Xbox Entertainment E3 demonstration [Video]

If the information and videos in our E3 2012 Summary weren't enough to quench your thirst for content surrounding Xbox Entertainment, fear not as we've got the above video for you giving a run through of what will be possible with Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone.

Our own Mateo wrote up a great editorial on how Microsoft is bringing all the platforms together with "3 screens, 1 voice", which is well worth checking out if you're interested in making the most of your Microsoft ecosystem.

We'll certainly be looking forward to the fall when all these great announcements come together. Xbox Music, Video, TV, Sports, Internet Explorer, SmartGlass, and more. The best part is Windows Phone will be right there in the mist of the integration.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Dont care about what's possible, I want to know what it's gonna do! Lol..
  • Looks nice on paper, but real world results is what counts
  • I would say we are getting the wp8 update. If Zune is dead and Xbox music is in and your subscription will carry over then I say we will get the most we can out of the wp8 Apollo update.
  • +1
  • You raise a extremely good point. Smart thinking young fellow!
  • Agreed. It only makes sense to update Zune to Xbox Music and such.
  • I don't really care what they call it although I grown to fond the Zune brand. As long as I am able to keep my Zune pass with the same price, I am will very satisfied especially with all the new functionality and features.
  • I like the way this ecosystem is headed. The web browsing on Xbox using your phone as a "mouse" (I suppose), seems like a really good idea.
    It's also kind of interesting what they're doing with the branding too. Looks like Xbox is ever expanding to be much, much more than just gaming. Seems like they're using the brand to encompass anything that's entertainment (games, music, movies, etc).
  • Only sad part is worldwide availability for people.
  • If Microsoft wants this to become a game changer they really need to make it world wide available. I'm located in Germany and still waiting for Zune pass. Without that it's nor really something I would buy. Maybe it would be a great idea to a kind of Microsoft tv box. I guess there are millions out there just want the media capabilities but are not interested in games.