Xbox Fitness will stay free for Xbox Live Gold members in 2015

Microsoft has confirmed to Windows Central that the Xbox Fitness service included as part of the Xbox One console will continue to offer access to free content for Xbox Live Gold members past the end of December 2014.

When Microsoft first announced Xbox Fitness in September 2013, the company said that paid Xbox Live Gold members would receive free access to the service, and many of its programs, until the end of December 2014. Indeed, the official Xbox Fitness FAQ still says, "An Xbox Fitness Pass gives you unlimited access to the world's best workouts for free with your Xbox Live Gold membership through December 2014, only on Xbox One."

However, we decided to contact Microsoft to see if those plans have changed, and indeed they have. Here's what the company told us via an official spokesperson:

"While some of the content available will change in January, Xbox Fitness will continue to offer free and unlimited access to a wide fitness video catalog with your Xbox Live Gold membership, as well as the option to purchase additional full programs with Gold and Silver memberships."

So if you own an Xbox One with a Kinect add-on sensor and have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, it looks like there will be at least some content you can download and use for free after the end of 2014.

John Callaham