Xbox Live integration comes to Hitchhiker for Windows 10

Hitchhiker, a little indie game for Windows 10 PC, may be about a year old now, but it's getting spruced up a bit with the addition of Xbox Live integration. Available in the latest version of the game, the Xbox Live upgrade brings along a slew of achievements, cloud saves and global leaderboards.

Hitchhiker, for those unfamiliar, is a game where you essentially get to play god with city traffic. You can control the flow and use power ups to get move your character to its destination. It's ultimately a game of strategy with intelligent traffic and a variety of characters.

In all, Hitchhiker's developer notes that there are a total of 19 achievements up for grabs, totaling 1000 gamerscore. Aside from becoming an Xbox Live-enabled game, Hitchhiker's 1.7 update also includes a few other changes of note:

  • In car radio – When the player is riding in a car there will be a random song playing.
  • New cars – The older car models were looking a little dated so they have been switched out for new ones that have more detail.
  • Bug fixes – The main one being that the game will no longer freeze when running on a dual core device
  • Performance – Lots of work has been put in behind the scenes to better optimize the game.

It's always good to see Xbox Live integration come to new games, especially indie ventures like this. If you're interested in giving Hitchhiker a go and nabbing some more gamerscore, you can grab it for $9.99 at the Windows Store now.

Update: Edited to remove mentions of mobile, as Hitchhiker is only available on PC (as pointed out in the comments).

Download Hitchhiker from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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