Ad-Free version of Words with Friends and Draw Something now available for Windows Phone

Good news everyone! Zynga’s two big hit games, Words with Friends and Draw Something, are both now available for Windows Phone (that’s 7 and 8). What’s more, these are the ad-free versions, which means you’ll have to fork over $2.99 for each. (An earlier, ad-supported version of Draw Something was released for Nokia but then pulled).

That may seem pricey but if we were going to play these often, we would definitely drop the $3 to get back that screen space and not to use our data/battery—but that’s us.

Words with Friends, for those of you who have missed faddish games, is a simple Scrabble game that has online multiplayer capabilities and took the world by storm a year or two ago. While we happen to like AlphaJax a bit better (and we can’t wait for its Xbox upgrade), the benefit of Words with Friends lies in the ability to play your colleagues on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Basically it makes Windows Phone users feel part of the crowd—even if we are really late to the party.

Likewise with Draw Something, which peaked in interest a few months ago. The game is essentially Pictionary but for mobile devices and once again, the excitement lies in the ability to challenge friends across OS’s. Personally, we’re terrible at drawing (even doodles) so we’ll just stick with Words with Friends for now.

Speaking of, the games do look great on higher resolutions displays found on Windows Phone 8, but as far as we can tell these have no WP8 advancements e.g. no doublewide tiles, Lockscreen notifications etc. They do work and play well though, so there’s that.

You can pick up Words with Friends here and Draw Something here. There are no restrictions as far as we can tell. Each game will set you back $2.99 with no trial.

Big thanks to Xiao Qi for the links!

QR: Draw Something

QR: Draw Something

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  • Holy shit, three dollars? 
  • I'm good thanks Zynga.
  • I wouldn't pay 3 bucks for a broken app.
  • not broken anymore :) ( at least not drawsomething )
  • Awesome! Waiting on this one for a long time.
  • Nokia Lumia version is still free!
  • Still crashes for me
  • Not for me :(
  • I cant even get it on my 920 :P
  • Fark!!! $5 new Zealand! Way over priced!!! :( isn't it free on IOS and android?
  • YES!
  • WITH ADS...
  • That's $6 down the drain.... haha.
  • I'm sorry but $3???   It looks like a straight port from iOS/Android... and it's free on those platforms.  Therefore, it should be free for us.  If there was extra benefits of the WP version of the game compared to the rest, then a price may be justifiable, but there's not.  I'm not supporting this until they give equal pricing for all platforms. 
  • The extra benefit would be no bandwidth/battery-sucking ads. An ad-supported version would be nice for those who'd rather not shell out... If I like a game I'll pay to get rid of ads... I did with Words by Post, and definitely would with Wordament if I could.
  • Stuck at the connecting screen for me on Words with Friends...
  • Well, I prefer "Let's Draw!" . . .
  • $3 and months late to the party? What a deal.
  • Great! Great! Great! Those store reps can't say $hit about apps now!
  • Except 1 app that windows phone needs desperately for it to beat iOS, INSTAGRAM!!
  • No..just no.
  • Right! Lol
  • I'll take SoMee over instagram any day
  • You should try Instacam .... Its a pretty good Instagram app. Before it was just an instagram viewer, the devopler just added ability to sign with your own instagram account...and its free.
  • You could always sign in with your account and view the folks you were following (as well as the rest of Instagram). At least the Instacam I was using. You just couldn't upload pictures. Unless that's what changed. And if so, then the need for the official app is lessened.
  • I would love to have Instagram on WP. Say what you will about its "s@@@@y filters" and such. Its another way to keep up with friends I don't see very often and Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) is hilarious with his post and really is worth following.
  • Great just got them. Now where is my Splinter Cell. Missing it from my 900
  • I have it on my 900. Pretty fun on my phone, which surprised me.
  • I've been waiting for this for a long long time. No more playing on my son's iPod touch anymore. Thanks zynga! It does need a little work. Please update soon!
  • Add free version isn't free on IOS. At least it wasn't when I had it
  • I'm liking this sudden assault of popular apps! Quite late but they are arriving nonetheless. And it's nice to see support for WP7.X devices
  • Is there a free add supported version?
  • Nope
  • IF You like your windows phone like I do please do not visit or download (the verge or Engadget ) weg site or their app they don't deserve for us to even read or see what they have to say of any WP after the bad reviews they did of the Lumia 920 wich is a wonderful and powerful device so please run the voice to every site you visit pleaseeee we have to let them know that we know why they are doing this bcuz apple is advertising their products in those sites. And is olso obvious that the money thay are making have more Value than their moral thanks a million
  • +1
  • Grow up
  • Exactly. Please don't read The Verge or Engadget
  • Oh how dreadful, an opinion that doesn't match your own.
  • I have never seen any apple ads on the verge and honestly WP8 didn't bring its a game. Their review was definitely fair and if you want to boycot the verge go ahead but don't spread lies. You don't have the right to talk about morals.
  • While I don't completely agree with the review posted by the Verge (or Engadget), it is nothing short of childish to suggest a boycott of the two websites.
    Honestly, after reading what Gizmodo and Cnet had on offer, I thought the Verge didn't fare too badly.
  • Too late, too expensive. I'll have to pass on both.
  • The ad free version is most certainly NOT free on iOS. Why is everyone always think the *same* apps are free on iOS? They're not.
  • +1!!
  • I don't mind adds, so do like on other platforms and give us a free add supported version too!
  • Eight months ago I would have paid your price tag for WWF, but Words By Post has since filled that void quite beautifully, so, no thanks.
  • These games have been dead for months.
  • Any issues if I continue to use the free version? What if I get a new phone, it turned into a paid app so I would need to buy that, right?
  • We're a smaller base so we are going to get charged more. Its just a fact. Did someone say they were free on the Lumina?
  • Congrats, you seem to be the only one on this thread that understands simple economics'
  • Free on Lumia. Somebody post a link, as we have never seen a free version
  • It is still free with ads on Lumias. Use the QR from this link :)

