Xbox Game Pass PC pricing leaks ahead of E3 2019

What you need to know

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC pricing has leaked through the Microsoft Store.
  • It retails for $5 per month for Windows 10 PCs.
  • Xbox Game Pass PC Games is bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Subscriptions are available via the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), with a $1 introductory month.

Updated June 9, 2019: Xbox Game Pass for PC will cost $10 per month. The $5 a month is an introductory price, will a price raise expected at a later date.

With Microsoft slated to host its E3 2019 press conference on June 9, early fragments on planned unveilings have surfaced before the show. After kicking off the month with its continued commitment to Windows 10 Xbox offerings, its Netflix-style subscription service is expanding via a new Xbox Game Pass for PC service. Compiling a rotating library of over 100 titles for a flat monthly fee, Xbox Game Pass PC promises comparable value to its Xbox One counterpart.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is expected to make its appearance at E3 2019, likely on track for an imminent launch after the press conference concludes. Premature listings are now surfacing on the integrated Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), confirming the upcoming service will cost $4.99 per month – half the price of the Xbox One version. In other regions, Xbox Game Pass PC will cost £3.99, €3.99, 5.99 CAD, 4.95 AUD.

Serving up almost the full Windows 10 Microsoft Store library, Xbox Game Pass PC features all in-house Microsoft titles, spanning Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and Sunset Overdrive. Recent changes to Microsoft Store policy has also eased deployment on the marketplace, delivering a strong wave of new third-party offerings too.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also recently hit the Microsoft Store, priced at $15 with a first month at $1. Bundling Xbox Game Pass PC, Xbox Game Pass Xbox One, and Xbox Live Gold into a single subscription, it's set to be a high-value package for those invested in Microsoft's full gaming ecosystem.

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Matt Brown

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  • I still wonder what this means for the Xbox Play Anywhere games though. Will Xbox Game Pass allow them to be played on PC (like now) and Game Pass for PC allow them to be played on Xbox?
  • Hmm... Does this mean that it's possible that they may lower the Xbox service to match this price, being 10 for both and then add another 5 for Gold? This would have ultimate make more sense, though I guess technically no savings.
  • technically savings because then you're not just paying $10 a month to play online
  • I would say who actually pays that, but I know people do. Best advice right now is to buy 3 prepaid cards for a year of gold ($40-45 online) and pay the dollar to upgrade it to ultimate.
  • bruh I got yeeted out of my current Game Pass titles cause I'm not specifically signed up for the PC version that's dumb should've just been 1 subscription for both platforms
  • You can upgrade all your subs for $1.
  • Pfff The competition let's you play games on different platforms within one service.
    Here there is a service depending on which platforms you play. Crazy...