Ad-Free version of Words with Friends and Draw Something now available for Windows Phone

Good news everyone! Zynga’s two big hit games, Words with Friends and Draw Something, are both now available for Windows Phone (that’s 7 and 8). What’s more, these are the ad-free versions, which means you’ll have to fork over $2.99 for each. (An earlier, ad-supported version of Draw Something was released for Nokia but then pulled).

That may seem pricey but if we were going to play these often, we would definitely drop the $3 to get back that screen space and not to use our data/battery—but that’s us.

Words with Friends, for those of you who have missed faddish games, is a simple Scrabble game that has online multiplayer capabilities and took the world by storm a year or two ago. While we happen to like AlphaJax a bit better (and we can’t wait for its Xbox upgrade), the benefit of Words with Friends lies in the ability to play your colleagues on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Basically it makes Windows Phone users feel part of the crowd—even if we are really late to the party.

Likewise with Draw Something, which peaked in interest a few months ago. The game is essentially Pictionary but for mobile devices and once again, the excitement lies in the ability to challenge friends across OS’s. Personally, we’re terrible at drawing (even doodles) so we’ll just stick with Words with Friends for now.

Speaking of, the games do look great on higher resolutions displays found on Windows Phone 8, but as far as we can tell these have no WP8 advancements e.g. no doublewide tiles, Lockscreen notifications etc. They do work and play well though, so there’s that.

You can pick up Words with Friends here and Draw Something here. There are no restrictions as far as we can tell. Each game will set you back $2.99 with no trial.

Big thanks to Xiao Qi for the links!

QR: Draw Something

QR: Draw Something

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