  • Yep not available for you device.. I knew I hadn't dreamt it lol
  • I'll wait for the AD version.
  • Draw some some...words by post one plays anymore
    .nice to have it..okkkk
  • I've been waiting for these games for a long time. Now I have to pay $2.99 for them!? I'll pass until they're on a $0.99 deal or free ad supported versions come along.
  • Wait WHAT?!?  Wasn't Nokia supposed to have 2 months exclusive on this? It's been only 2 weeks since the Lumia version was released... ...which was broken and pulled from Marketplace the next day or so. And...  ...doesn't WP8's store rules require every paid app to have a trial? (Or is there a trial available for WP8?) To top it off, I can't find this in my Marketplace via search, even tho the link above appears to work... All of this leads me to believe this is just some major glitch on part of Zynga. I won't be shelling out €€ just yet for a no-trial app with 0 reviews.
  • The free lumia version has an update as well, so it should work now. Get it from the qr on here:
  • Don't know if there are many differences, but I bought WordFeud ages ago and I really like it - so much that I bought it on my Surface too.
  • Wait, you had to pay for the app twice once for each device, does this happen with IOS Iphones and iPad and with android phones/tablets.
  • Well nice to have them, don't mind the price too much, however I feel it'll be more like playing Words with Strangers as none of my friends play that game anymore. :/
  • Where's the free version i cant find!
  • Only free for T mobile.
  • Not worth 3 bux. Should be 1.99 max with Xbox Live support. So, no thanks, I'm getting an android tablet anyway.
  • Duudle kicks Draw Something's ass
  • I like that WPCentral is featured on my regions' Windows Phone Store website. Perhaps it's only featured for me, based on what I do/like?
  • Quite interesting but what does this have to do with me paying $3 for a free game.
  • The free version on IOS is ad supported. The no ads version like this is 2.99 on there as well. Same with draw something.
  • I tried so hard to get my friends to switch to words by post or wordfued. Both were much simpler and better looking software but eventually people deserted games. It was frustrating. And the android version of wwf used to be a joke. It would crash everytime and drop games. I hope this version doesn't do that
  • Oh 3€ for this free games on other platforms!?!?? No thanks. 0.99€ should be fine but not 3€!!!!!!!
  • I think they want to see how desperate WP users are to get popular apps.
  • "I want x x x x app!" Get said app, then complain about the price. Classis. Smh.
  • Played one word. Words by Post is better. The game isn't coded well.
  • How is it coded badly. Works just fine for me. You a dev for words by post spreading FUD?
  • Not a developer, so maybe I used the wrong word.  Its just not as polished as the iOS version.  The framerate is low.  Just like Angry Birds on my L900 compared to my Palm Pre.
  • Zynga take my money and thanks. I look at it this way.  My wife is such a non gamer but word games is something she's very good at and WWF is one of the few games out there I know I can engage her with. She is worth well worth the 3 bucks IMHO and she likes WWF.  My daughter is pretty good too and I think she's worth the 3 bucks too if she wants it. Months of enjoyment for less than 10 bucks? Oh hell yeah, I'm in. My ohly wish is that Zynga support this game if it breaks. Beyond that, I'm good.
  • Yeah and of course. 2,99$ = 2,99€? F*** you...
  • If only a really popular app would come to windows phone first and restricted it to windows phone. People only care about the apps so you have to add something special to the marketplace.
  • I don't mind paying $3 if it works. This buggy crap crashes constantly on my Trophy. If it takes the horsepower of WP8, they should state that in the details. Comments in the Marketplace are all the same. I hope Zinga makes good use of my $3 donation.
  • Yay yay yay!
  • m just happy to see zynga supporting wp7 now unlike some developers who find it impossible to code a game for wp7. They shud provide a ad supported free version like on android and ios
