Windows 10 Xbox Game BarSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has introduced Reddit account linking for Xbox Live on PC.
  • Xbox Live and Reddit account linking allows users to display account credentials on their profile via the Xbox Game Bar and Xbox beta app for Windows 10.

Microsoft has rolled out new Reddit account pairing capabilities on Xbox Live, merging its gaming platform with the news aggregator and social site. It joins a steadily growing range of third-party social networks and services already mergeable with Xbox profiles, including Facebook, Steam, and Discord. The integration allows users to showcase their Reddit credentials direct from Windows 10's revamped Xbox Game Bar and Xbox beta application.

Xbox Live Reddit integrationSource: Microsoft

Reddit account linking is currently bound to Windows 10 PCs, pairing with the Xbox Game Bar and new Xbox app. Amid the continued expansion of PC gaming efforts, including Xbox Game Pass, the overlay and app have become experimental platforms for future Xbox Live features. As a result, Xbox Live is rapidly evolving as a social hub for Xbox gaming, likely to be reflected on consoles as Xbox Series X approaches.

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The integration provides the opportunity to display your Reddit account on Xbox Live, indicated by a small icon for your profile card. Reddit profiles will similarly gain a new badge once linked, while automatically subscribing to the official Xbox Insider subreddit. However, account linking currently features no sharing capabilities, as seen with some social networks on Xbox Live.

The new Reddit account linking feature is now live for those Windows 10's May 2019 Update, via the new Xbox Game Bar and Xbox beta app.

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