Xbox (beta) for Windows 10 shows up in the Store a little early

We recently found out that Microsoft will be embarking on a beta program soon for its Xbox app on Windows 10. The Xbox One Smartglass app had an open beta and Microsoft is adopting the same approach here versus a closed program like the Xbox One Preview. Now, it seems as though Xbox (beta) has made a premature appearance in the Windows 10 Store.

But it's most certainly not ready for use yet.

We've been able to install it on our Windows 10 PC but on the singular occasion the app actually opened, it appeared to be an older build than the main update pushed earlier this week. Not by much, but older is older.

Mostly it refuses to open properly and sits there on the green Xbox logo screen. Since it's obviously not ready yet we haven't yet tried it on Windows 10 Mobile.

If there's nothing else we get from this, it's a Store link for when the beta program does properly go live. It isn't the first beta app Microsoft has slipped into the Store ahead of time, with the same happening with Translator 10 beta recently. In any case, the link below is the one you need.

Download Xbox (beta) from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

via WMPU

Richard Devine
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  • Not that I'm complaining because I love using betas as early as possible, but it seems like Microsoft has been letting way too many things leak ahead of time.
  • Yeah that is bad... And on a more serious note, Japan just beat us in our opening match... (slams the door on life)
  • The ICYMI article will be huge this week :P
  • Awesome. Now I can watch my TV Tuner streams through one app instead of having to keep smartglass. 
  • I don't get it, is this like the Xbox one app or is it a 360 app? What's it for?
  • This is a beta version of the Xbox app on Windows 10.
  • Does that mean the remote playing on a win10 computer from a 360 like on the xboxOne?
  • No... There is no announcements on remote play from 360
  • It's the Windows 10 Xbox app. But the beta version. They have started to add the remaining things from smartglass that weren't already integrated.
  • MicroBetasoft
  • You know what it the problem of Microsoft? The got to many early leaks and that's put the person angry and frustrated. Microsoft need less leak and more awesome surprise for his/her fans
  • It's hardly a leak. Microsoft told us there would be a beta program for this app starting soon.
  • I couldn't agree with you more, there's just no excitement stirred from MS with these betas, leaks etc...I mean we already know what they are what they are going to give us from their event in Oct
  • Don't you mean you couldnt agree less?
  • Yeah, shame on them for letting us try software early. You don't have to run the beta app, nobody is forcing you.
  • I'm not running any beta apps or software...well except for instagram beta
  • If nothing else, I can at least say that I really like WMPU's new website. Much more responsive and fluid than this site. If only their reporting was as good as their site...
  • Yeah, their app and website are superior to WC's, except for the most important part: Content quality
  • I'd say a little early yes, the regular app is 9.9.16003.00000 and the beta is 9.9.16000.00000
  • The Xbox app is broken on the newest preview as it is.  Game streaming doesn't work because both the app and the remote console receive your button commands, meaning as soon as you hit B you quit out of streaming.  Unfortunately this is true both for this beta release and the 'stable' release.
  • Try restarting computer
  • Will the xbox app when its ready replace the smart glass app? Or do we both need'em?
  • It will replace SmartGlass.
  • Ok thanx man now I finally know, guess I will sleep better tonight
  • Only on Windows 10
  • I don't have an Xbox so... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So. . . . . . .. . . . .
  • Simple, just get any box and just sit on it :P.
  • So basically we can play our digital games on the PC now??
  • Did anyone tried to stream xbox to the pc?
    It works just fine until you press B button on the controler, it cut off streaming and this makes playing games impossible.
    Any idea? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android