Xbox Adaptive Controller preorders now available, priced at $99.99

Updated June 11, 2018: Preorders are now live for the Xbox Adaptive Controller for $99.99 at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). Units are set to start shipping in September. The original story follows.

In the past, people with disabilities have had a difficult time affording customized hardware for gaming, often leaving them on the sidelines. Last month Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller – its accessibility-focused controller designed for those with limited mobility. After "years in the making," its unique design emphasizes Microsoft's continual investment in inclusivity.

It's now been confirmed that preorders for the accessory will soon be going live – currently set for 12 PM ET / 5 PM on June 11 via the Microsoft Store. Preorders will start at $99.99, which provides everything you need to get started with the new controller.

On top of the device lay two large programmable buttons, alongside quick access the Xbox, Menu, View, and other key inputs. What makes this controller truly unique is along the rear – 19 3.5mm jacks, hooking the console into an existing ecosystem of accessible buttons, thumbsticks, and other input devices. A dedicated USB port allows joysticks to be connected from third-party manufacturers too. This controller will be compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, with additional functionality tied to the Xbox Accessories (opens in new tab) app.

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  • It was nice to see it used on stage with Forza Horizon 4. Also Had the chance to see it up close after the show. MS really made a nice and clean controller. :)
  • I'm interested in one just to try out old legacy controllers, like PC arcade sticks, flight sticks, steering wheels, etc.
  • Same here. While not the most convenient item for the task, it seems to possibly be the most compatible. Would be nice if MS mad a mini/micro version just for this reason alone.