Workout with Windows Mobile

Let's face it: if you're reading this blog there's a healthy chance have a Windows Mobile device on your person at all times. Even, we suspect, when you're working out. Don't just let it sit there clipped to your shorts (or tucked into your spandex. By the way, please stop doing that. Ew.), instead you can put it to good use by tracking progress and details in your workout.

Create an Excel spread sheet for your workout plan. Along the top you can label each date and along the left hand side you will have all your workouts and weight. As you go from day to day you can enter weights lifted and exercises performed. This way at the end of each month you can use the option to create a graph and see how you have been doing. It may not hold a candle to the superb Nokia Sports Tracker, but it's a start.

There's other workout-related uses too. Gym playing crappy top 40 during your reps? With your Windows Mobile phone you can customize the music you listen to according to your work out. Running a 4 mile distance today? Try some Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky theme song. A set of lightweight A2DP bluetooth headphones can also help keep you from getting wires tangled with those crazy Bowflex machines too.

A great idea is to use your WinMo device to track your diet. I suggest you pick up Health and Diet Manager to keep track of food. This program tracks everything from calories to protein, and exercises allowing you and your diet to be one again. Now at the end of the day you can sleep easy knowing you cut those extra calories out of your diet.

If you're a slob like a certain Editor I know, you might need to set your sights a little lower. Say - use your Windows Mobile smartphone to send twits to Qwitter, a site that uses Twitter to help you quit smoking.

These are some ways you can use your Windows Mobile phone to slim down or size up for summer. Let us know in the comments how you

WC Staff