Indie game AlphaJax being upgraded to Xbox LIVE status on Windows Phone

Achievement unlocked: Xbox LIVE upgrade enabled

Back in January 2011, we posted a rumor noting that the Scrabble-like game AlphaJax, one of our favorite indie games for Windows Phone, may be heading to Xbox LIVE.

Flash forward a mind-numbing 19 months later and we’re happy to report that indeed, AlphaJax will be coming to Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone in the near future.

Screen images from the upcoming Xbox LIVE edition

AlphaJax came onto Windows Phone launched with Windows Phone 7 back in October 2010 though we didn’t report on it until a few months later in January 2011. Since our coverage though, we routinely touted the game as one of our favorites due to the online multiplayer ability in addition to the excellent graphics and attentive development team behind the game. That team is based out of New Zealand and they have won numerous awards along the way for their efforts.

We're not sure what took so long but along with Wordament and Chickens Can’t Fly, they’re one of a very select few that have managed to get passed Microsoft’s infamously strict standards for Xbox LIVE status.

From the developer’s Web site:

“Marker Metro are pleased to announce that AlphaJax for Windows Phone will soon be available on the Xbox LIVE platform. AlphaJax is the first Xbox LIVE title to be developed by a Kiwi company for Windows Phone, and Marker Metro is proud to be one of the few companies able to meet Microsoft’s stringent quality requirements.”“With its upcoming launch on the Xbox LIVE platform, AlphaJax users can enjoy all the great Xbox LIVE features such as achievements, leaderboards and in game avatars for the user and all opponents.”

No word on the exact release date but we’ll obviously bring more as soon as we can. Needless to say, we’re excited to see this game come to Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone and are thrilled for the development team behind the game.

You can pick up the current non-Xbox LIVE AlphaJax Free here in the Marketplace or get the non-ad version for $2.99 here.

Source: Marker Metro; Thanks, Xtramalt, for the tip!

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