WPCentral.com can now filter news according to Phones, Surface, Xbox and more!

As Microsoft's vision of one Windows comes closer to being a reality, our vision of a website covering all of this overlapping that technology is also nearing completion. One request we have had from a small percentage of users is a filtering system to weed out news not relative to your interests.

Truth is, the overwhelming majority of you do like reading everything from Xbox to Surface to Windows news, reviews and articles. Nevertheless, in our attempt to make everyone happy, we are pleased to be rolling out our front-page news filter today, both for the main website as well as the mobile version.

How it works – Main site

If on a PC or tablet and you are viewing WPCentral through www.wpcentral.com, you should now notice the filter at the top of the page, but below the header. Category choices are

  • All News
  • Phones
  • Surface
  • Windows
  • Xbox
  • MSFT (Microsoft) News

Simply choosing the category refreshes the page with the appropriate filter in place. Choosing All News resets the filter.

How it works – Mobile site

If you are on a smartphone and using m.wpcentral.com, the filter is there as well but due to space considerations with our header, it is selected for a bit differently. Instead, users will want to tap the hamburger button (top right corner, and as seen in the lead photo) and choose their categories this way. Once again, the same filters are available, even on mobile.

What about the app?

As mentioned a few times, we are in the process of writing a universal app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. This app is a complete rewrite, unifying the Phone and Tablet UIs for our app. In addition to having much better performance due to it being a Windows Phone 8.1-only RT app, the new WPCentral app will also handle hyperlinks and other features, including the news filter introduced today.

Due to time and resources (cloning attempts of Jay Bennett have so far failed miserably), it is unlikely we will be backporting this to our existing app. Doing so would likely slow down development of our universal app. We currently do not have an estimate for its release, but we are in the alpha-build stage already.

Finally, regarding the filter choices, this is something we can and may refine as we go forward, depending on how the Microsoft landscape evolves.

As always, you can leave in our dedicated forum for the website found here!