  • errr.. hello..!!! There are still countries out here that don't have marketplace support!!!!  So we need AD supported Trials or whatever you call it. 
    Where is our God damn support!?! I've waited 2 years!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • This is great news. I went from Android to the Lumia920 yesterday and missed these apps already! So I bought them. WWF is okay so far, although the text is a bit unclear and I miss the extras I had on Android that showed how many points a potential word would be. But wow, Draw Something is painfully laggy when rendering the drawings. A drawing that took 20 seconds to render on Android takes minutes on my WP! I would think the rockin hardware on this Lumia would prevent that! Is it just me?
  • This is a crap port of WWF, it's painfully slow, it doesn't have the same functionality as iOS and Android, and the messaging system is broken.
  • Wwf crashes former constantly and draw something is stuck on the "getting ready" screen. Is this just my phone or is other people noticing this too? I have an HTC hd7
  • Same problem on my trophy.
  • Works fine for me (Samsung Focus) but when you exit the app it deletes any games you just started... I'm pretty sure its not suppose to do that..... Am I wrong??!
  • I'm using a Dell Venue Pro, and Draw Something is just as crappy as WWF, both of these games UI are for iOS and Android; you can't even back out of the menu in DS, and not all of the game invites show up even though I was notified of a new game...get it together Zynga! In the meantime, save your money people, these games are broken.
  • The ad-suported version for Draw Something is back and fixed. Just tried on my phone.
  • Words With Friends crashes almost everytime I open it. Damn...
  • I don't care if it's $3 but not being able to try it to see if I like it is a deal breaker.
  • "Phat" is actually a word that's accepted by Words with Friends?? I play that game all the time, but I've never seen that one. $3? I paid only 99 cents for it for my iPhone! Sheesh... If there's a version with ads that's free, I'd rather have that.
  • Words with Friends really stinks compared to Wordfeud.  I bought WwF so I could play my mother and I am really disappointed with the crashes and having to click around to see that it is my turn even after I get a notification.  I hope they fix the app but I am assuming it will just be something I have to deal with.
  • It is really annoying that they aren't utillising the trial feature. They could give it ads, limit turns per day or both. The only reason they don't have these features is that it was probably a lazy port which is clear by them not acknowledging the Modern UI. We don't just need apps but developers who care to deliver a good product.
  • I used to want this game, but after all the reviews for the game, and the experiences people are having described on here. I DON'T want this game anymore.
  • I absolutely LOVE WwF, but this version is a joke. I'm scared to even open it on my 920 since it almost killed it earlier today. The game hung and then I couldn't leave it, my phone was completely frozen. Luckily, I was at low battery and had to wait till my phone ran out of its last bit of juice. I am sure Zynga doesnt give a toss about WP8. Shame really, I think they'd find a receptive audience.
  • I'm playing it on my 900. No problems yet but it did bow out once. Might be a memory thing since I have so little free space available on my 900 anymore.
    (I don't know that this Os actually removes everying after you uninstall apps. I don't think it does.)
    But,  WWF alerts you pretty quickly but I find I have to click the icon on the upper left and select the game button to see my next turn. I don't recall having to do that on my ipad but it may be a limitation of the 900 Os. That, or something Zynga has to work out but at any rate, it plays pretty good on my 900. I'm glad we finally have it. I'll eventually have several games running at once so I'll see how it holds up.
  • WWF crashes frequently on my Lumia 920 requiring three-fingered reboot. Uses tons of battery too. Back to Words By Post.