Microsoft NEEDS a new Xbox Media Remote to keep up with Apple, Amazon in the living room

Xbox media remote
Xbox media remote (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is seemingly doing a bang-up job with its Xbox division, especially when it comes to console hardware like the Xbox One S and now Xbox One X with 4K abilities. What the company has not done well with is home media functionality in its Xbox One Media Remote ($25) (opens in new tab).

I get the focus on gaming and the downplaying of TV – a 180-degree shift from the original Xbox One wave that resulted in Microsoft getting decimated by Sony. However, that does not mean Microsoft can't handle two (or even three) things at once.

Xbox One Media Remote is just bad

The Xbox One Media Remote is not a new accessory. Announced in early 2014, I have been using one since it came out. After all, I'm one of those people who bought an Xbox for media consumption like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling, and I only game about 30 percent of the time.

Hardware-wise the media remote is great. It's svelte, smooth, and it lights up when you grab it. The buttons work well, and the battery lasts forever.

What is bad is the functionality. Relying on old-school infrared (IR) blasting, you need to point the remote directly at the Xbox to hit its teeny IR receiver. It feels like most of the time you need to double press the keys to make up for all the false signals.

Xbox One Media Remote Review – Almost all the right buttons

I get the reason for IR: battery. Just like your TV or cable box, remote IR takes very little to power it. Nonetheless, the current experience is terrible.

Please add microphones and Xbox Wireless

The one thing I cannot figure out is why Microsoft does not build a remote with its own Xbox Wireless connect technology that it uses in its wireless controllers. Sure, it may require you to have to recharge the controller after a few weeks, but Logitech seems fine with that, as seen in its $300 Harmony line of remotes (opens in new tab).

Third-party companies such as Razer are wisely adding Xbox Wireless to headphones, which knocks the price down by $100 and gives gamers an excellent experience.

Don't get me started on Microsoft Kinect. Hey, if Microsoft wants to throw out the Kinect technology for Xbox instead of evolving it – fine. I may disagree, but I also understand some of the issues surrounding it like price, game developers not using it, and consumers not caring for it.

But why not put a microphone into the Xbox One Media Remote? Amazon and Apple both have fantastic remotes for their Fire TV and Apple TV systems respectively, and both have microphones. You press a button and ask Alexa or Siri to fetch you some sports or the latest movie from Disney. It works wonders.

Amazon's Fire TV now has Alexa support built in and it's pretty great.

Amazon's Fire TV now has Alexa support built in and it's pretty great.

There is no point in having Cortana for Xbox if you cannot access the artificial intelligence. If you buy an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, there is no Kinect (and the adapter is super clunky). Imagine an Xbox remote that had a nice big Cortana button on it. You'd ask it to launch a game, fire up Netflix, or find a particular movie. Every other company is doing this already, and Microsoft has all the components:

  • Console? Check.
  • Voice-enabled cloud A.I.? Done.
  • Separate media remote? Been there for years!
  • Engineers with the know-how to make this happen? Of course.

What's missing is the desire. Apple, Amazon, and Roku are all competing for the small box in the living room, but Microsoft should be able to outdo all of them with the power of Cortana, Windows 10, and its impressive hardware division (now overseen by Surface guru Panos Panay).

Make it happen, Microsoft

Microsoft is trying to balance a lot right now with Windows 10 development, Andromeda, Surface, CShell, and making sure core gamers are happy with the Xbox console and titles.

Apple is going all-in on its Apple TV with 4K and Siri.

Apple is going all-in on its Apple TV with 4K and Siri.

Nonetheless, the company is more than capable of improving and leveraging its technology to make the Xbox One S and Xbox One X the one box for your living room (see what I did there?).

Engineering a new rechargeable remote with a Cortana button and Xbox Wireless support (and an IR blaster for your legacy components) seems like a no-brainer. There will be problems to be solved, but that is Microsoft's job – to innovate.