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the latest feature!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • What about in app?
  • The article. Please read it. I worked hard on it.
  • As part of the minority that had been asking for this, Thank You!!!! No more Xbox news to weed through.
  • Me too. Though, I'd be curious who just never said anything.
  • Hey Dan, will the new universal app be available for x86 touch devices to like dell venue 8 pro? The article states it is only for RT and WP devices?
  • All Modern apps run on x86/x64 Windows 8.1 machines. Very few games have an issue where they do not load on RT machines, not the other way around.
  • Okay, Thank you :) you guys do an awesome job, keep rocking :)
  • Nothing was mentioned of the name change you talked about awhile ago though...
  • A more appropriate question would be, Daniel, is there a time frame for the universal app release?
  • Read the article dude.
  • A dedicated section for the question and you miss it...
  • Can you read?
  • Ha Sam, I like that you have Dan's back! WPC - once you're in, you are in.
  • I like this guy.lol
  • Training is a long, slow road at times.
  • How can you comment even before reading the article??
  • Lol, READ!!!! Glad to have this feature and can't wait for it in the new app. One of my most requested features.
  • They should implement a timer when a user has to wait to comment to encourage to read the article.
  • Upvote^
  • Thumbs up
  • Ffs. Kill me now.
  • good... much needed
  • Nice... Much needed!
  • Next step, removal of daily deal?
  • Done. Just send your money directly to me to pay my salary and our staff's. Thanks, you're the best!
  • Hahaha.Good One Daniel xD
  • Na, but an option to pay it off kinda like we currently disable ads in mobile would be much welcomed ^_^
  • Not sure a subscription based model for a website is the smartest idea. Honestly, you should be able to scroll by our daily deal article with little inconvenience to your busy life.
  • This
  • Already paid for the WP apps. It should have an option to remove daily deals.
  • Daily deals funds the site not the app.
  • Let it go man.
  • True, I buy cases and stuff from my local store or internet country store. I couldn't care less about daily deals, not because of what I already mentioned but because fees for shopping are huge, I don't have a wpcentral shop nearby, etc. There should be a way we can just not read the particular daily deals, all other news are welcome. This is for the websites owned to decide. But as it seems it's something that people are not really happy for...
  • And yes, I'm talking about the app, I and we mostly use the app
  • Life and scrolling in apps is full of trials and tribulations.
  • I don't know, you know better I guess
  • I think he means to not have it advertised in the articles every day. If that is so, I agree with him.
  • Good this will silence those who complain that this is turning into Microsoft central instead of Windows Phone Central
  • There is a electrical company called North Sound Electric that does business in south sound also, and no one cares what they are called because they do good work; that is why they grew beyond the north. WPCentral is just a web address, the site is dedicated to the ever more connected Windows platforms, and they do a solid job of doing it.
  • Yesterday there was supposed to be an update to the App.  I have 8.1 PFD on my 928 without Cyan, but have not seen the update.  Should I?
  • That is the WINDOWS app, not the Windows PHONE app ;)
  • Still some people getting confused. I wonder when 'Windows Phone' will be just 'Windows'. How hard work you have to do.!!!!
  • We'll if it's Windows on your phone, wouldn't it just still be Windows Phone? Much easier than saying Windows on your phone. But that's Microsoft for ya, always gotta over do it with the naming process.
  • See that now.  Read it, but not quite carefully enough.  The quick skim of the 1st sentence threw me. Thanks for claifying.
  • Thank you! Now I can finally filter out all the Xbox articles which, as PS user, I never cared about.
  • The app is great, none the less :)
  • Cool, one of those things to make you say "Why wasn't this there B before?"
  • Great .. We are wait for app
  • Useful
  • Waiting for the new app....and ya A BIG BIG THANK YOU WPCENTRAL for providing such quality and reliable news....I am always updated with the latest WP news just coz of wpcentral.
  • Looking for an interface overhaul in the universal app. The current one gets the job done well but it, now, seems bit primitive.
  • The new UI is off the hook. Looks nothing like the current version.
  • Looking forward to it, I just hope it comes as a update and not as a separate app. Btw we will always love ❤ WPC.
  • I would pay for the app again, just saying. The 2 apps I use the most every day are email and wpcentral.
  • As long as I don't have to pay again I don't mind dl'ing another app. If it's paid again, fuq no!
  • I'm actually nervous about the phone app... the current one is so fast and perfect, I kind of dread a big interface change. I agree that the tablet app could certainly use a lot of improvement. I hope the new app is a new purchase so we can continue to use the current phone app if it is preferable to some of us ...
  • RT apps have waay better performance on WP8.1 than currently coded ones. Night meets day.
  • OK... I'll put my faith in you guys.  But don't ask me not to be nervous!  The current WP app is my most used, and to me it works perfectly...  ;-)
  • thanks Daniel Rubino
  • Awesome!
  • I was first to demand it... See my previous posts
  • •facepalm•
  • Nice! You've anticipated by changing the "Windows Phone News" tag to "Phones". Maybe you could organize a poll for the website rebranding.
  • I would think that is very needed
  • True, considering Windows Phone branding will be retired this spring in favor of the universal "Windows" branding.
  • Excellent! maybe in a future update allow choice of filters, e.g. I'd be interested in phone and xbox but none of the others
  • Yup, this will come with further changes to the front page layout, which will allow us to do that.
  • Awesome! Keep up the good work!
