'Xbox All Access' gets you a new console, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for one monthly fee

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

After leaking last week (and a tease this morning), Microsoft has made its latest Xbox service, dubbed "Xbox All Access", official. Taking a cue from the phone carriers, the service which is available now brings together Xbox Live, Game Pass, and a console under one subscription plan on a two-year contract.

According to Microsoft, the offer is only available for a limited time "while supplies last." But whether you're looking to hop in with an Xbox One X or and Xbox One S, both options are available. The only catch is that the offer is only available at Microsoft Retail stores; there's no online ordering available.

As for pricing, you can pay $34.99 per month to net a new 1TB Xbox One X console, along with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The 1TB Xbox One S bundle comes in quite a bit cheaper at $21.99 per month for a new console with the same 24 months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold included.

'Xbox All Access' gets you a new console, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for one monthly fee

There's no upfront cost, but to sign up, you'll have to be approved for a Dell Preferred Account. There's also no interest applied so long as the purchase is paid in full within 24 months.

From Microsoft's description:

With Xbox All Access, get a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, unlimited access to over 100 great games with Xbox Game Pass for 24 months, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold for 24 months. That's 100+ all-you-can-play games—including new Xbox exclusives— the fastest, most reliable gaming network, and an Xbox One console for no upfront cost and one low monthly price. Available for a limited time while supplies last.

For now, at least, this offer is only available in the U.S. However, it could prove to be a valuable asset for Microsoft to pull people into the Xbox ecosystem without the barrier posed by the high upfront pricing of a console. It's also a boon for developers, as it has the potential bring an even larger player base for Xbox Game Pass.

If your interest is piqued, you can check out all of the details at the official Xbox All Access site.

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