Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will run at 4K with HDR on Xbox One X

Last month at E3 2017, Bethesda unveiled the next entry to its Nazi-slaying shooter series, with the debut of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Following an alternate history set after Nazi forces won the Second World War, the game follows on from the events of 2014's "The New Order" with a new angle on its dystopian world.

It now appears that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be getting some notable upgrades for Xbox One X, as detailed on the game's dedicated page (opens in new tab) on the official Xbox site. For the first time, we now know the game will leverage the additional resources of Microsoft's upcoming flagship console, with support for both 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Although Microsoft is touting 4K support for The New Colossus, it's currently unknown how the game will achieve this resolution. While the 4K label indicates a native 2160p output, other techniques such as checkerboarding or a dynamic resolution may be used. Nevertheless, the game will undoubtedly sport some enhancements over the traditional Xbox One version.

Bethesda has been one of the many major publishers planning to adopt the Xbox One X, with several its upcoming and existing titles expected to take advantage of the increased horsepower. DOOM, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2 and more are all set to receive performance boosts, alongside upcoming games like The Evil Within 2.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus releases for all platforms on October 27, 2017.

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  • 60fps > 4k
    The developers should focus on 60fps. Who cares if it's real 4k or fake 4k? 60fps in every game would be awesome. And it's something that Sony can't deliver.
  • Technically if resolution and graphical fidelity isn't a factor then yes, Sony could achieve 60fps in every game.
  • And it shouldn't be labelled as 4K unless it's actually rendered at that. It's like selling a Blu ray disc upscaled from DVD resolution and calling it HD. 4K means 4K, nothing less
  • Great news.
    Already preordered after e3.
    First two games awesome, glad they make in 4k, fps not important for me)
  • I also pre-ordered immediately after the announcement. Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of my all-time favourite games, so there was no way I wasn't going to buy it's sequel.
  • Njeh... Unless it's going to be a Play Anywhere title I'll most likely get it for my PC as It's one of those games I just can't stand playing with a controller - Not even with my Elite one.
  • Great news. Microsoft may have messed up mobile but you can bet your sweet ass they are going all in on xbox. Supposedly, xbox one X2 already in the works. My 4k TV short list is now the lg C series and the TCL P series. So 4k more important to me, i cant tell even now when games drop frames unless it goes from 30 to 10...
  • I'm looking at similar options, although Panasonic is also a contender too. I'm leaning towards TCL, we have them all at work, and while the LG does look a little better, it doesn't look 50% more expensive better (not even close to). Plus it's hard to pass up a three year warranty over a one year.
  • Dude. Please check reviews. Lg have REALLY BAD input lag and will ruin your gaming experience. Google lag test and it will show you. Sonys are best for minimal lag follwed closely by samsung. But check models as some are faster than others. Also make sure they are 10 bit panels for true HDR! I got my curved samsung on sale when the new line up came out. The previous year it was 2,800, i got it for 1100.
  • Yep. When people understand finally resolution much much more important than fps
  • Why? Is it because MS focuses on resolution over framerate? It remains a preference and genre..., but MANY polls shows that frame rate is more important to people.  
  • When it comes to consoles I think it's because developers are tending to lock in a decent fps, of say 30 or above, and focus on how high they can crank the visuals. Without a direct comparison of the same game running side by side, people only notice the fps when it's either real low or horribly inconsistent. Also if your game looks relatively terrible by todays graphical standards, people won't care that it runs at a silky smooth frame rate.
  • Exactly!!!
  • If its fps more important than resolution, go keep playing on xbox original or play station 1 they have enough game 60fps. Me i keep playing where higher resolution
  • @Anton lol sorry but I think that is a silly reply. It's really interesting how most of you guys played on console with the lower resolution for 4 years and now resolution suddenly became a priority. Does the priority and opinions changes depending on what MS does? LOL I'm not a company fan and unlike you, I at least understand that "resolution being better than frame rate" is just an opinion not a fact. There are many polls that shows that people generally prefer frame rate. And these aren't company fans trying to promote a certain product...   https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion-30/whats-more-import... http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/9.219275-Poll-Resolution-or-... https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/916373-pc/71022664 Oh and you're now hating on old games? I guess you must think that MS's strategy of bringing old games via BC and xbox game pass and not investing as much into making new games... LOL