  • I don't think I got this right, you're making a new universal app, so the existing app won't be updated? Am I wrong?
  • The existing app won't be updated for now (maybe never). The UA for Windows will be getting priority from Jay Bennett.
  • This means paying for the new app, I don't have a credit card, and I got the full app trough myappfree, This is disappointing
  • "This means paying for the new app"
    Jump to conclusions much? I have said nothing on pricing or if it will/will not replace the current app. #QuitTheDrama
  • I think I'll no longer post a comment on any of your posts Mr. Rubino, I was considering it but now I'm sure of it, I know this means nothing to you, I'm sorry again for the misunderstanding
  • Maybe some beta test release of universal app?
  • Nice :)
  • This is great news.  Finally, WPCentral.com can be WPCentral.com instead of MicrosoftCentral.com for those of us who really don't care about XBOX etc.  You've done a service to your readers today!
  • While I do love reading through ALL MS news, I can also appreciate this feature. It will help me find all my favorite articles easier. Thanks guys!
  • Keep up the good work buddy ^_^
  • So, if Windows drops the "Phone" from Windows Phone, will this sites address change to wcentral.com?
  • And ur name to @mikeywc ????
  • Lol good one
  • Dude that was awesome :D
  • What's up bro!  I changed my username now that the name was officially changed to WindowsCentral.com LOL.
  • Hope you won't cut any functionality in rewritten universal app. WP one is one of the best I've ever seen :)
  • My concern exactly... the current phone app is beautiful, fast, and efficient... I really dread starting over...
  • Going universal lets us add features we currently cannot, not the other way around ;)
  • Although it would be quite reasonable to expect the universal app to launch missing some features considering it's a total rewrite and the current one has had years of development...
  • Awesome! Hope that put an end to "This Is a Windows PHONE site, why do I have to read about Xbox"
    Now we need a filter for "What About India" & "When Will My xxx Get " lol jk jk ... Or I'm I?
    Looking forward to the new app!
    Quick question, what's gonna happen to the current app?
  • "Quick question, what's gonna happen to the current app?"
    We haven't discussed it yet. We could update it, support two versions side-by-side (same listing), etc. I mean, we have a huge store rating and presence, the idea of submitting a new app and listing would erase that and seem stupid, so...
  • Yea, its gonna be a tricky one.
    Thanks Daniel! I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me :)
  • Feature request: Commenting locked until the user scrolls to the bottom of the article. ;-)
  • Then people will just scroll down without reading. After all most of the people here are too busy working on problems like world peace to read a 50 line article.
  • Will it has public beta version ?
  • Probably sometime after our internal Alpha tests complete is my best guess.
  • Good news about the all in one ecosystem
  • Instead of cloning Jay, how can some of us programmers join his dev team to help out?
  • Great job wpcentral
  • Still, if windows threshold is confirmed, wpcentral will no longer be a valid name, right Sam, Daniel?
  • Perfect! Now if the internets had tm same feature to filter out the iPhone crap the world would be a better place!
  • Hey Dani boy. With the ui changes, will the app look more like the windows version or the phone version. Just my opinion but the phone layout is 10 times better than the tablet version. On my surface I have the site pinned instead of the app.
  • Both. It will take inspiration from the tablet designs but in a way that makes way more sense for phone. You'll also see some changes in the tablet layout as I work on the universal app
  • What about filters in RSS feeds? I would also like to see filter for articles related to apps. I tend to postpone reading the articles about an app (spoecifically the ones that come with store link and qrcode) but would not want to miss reading other articles. With no filtering I have to parse through the list reading the title and open specific one. It would be nice to be able to get these two in a separate lists.
  • @Daniel : Firstly you guys are doing a great job and we Lumia lovers in India find your site and app the premier destination for WP news.... Now I read you reply that rt apps on WP a re very fast(night after day or something you said).... Can we have an article recurring the apps in store that are chief in rt.... So we can choose them as primary apps! Would this also negate the resuming rant once and for all? What are your two cents? Thanks
  • I couldn't care less about XBox so this filter will rock, thanks :)
  • Good, I can now filter what I care most. Xbox for life.
  • Can't wait for this in the app!
  • waiting 4 new universal app....
  • If I could filter out what been relesed in India and deal of the day, I would be happy.
  • We can haz filters. *happy dance*
  • Can, or does, this apply to RSS Feeds as well.  Just testing it out the section by adding it to Feedly doesn't seem to work. Unless i'm doing something wrong. Oh well. In the meantime please re-double efforts to clone Jay Bennett, always enjoyed him on the Podcast *cough*whenyouusedtodoone*cough*    
  • Not for RSS, but will add that as something to look at.
  • Please do! Feedly is my entry point to this site and I almost unsubscribed due to repeated general tech news that I get from other sites already
  • Good no more Xbox nonsense.
  • Good. Well done & thanks for the filters. Judging by the response maybe not such a small minority of people appreciating the change. Cheers
  • Guys, we want full Cortana support for reading the whole article, not just the header, which in most cases is the Cached news headlines, not the new one. Your new redesign would still mean nothin without voice like the Engadget app...
  • Thanks to all in wpcentral.please make sure that the new version of the wpcentral filters wisely.
  • Was quite pleased when this filter malarkey was announced, but clicking on the 'phones' button today, brings up articles no more recent than the 1st of October. It's a week out of date guys!!