM7 is cool, and I hope they can execute most of what has been seen. To really be the killer smart phone, to go beyond anything anyone can do by a long shot, they need to work close with someone like HTC and have the first optical touch screen phone. They have surface, now make it pocketable!
    Yes, there are power issues and cost problems, but MS has a little cash, so why not put all efforts into being first. Even if they have to take a loss by subsidizing HTC it would be worth it. I have spent many nights thinking up ways optical touch on a mobile phone blows away resistive and capacitive touch screens. Here are a few ideas...
    1. As sensitive as capacitive but also stylus friendly. Infinite touch!
    2. Conference calling without extra camera. The screen goes from show image to take image multiple times a second.
    3. can determine what type of input is being used and adjust accordingly. Got a big fat glove on? It knows with your first touch and blows up the icons and scroll bar for you.
    4. Finger print scan anyone? no more password for your wallet app or to unlock your phone
    5. Scanner. swipe over documents and get a copy.
    6. You see a poster for a concert. It has a "tag". you scan it. It takes you to a site to get tickets.
    Some of these ideas can be done with a camera I guess, but there are some smart people out there who could take this technology and run with it, and run far. I am not talking about an iPhone killer, this is an industry changer.
  • " i know whats going on, im stealing this wifi"
  • So Microsoft is listening? Where oh where should I go to voice my concerns? Is it their MSDN Window Mobile Blog, this forum or another place? They should try to allow Calendar sharing with user from the same exchange server and syncing of mulitple email accounts on exchange. Hello Microsoft are you there?