Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone [Video]

Well look at that, we've finally got the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone and now follows an entertaining video showing the app off. Highlighting the features available to users, the Metro UI shines as the presentation flips between the phone and the Xbox system, painting the console as an entertainment hub. Best of all, all this Xbox Live integration is unique to the platform.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • If I was a iOS user with the Xbox APP I would be jelous I would be like damn why cant we get the good stuff I should of bought a WP7.5 this companion app is crazy!
  • Saying this is unique to WP7 doesn't really count for much, Xbox live was unique till today, nothing says this will stay exclusive to WP7, and in light of Microsoft's strong support for ios I'd say it's only a matter of time before this too is on ios.
  • I like the app, but it's like the Remote app on iOS which I used once or twice when it was released and then stopped.
    I'll play with it and glad I have the option, regardless of whether I'll use it or not.
  • This app cool just for the function of a remote for the phone alone.. Everything else is icing on the cake.. IOS and android will never get this, they will always only be able to send/receive messages and check friends status and compare games.. Nice step forward to full connectivity with the Xbox and windows phone!
  • It might be easier to type on the phone when doing an Xbing search but other than that what is the point.  I have an Xbox remote already - its called a controller. This just looks like yet another way for MS to push heaping spoons of their "featured" marketing down your throat.
  • Maybe, getting artist info and movie info while watching music videos and movies is a pretty cool feature.. Comes in handy when playing games on the phone and controllers at other side of room when you want to switch song or movie. Or if you have more than 1 Xbox you won't have to sync controller with 2nd box in other room to put on Netflix.. Its just a cool feature
  • So can this basically be used like airplay for WP7 and Xbox instead of iPhone and Apple TV??
    Besides all of the gaming side of this.
  • Not really, there's windows media center remotes in the marketplace more like that.. Literally kind of like having an Xbox DVD remote that does a lil more (if iplay music, i can view artist info,, easy Bing search, the main page has featured videos/games (stuff you would find in dashboard normally)) I'm sure they will do even more with it later, but so far it's been pretty good and free..
  • Stop thinking of the companion as just a controller. I have been using it a bit already and its much more than that. While others in my house were playing games on the xbox, I was searching films via the companion app, and when i had found the one we wanted, simply got the xbox to play it. In many ways its like having a secondary screen for you to use with your XBOX...
    I'm, pretty impressed to say the least...
  • Turn the sound off on the video and you'll be ok. I honestly wonder who picks such terrible music for things like this.