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Xbox head Phil Spencer already testing Project xCloud game streaming on PC

Civ 6 on XCloud
Civ 6 on XCloud (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service.
  • The company said that it was coming to Windows 10 soon.
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer is testing out the PC app right now.

Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service that's still in the preview phase. The service has dozens of games, many more than its rival Google Stadia, and uses less bandwidth to deliver a good experience.

A few days ago, Microsoft confirmed that Project xCloud was coming to Windows 10. Well, it looks like Xbox head Phil Spencer is testing out the app at the moment. A Reddit user by the name of "An Xbox Dude" captured a screenshot of Spencer using the xCloud app on PC.

Phil Spencer Testing

Source: Reddit (Image credit: Source: Reddit)

It's unclear what the visual quality will be on PC, but I imagine it'll probably start off at 720p and 60 frames per second (FPS) during preview. Hopefully, Microsoft will increase the image quality to 4K by the time Xbox Series X rolls out.

Do you use xCloud? What do you want to see improved? Let us know.

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  • Xcloud is great. I use it on my Galaxy Fold and could not be happier with the experience so far. Xcloud for PC would be a welcomed edition.
  • I do not care much about xCloud, but I want the other half of the "Game streaming" app on Windows. The ability to play your specific console(and the non-xcloud offered games) when you are off your home network. I use the in house one often for bedroom xboxing, but tried the game streaming to android when on vacation but there were just way too many drops. I hope a computer would have more abilities to control the connection.
  • We definitely need a way to stream locally with PC too. Currently it's what I do with Steam Link, and it's frustrating that I can't do it on PC. The technology is there, basically.
  • I do local streaming with the Xbox Companion App all the time.
  • Good. Its important to test but it also needs to expand. I'm still waiting for it to launch in my region...
  • Surface PRO X support plz
  • Bring it to Australia, I will test the Hell out of this service.