Microsoft keeps promise, updates Xbox Music for Windows Phone

Microsoft is keeping their promise of bi-weekly updates for Xbox Music on Windows Phone. The app was last updated two weeks ago and is now again picking up an update. That last update saw stability fixes, completed Cortana integration, UI polish and more. Let’s head into the Windows Phone Store and see what’s new with this version of Xbox Music.

You’ll find Xbox Music now sitting at version 2.5.3884.0. Today’s update lists the following as new:

  • General performance improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Background initial sync of local and cloud content
  • Slider to scrub now playing track

Those two bullet points were listed in the last update two weeks ago. We obtained a detailed changelog from the new Xbox Music UserVoice page. We’re still hunting for the real changelog for this update. Do let us know if you find it.

In the meantime, we’ve poked around the app briefly and have found one thing that was different. After updating we were greeted with a new page that said ‘Completing the update’. Other than we’re going to need some help spotting what’s new and improved. That's probably the initial background sync of local and cloud content Microsoft wanted in the last update. 

Update: Thanks to you all we're finding out new features in this update. Not only does it seem faster (haha), but a slide to scrub the track has been added. You can see it below. 

Update 2: And Microsoft has finally provided the full changelog on the UserVoice site. Here's what they detail in this release of Xbox Music:

  • Audio scrubbing is now supported! Slide the track progress indicator in the Now Playing screen to advance to the spot you like.
  • Smoother FFW and REW animations.
  • UI fixes to improve visibility of content.
  • Bug fixed where songs are incorrectly removed from playlists.
  • Fixes for unexpected app exits.

You can download Xbox Music from the Windows Phone Store

Thanks for the tip everyone!

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Sam Sabri