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Playing with Nokia Glance Background, why not try our logo and share your creations?

You may (or may not) be aware of Nokia's latest app that just went into beta - Glance Background. If you're not, be sure to read this article for more information, as well as our awesome hands-on coverage to see what all the fuss is about.

While you can add your own images and create some cool effects, we thought it would be truly awesome to show off the Windows Phone Central logo while glance screen is active. 

As you can see with the above photo, our logo looks right at home when the Windows Phone is locked and Glance Screen is active. The best part? Because GDR3 and new Nokia hardware are only just around the corner, this background is in HD and ready to go on any Windows "phablet" and phone with a display up to 1080p.

To get your hands on our logo, hit the link below, save it to your phone, import and edit in Glance Background, apply it and you're sorted.

Feel free to download our Windows Phone Central logo Glance Background (SkyDrive link; swipe to the right in our app and hit 'View Links'). 

Also, head on over to our community forum to share your creations in the Glance Background sub-forum.

DON'T FORGET TO ENTER OUR CONTEST! You could win a $50 gift-certificate to our Store!

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I have the logo tattooed on my forehead.
  • Bonus points for you, lol
  • Danny :(
  • 520/521 do not support this feature. Which phone do you have?
  • 520 ...
  • You also need to have the latest firmware for your phone to enable glance.  I believe Nokia packaged Glance with their Amber firmware update.  That update was released fairly recently and may not be installed or available for your phone yet.
  • It is, but i have a 520
  • My favorite background. :)
  • Full points to you Dan always getting updates to us all and special features like this one from the guru's at beta labs which have developed apps since Symbian and since my meego N9 I rarely ever go to their site to check apps out but you finding this and informing us all is just fkn great and I really appreciate it. WPC ftw
  • My Glance Background is very muted to the point that I have trouble seeing the pictures. Is there a setting that I can adjust so that both my time and pictures are brighter ?
  • I have the logo tattooed on my balls
  • -5 points for you.
  • LOL, I can live with that. . .
  • Love it! BTW, are you starting a betting pool on GDR3 release to ATT customers? I want in.
  • I used Lock Buster to create a nice collage from pictures of my kids and used that for the glance screen. I'm loving it.
  • Yeah, where's my goddam GDR3 update already lol
  • Need more glance articles!
  • GlanceScreenCentral - GSCentral short version
  • Red strip deal - $1.29 :D
  • Oh no, tiger better, sorry guys
  • I guess its the low resolution of my 822, but the glance image is so grainy that its just not worth using.
  • Yeah that must be pics look like the effects the app provides without me choosing to apply them...still, a blazing Phoenix bird came out nice enough to keep.
  • After looking at other Glance photos on phones with higher resolution, it appears their 's is just as pixelated.
  • Yeah josh they are and I presume its got to do with battery saving by using less pixels, brightness and colour. Do you know you can adjust the grain and pixelation effects?
  • Glance isn't meant to show the full power of the photo. It needs to constrain it and darken it to save battery, when it shows the glace screen. If it was like a real picture, then people would be confused with the glace screen, and how that differs from the lock screen.
  • ^^This
  • I have the logo tattooed on my wife's I can read wpcentral all night long.
  • She cooks & cleans all night?
  • I never thought of doing that!
  • What?  Having your wife cook and clean?  Or having a wife?
  • Love it marantaz. Sad she makes you wipe when she has explosive diarrhea
  • Sad is you taking a dirty joke and riding it into the toilet. But that's where you live, I guess.
  • Batman logo!
  • Good thinkin!
  • Does this bring down the battery life a lot?
  • Try it.
  • Just used the very old I, Love, Windows, Phone logo. You know with the round shape. Used colours as is. That was nice.
  • The n8 had this on beta store and notification bubbles, the n8 glance pics had some color too. Finally Microsoft is picking up nokias old tech, now if only they seen micro hdmi and SD card slot on nokias old hardware.... One can dream
  • This is nokias doing not microsofts
  • Nothing gets on a windows phone without microsofts ok and btw Nokia is Microsoft... Not officially but pretty much till the buyout
  • Thats not true . IF this was microsofts doing it would be on the samsung and htc phones also.
  • Ok then Microsoft didn't ok this and Microsoft has nothing to do with Nokia, happy now? You are correct and are a wealth of information thank you I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and setting me straight.
  • Your Nokia WP doesn't have a SD card?