  • Don't care, I just want that sweet story like we got in The New Order.
  • I'm sure it will not run at native 4k,since it's a Fps game 60 fps is needed
  • Well the original ran dynamic resolution at 60fps and looked and played great, so I'm guessing this will be the same (on the same tech).
  • Hyped for this game. Preordered on PC as The New Order was amazing and I want to show support. 10/10 for keeping German forces with swastikas
  • @Guest
    Lol Every MS console have higher resolution then previously...so yes resolution more important, if not u still seat on xbox original or 3DO
  • @Anton So are you against MS's strategy of bringing old games via BC and xbox game pass and not investing as much into making new games...? The fact that we used to play at lower resolution shows that we can play at lower resolution. It's much more difficult to play on lower framerate. Can you understand that it's an opinion? It's subjectif. One is not better than the other. Also tell me, if resolution was so important to you were you mostly gaming on PC/PS4 in the last 4 years? Or has your priority changed with XB1x?
  • @Guest
    I say i against old games? Where? My point and my opinion is: Higher resolution much more important than higher fps, i play comfortable from 24fps+, higher better, but for me not critical. Again, for me resolution more important than fps. Well before 2013 all multiplatforms games i play on pc coz resolution, aa, anisotrop filter, etc. Ps4 i dont have and dont have any plans to buy. XboX just great opportunity to push to limits current generation of console, and glad to play on higher resolution)
  • @Anton Where?
    You said "go keep playing on xbox original or play station 1 [...] Me i keep playing where higher resolution" So if you don't play games at lower resolution, MS's strategy of BC and game pass is useless to you. Also you are probably against how they aren't investing enough on new current gen games at higher resolution. Right?  "My point and my opinion is [...]"
    Yes. YOUR opinion. 
    But I'm sorry, when you say stuff like :
    "When people understand finally resolution much much more important than fps" You are presenting your opinion as if it's a fact, and you're implying that people who have a different opinion are wrong. They are not. It's THEIR opinion. You're talking about before 2013. So what about from 2013. That's the question. Looking at some of your post you actually were on xbox one. If you were then all you have been saying doesn't make sense since you were playing at the lowest resolution.
  • @Guest
    I lose u point already.
    From 2013 i only on x1 And again for me higher resolution its important, fps not
  • @Anton
    You lost something alright. But thanks for replying. 
    If resolution was so important to you, you wouldn't be gaming on XB1 since 2013. You would have stuck to PC or at least gone with the console that had the better resolution, the PS4. Resolution suddenly became a priority now for you guys because MS/XB is coming out with the XB1x. 
    It just looks like brand loyalty over resolution... It's so funny how people most of the people hyping the XB1x and resolution these days happens to be people who mostly gamed on XB1... Really funny... :)
  • @Guest
    I must do what i wanna do my friend, nothing more) Again resolution my priority, and if its priority itd doent mean i must buy ps4 or keep seat on pc, why? Well its many reasons...i go live to others countries and buy AGAIN top pc, i mean the best on the moment every year its expensive my friend, this is not my priority)
    Ps4? Well i never like sony, dont like gamepad, system, updates and they exclusive dont touch my heart so strong to push me buy they consoles (but i have before ps3 1,5 year because only one game in 2007, after this i sale). So if u can see it can be many reasons i dont like this or that, x1 give me enough to enjoy, and xboX give me even more with higher resolution;) Lets back to the beginning and question what u preferred resolution or fps: Resolution:) And in this answer u dont need try find something special (thats u always trying to do)...again: Resolution or fps, for me its resolution:)
  • @Anton Thanks for confirming. Resolution is not THAT important to you.
    Brand loyalty is more important than resolution. Actions speaks louder than words. The simple fact that you game at the lowest resolution for 4 years proves that. You'll stick to MS/XB no matter what the resolution is... Thanks for the replies.
    Hopefully, next time you won't try to make your opinion sound like a fact with silly statements like :
    "When people understand finally resolution much much more important than fps"
  • @Guest
    U need calm down, u too aggressive)
  • @Anton I'm calm. :) Not really aggressive. I'm not calling you silly. I'm calling the statement you made silly. That statement makes it sound like you were attacking people with different opinion. Making it sound like those people don't understand things... but you do...
  • The HDR and True 4K badges were removed from the Xbox website game page in late August.