WP7 Marketplace hits 25,000 apps

Awh yeah! The Windows Phone Marketplace is now reportedly featuring 25,000 apps according to Windows Phone app list. While we still seem to be experiencing some uncontrolled app injection (all providing the same features/functions such as RSS feeds), it's been just over a month (since the 20k milestone) to bring 5,000 apps to end users.

Another app featuring website is WP7Applist, which is currently tracking 24,784 apps with around 4,000 of the counted apps being inactive. Moving on up, according to the weekly growth chart over at Windows Phone app list, we had a spike yesterday with a fairly large number of apps being pushed through.

If you missed our coverage, we now have the likes of DC Comics (opens in new tab), Vevo, American Airlines, E! and more (opens in new tab) that were recently published.

Head on past the break for the charts. 

Source: WindowsPhone app list (opens in new tab) and WP7applist (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • All I need is Swype and Pandora, and I am happy. Maybe Instagram...
  • Have you tried last.fm to replace Pandora? Unlimited skips and about 8x the amount of tracks available. )The only issue is background playback, which Mango will fix.)
  • And I bet sales rep still say there's almost no apps on WP7.
  • heh...last sales guy that I talked to said that the phone was buggy and for programers. But yet he uses an adroid which is no where near as end user friendly.Had to help one person the otherday with a droid on where to find the airplane mode.
  • The junk RSS feed apps are getting out of control. Especially the ones that use the official logos. For example I was looking for to see if there was a Food Network app in the Marketplace. Did a quick search and found one that has the official logo but it's just an RSS feed that's made into an app with AppMakr. I understand that they are trying to show the ecosystem is growing (and I do believe it is and I think Mango will make a huge difference) but the quality of some of the stuff in the Marketplace is terrible. I would prefer quality over quantity any day.
  • Sure, I'd agree Marketplace has some crapware. But how much crapware is in the Apple and Google app stores? My guess is that over time, the percentage of WP and iOS crapware will be roughly the same, and Android significantly higher.