Xbox Live integration comes to Hitchhiker for Windows 10

Hitchhiker, a little indie game for Windows 10 PC, may be about a year old now, but it's getting spruced up a bit with the addition of Xbox Live integration. Available in the latest version of the game, the Xbox Live upgrade brings along a slew of achievements, cloud saves and global leaderboards.

Hitchhiker, for those unfamiliar, is a game where you essentially get to play god with city traffic. You can control the flow and use power ups to get move your character to its destination. It's ultimately a game of strategy with intelligent traffic and a variety of characters.

In all, Hitchhiker's developer notes that there are a total of 19 achievements up for grabs, totaling 1000 gamerscore. Aside from becoming an Xbox Live-enabled game, Hitchhiker's 1.7 update also includes a few other changes of note:

  • In car radio – When the player is riding in a car there will be a random song playing.
  • New cars – The older car models were looking a little dated so they have been switched out for new ones that have more detail.
  • Bug fixes – The main one being that the game will no longer freeze when running on a dual core device
  • Performance – Lots of work has been put in behind the scenes to better optimize the game.

It's always good to see Xbox Live integration come to new games, especially indie ventures like this. If you're interested in giving Hitchhiker a go and nabbing some more gamerscore, you can grab it for $9.99 at the Windows Store now.

Update: Edited to remove mentions of mobile, as Hitchhiker is only available on PC (as pointed out in the comments).

Download Hitchhiker from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I thought this was for Win10 pc only. I specifically searched for it on mobile earlier with no luck. Anyways glad there's a mobile version, hope it's continuum supported too.
  • Still no mobile version for me. Can you clarify me Dan?
  • You're right! Apologies. I was thrown off by the presence of "mobile" screenshots on the store page. I've updated the article to remove mobile mentions. Thanks!
  • No mobile version in the UK. Is the a specific region?
  • I think the article has a wrong title. The game is for Windows 10 pc only.
  • Not 100% correct. The game was available on mobile (I currently have it installed on my Lumia 950xl) and was free but was removed from both the mobile and win10 store prior to the update for Xbox intergretion. The dev (matthewhall3d) has tweeted that anyone that owned the game previously will get the game for free for showing their support. The win10 version was uploaded today however he did tweet a couple of days ago he is still working on the mobile version that may take a few more days. Watch his twitter for an update is the best bet
  • Thanks for the clarification man, appreciated. Since I'm away and not close to my console, Xbox games on my L950 keep me busy every now and then....especially those that run on continuum. Enjoying Minecraft PE as I type this.
  • So its coming to WM with cheevos too?
  • Wow... it's AU$12.29 in Australia AND it has in-app purchases?! They're dreaming! Especially as the graphics are quite crude, and the game looks very "simple". They should make it free (or a lot cheaper) with IAP or just get rid of the IAP altogether
  • Hi, the IAP were removed a long time ago and are no longer present In the game. It's seems that once a game has had them though there is no way to remove them from the store. As such it shows the game as having them. I agree it's pretty confusing. 
  • There are no IAPs in the game anymore. The store still lists them because Microsoft doesn't allow them to be removed but if you buy the game, you get the full game, there's nothing extra to buy in app anymore.
  • I just won this game on TheSmlPodcast on beam tonight. I am looking forward to playing this :D