Xbox Design Lab custom controllers finally come to Europe!

After seemingly forever (a year is a long time), Xbox Design Lab custom controllers are finally launching outside North America and coming to Europe!

The video up top highlights the new availability along with some new stuff for the controllers. There are some new metallic finishes available for the triggers and D-pad, along with new rubberized grips for the back. Along with this, Microsoft is also adding four new base colors to choose from in making the controller of your dreams.

Initially, European availability is limited to the UK, France and Germany, but more are set to come online later this summer. Prices start at £69.99 in the UK with free shipping.

Hit the link below to get your design on!

Design your own custom controller at the Xbox Design Lab! (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Brilliant news! Unfortunately, a dead link for me though. ☹
  • - it's our backend that's breaking the link right now.
  • Thanks Rich! 🙂
  • So..."later this Summer" Microsoft's standards probably means Summer 2019. 'cause, you know, this thing was supposed to have arrived in Europe 6 months ago. And now it arrives but only in 3 countries.
  • The best country. And two other countries ;-)
  • All they said was 'sometime in 2017'. And it's still 2017.
  • Cool! Just a question. Which version of the Xbox One controller will this be? I mean, will it be based on the original, the 'S' version or (probably not) Elite? If it's the Xbox One S version, then I'm sure going to create my own customer controller in the lab.
  • This is the Xbox One S version of the controller, which can be identified by the front-facing plate smoothly transitioning to the Xbox button. Previously this was a separate component which always stayed black (:
  • Thanks! Now hoping it won't take forever that the lab comes to Holland as well. ;-)
  • Based on the S, but you can add the rubberised rear grips from the Elite if you fancy having those too.
  • Hope you guys announce when this comes to other countries. I find the price quite high, but I'm sure I would get a pair.
  • It's not a huge increase on the standard controller to be fair. You can choose all the colors as part of the base price, only really pay more than the £69.99 if you want the metallic bits or grips. Even then it's not horrible. Consider that in the UK the "special edition" Xbox One bluetooth controllers sell for about £15 less than this.
  • Yesssss.... It's quite a bit more than buying a regular old controller but to have something bespoke to you will be great. Very tempted, already had a play with the options available and come up with a few designs that I'd like.
  • Hopefully this will show up in Australia soon.