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Xbox Live members will be able to play WWE 2K16 free for three days starting June 16

Want to check out WWE 2K16 but not sure if you will end up liking it? Well, if you are an Xbox Live Gold member you will be able to play it for free from June 16 through June 19 by simply downloading it. If you end up enjoying it, you'll be able to purchase it the following week at a discounted rate, which is also great.

From the official announcement (opens in new tab):

Starting Thursday, June 16 and running through on 11:59PM PT Sunday, June 19 the free play session allows every Xbox Live Gold Member to experience the hard-hitting excitement of WWE 2K16 with a simple download. And if you'd like to continue the fun after the free period, WWE 2K16 will be offered at a special promotional price all week long.

Will you be taking advantage of this free play promotion? If interested, be sure to hit the link below to get it downloaded.

See at Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

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  • And this one is not just an
  • I'll set an Outlook calendar reminder.
  • If the sale price is £20 digital then I'll go for that without trying it for free. Haven't played a WWE game in years
  • Me neither but I suppose we are nearing the time of the year when the next iterations of sports games are announced. Can see WWE 2K17 around the corner.
  • Me too. Mostly because they've been getting crappier and crappier. Less moves, attacks, wrestlers, and game modes. Like a he'll in the cell is just garbage now compared to what it used to be.
  • Already won a copy so no need for me to check this out
  • My son will love it. Me less so. The last time I enjoyed a wrestling game was on the NES.
  • That's good
  • I play this all the time sedp on Xbox if anyone want to get beat up
  • Is fake wrestling still a thing?
  • Apparently not if there this desperate
  • Go away troll Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes. It's a very big thing. Longest running live shows. More followers on social network than the NFL. Always in the top 20 cable shows. Movie, celebrity, UFC, sport center tie ins. WWE is a big deal.
  • how_about_no.gif