Microsoft's E3 2019 conference wrapped last week, host to the unveiling of its Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Delivering its latest revision of the premium Xbox accessory, Elite Series 2 packs a roster of handy enhancements. The extensive facelift makes room for joystick tension control, improved hair trigger locks, and an internal battery – paired with a dedicated integrated charging dock.

We've been following the Xbox Elite Series 2 for some time, recently getting hands-on early at E3 2019. Microsoft's leading gamepad emerges sleeker than ever, packing a familiar design and feature set unrivaled by alternatives. It now appears Microsoft has refined manufacturing too, slated to alleviate durability issues that plagued its predecessor.

Principal Designer on Microsoft Devices, Elliott Hsu, has confirmed bumper durability improvements for Series 2 on Twitter, "reinforced" under the latest design. Hsu followed by assuring durability and construction has also improved for the rubberized grips.

Microsoft's original Xbox Elite controller has faced well-documented shortcomings, with buyers documenting peeling rubberized grips, loose bumper buttons, among other issues. Microsoft has failed to formally address concerns facing the first-generation design, despite being a widespread concern.

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The Xbox Elite Series 2 is slated for November 4, 2019, providing our first opportunity for extensive testing. While gauging durability improvements comes with time, it's a crucial factor as launch nears. Preorders are now live via the Microsoft Store, priced at $180.

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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

At long last, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has been updated. Series 2 brings big improvements to the table, such as Bluetooth connectivity, a charging dock, adjustable tension for the thumbsticks, and much more.

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