  • Lol, what your 822s don't have a 41mp camera? Not a flagship and no gorilla glass? Sucker
  • Look forward to the next episode of Glance. Its so exciting. Showed my family, who are all iPhone users, and they're so jealous. Not.
  • I find it funny, how people think its funny, to talk about an update..YET AGAIN, real cute, stick to the damn articles people...btw, just tried out glance screen on my l920...looks good
  • It really is a very good app!
  • I am freaking jealous man, I got a 521 :'(
  • Wait til you're over 18, get a decent job and buy a flagship Lumia with the money you earned.
  • Thanks for the advice you little bitch
  • HAHAHAHA!  Hi five!
  • Done!
  • Done. Jacksonville, Fl. Took about an hour.
  • Cant even find the app?
  • Use the link wpc provided.
  • Since I'm in the middle of the update, whats the image types that can be used? I wonder if you can do a .png image with transparency.
  • Because I don't like your logo that much.
  • I cant find Glance on my 1020
  • check under phone setings... 
  • Display and touch-swipe to right-bingo!
  • erm... those were separated a while ago. Glance should be its own option in the settings menu. Display and touch are also two completely separate menu options ;)
  • I thought the glance logo and times danced around a bit so as not to burn in the amoled pixels, does the image move at all? I'm just worried if i was to leave my phone on charge at work for long periods, if i would burn my screen?
  • So for us stupid people how do you get a personal photo on the glance screen. Just got it, haven't played with it much (glance)
  • You go to pick your image and hit the plus sign...that will take you to your pics to select.
  • You have to install the Nokia glance background beta application.
  • I put the SHIELD emblem on mine...think I'll flash it at the Grand Canyon Gestapo and see if it gets me in!
    Yeah had to take it off peek though...worried about burn in too.
  • As someone who is still on WP7.5, will someone please explain to me the propose of the glance screen with the background pictures over just using the regular lock screen.
  • You look at it without touching your phone
  • That sounds like a solution to a nonexistent problem, well at least to me anyway. I guess I'm not real creative.
  • Is it normal for my glance screen to have the time colored?
  • Unless you have GDR3... then you must be a magical elf! The option to change the color of the time and notification on the Glance screen comes with the next update GDR3. Unless Nokia selected you because you are an elf and they gave you the beta of that option :o
  • I'm actually one of Nokia's secret Leprechauns. You were very close :-p
  • If you have Night Mode enabled, the time is displayed in dark red during the night hours you have set.
  • Is double tab working on l920?
  • Yes. The double tap to wake is under 'Touch' in the settings.
  • Got it, thanks.
  • I don't know if anyone has tried this, but I took a screenshot of my homescreen and used it for glance. Looks really nice!
  • Pic doesn't show when in red, when the time is set to turn red.
  • Great idea, but its really annoying that it does not show a full resolution image... It's hard to make text look good! 
    Any ideas how to handle this?
  • Using artwork from a band i just saw called reckless love from Finland :)
  • Um, glance activates every time I put my phone in my pocket. Not very good.
  • it has proximity sensor. glance will not activated if you put  your lumia in your pocket.
  • Thought this was lame at first. Then I found a Darth Vader pic that looks so retro! I love it
  • I've got a few of the sigels from Game of Thrones..
    Stark, Targaryen, Lannister ... they look friggin awesome on my 1020. Even the pixelation and the optional styles in Glance Background give them a gritty very cool look.
  • Where can i download it here in the philippines?
  • Is there any chance for screen burn in with a static image? At least the clock moves occasionaly.
  • So far, I've noticed that the image doesn't show if you have glance set to change to night viewing (the clock turns red) and that having multiple images is nice but the app is glitchy...sometimes the images cycle thru, sometimes they don't. For those of us worried about burning the image into our screens, that has to be fixed. If they're going for a screen saver effect, it'd be great if they just let the images appear normally, allow for more images and fix the image rotation, and the proximity sensor must always work so that the screen goes black when in a holster or pocket. Its nice, but needs work.
  • Word of note 'beta'.
    I'm sure the intermittent image rotation will be solved by the time the beta label is dropped. the night view dropping the image is more than likely intentional. The object here is not having an overwhelming glow from your phone at night.
  • Hum has anyone heard anything else about the glance screen art contest? I know it closed yesterday but did they anounce winers? Just wondering because I haven't seen or heard anything else on the subject.