Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gains Summer Mode perks, including free Postmates Unlimited

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Starting now, and lasting the next eight weeks, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to more exclusive perks.
  • This includes new in-game content, more Microsoft Reward points, sweepstakes, and even a free 3-month subscription to Postmates Unlimited.
  • This is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Summer Mode, and it will continue to add new perks, sweepstakes, and rewards as the weeks go on.
  • Subscribers can keep up to date using their Xbox Dashboard, or the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

If you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you'll definitely want to pay attention to Summer Mode, an eight week event that rewards existing members and enticing new subscribers with a variety of perks and prizes. The event starts today, and will continue to grow and be added to over time, so subscribers will always have something new to look forward to around every corner.

Some of the biggest perks include:

  • In-game content for Dauntless, like seven different skins and different supplies.
  • A 3-month subscription to Postmates Unlimited, a food delivery subscription that provides free delivery on a bunch of restaurants.
  • Lots of ways to earn more Microsoft Rewards points, including double perk points for certain games, exclusive quests, and more.
  • A sweepstakes to potentially win a golden Xbox if you gain enough perk points, with more sweepstakes in the future.
  • A future "Big Gaming Weekend" which will open up multiplayer and some free games for the whole weekend.

Summer Mode isn't done with just that, as new quests and rewards will be added as the event goes on. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers don't need to do anything to benefit, other than keep an eye on your Xbox Dashboard and the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. New subscribers can still get started with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for as little as $1. You can find more information on the Xbox website.

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