Best Media Remotes for Xbox One

Right now, Microsoft is sitting on its hands while Amazon, Apple, and Roku run away with AI search technologies and other advancements, despite having pioneered many of them. There's no reason for it, and someone at Redmond needs to take some responsibility here.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • For such a good set top box the remote is so bad.
  • I actually like the remote. It's simple and does everything I want it to do. I think the bigger issue is lack of USB webcam support. The Xbox One S was my first Xbox, and I was excited to use Skype & Cortana as two of my main use cases. I was disappointed to find out I can't use either of those things. It's mind boggling there is no video/audio solution for the Xbox to use Skype & Cortana. And no, I will not buy a Kinect + Adapter. I am not going to financially support Microsoft for making me pay because they can't make something that just works.
  • Well you're in luck - they literally added third-party USB webcam support to the Alpha Ring builds yesterday
  • With no audio support, so it's completely useless.
  • Completely useless is obviously over exagerrated Many many streamers don't use their damn webcam microphone for audio in their videos.
  • I am talking about for Skype and voice commands, could care less about streaming. Headsets don't work for a group of people in a room trying to have a Skype video call.
  • I currently use my Kinnect as webcam and my Blue Yeti mic plugged into a Stereo adapter in the controller left in the centre of the room when doing group Skype calls.
    Seems to work perfectly for allowing my family to Skype other family members and they've always said we sound clear as day.
  • I mean... you are literally asking for a Kinect at this point. It's a USB webcam with audio that is built for group Skype calls. By rejecting it out of spite, you are only hurting yourself. Especially when it's so cheap to get.
  • True, and its only works for Skype, Mixer..making it totally useless to the everyday user
  • Don't get worried about it. This feature is being tested by those in the Alpha Ring, like me. USB Webcam support works great for me on Skype as far as Ive tested it.
  • But how do you speak to the people you are calling? Audio is kind of important in Skype calls.
  • the Kinect works fantastic for Skype.  It's 1080P and it tracks the user quite well.  You can walk around the room and the view stays locked on your face.  It also has a positional mic array so they can hear you from across the room.  It's only 4 mics so it's not quite at Echo level with its 7 mics, but it's better than webcams.
  • @Dusteater, for Skype, Kinect is exactly the right solution. It works much better for living-room-based Skype calls than any other webcam -- it includes the mic for whole room audio pick-up and the camera is wide angle. If you want to Skype with Xbox, you really should just get a Kinect.  I'm all for not supporting bad business decisions, but in this case, I don't understand what you mean when you say, "because they can't make something that just works." They did -- Kinect. They just don't include it at no additional charge anymore, because apparently most Xbox users don't want to make Skype calls through their TV like you and I do (actually I generally use my computer with Logitech's Brio 4k, but on holidays, with the kids and grandparents, TV + Xbox + Skype is just awesome and doesn't require getting kids to my desk in my office). 
  • They will make it, but it will be 4 years late to market, and therefore irrelevant because everybody else is already using something else.
  • Yes, No compromise!
  • There's the PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One.  I like that one.  That's the one I use with my XBox One.
  • I like this one too, the problem I had is if I have two Xbox's set up, it seems to control both -_- I've also had odd issues with the volume function on occasion, too.
  • Omg, I've never seen this remote before. It's like the Media Remote's older brother!
    I might have to invest in this for when I make my Xbox in charge of my live TV.
    How good is the number pad integration? Also, any places to buy this in the UK?
  • I really like this remote.  I purchased at Best Buy in the states.  I haven't had any issues with it.  I especially like it for the number pad.  I use it as regular remote.  But my main reason I like this remote is because I have several Xbox Ones and many times when go to another room it logs me out and and won't log me back in automatically in the other room.  Then I have to enter my pin to log in.  With the number pad it's easy to login now.  I recommend it.  It works for me.
  • @constantreader16 Yes.  The remotes work with all the Xbox ones.  I like that.  Because I don't have to recode any of them.  If one is hidden all I have to do is get the other one from the other room.  My Xbox's are all in seperate rooms and I don't have any issues with the remote changes the stations on them at the same time.  But I guess it all depends on how close the Xbox's are located to each other.
  • Xbox needs TV DVR.
  • Xbox needs IPTV and Kodi for me, that would allow me full PVR and not just on "Freeview" in the UK. I have the TV aerial adapter but Freeview live pause, rewind and fast forward wasn't cutting it for me.
    I had to have an android device so I could have Kodi with my full PVR features - but now I feel my Xbox isn't my media centre as much.
  • eh...I like it. Just wish it wasn't IR.
  • I think - considering Cortana isn't available in so many places - it's more a question of how many people actually use Cortana on the Xbox anyway? How many people actually have a Kinect or a headset and use it to enable Cortana? I'm sure Microsoft has telemetry on this. It probably shows that investing in a controller that ads voice commands probably would be wasting money. Of course an argument can be made that without that on the controller people won't use it either. But such a controller would be more expensive as well...if they didn't buy a Kinect because of that, they wouldn't buy an expensive media controller either.   But I do agree that the Xbox controller - as nice as it is - is up for an update. I don't have a problem with it using an IR blaster and I sure wouldn't want to have to constantly charge it (as opposed to now, that is). But I think it needs the update because Microsoft has completely butchered the way the Xbox itself works. It's excruciating to use a remote to access pins for example because Microsoft keeps sticking them on the bottom of things (be it the guide or the home screen). And for media consumption, pins are actually far more useful than for example the dedicated settings button and whatever the three lines button on the top right corner is supposed to be. Alternatively, they could release an updated version of the remote which would allow us to map the buttons much like we can map the keys on the Elite Controller.
  • No one uses Cortana, because as you said, there is no way to actually do it. Why bother putting Skype & Cortana on Xbox if there is no audio and video support? Makes no sense.
  • Its amazing such a situation could even come to exist. After all the hoopla they made about bringing Cortana to the Xbox they go right ahead and remove the most prominent way to activate it? Classic Microsoft and is what happens when no one has an overaching vision that encompasses ALL products instead of just a chosen few ie cloud, Office 365.
  • Exactly my point. It's like, OK, sunset Kinect, but let's add the voice features - by far the most used thing e.g. "Xbox Pause" to a remote. It's not like it'd cost a lot.
  • My Xbox One has been my 'entertainment' hub since getting it back in 2013. Using Kinect to shoot voice commands to my Xbox has been my primary use for Kinect with the occasional Skype call and QR code key entries. I also have used the Media Remote.
    If the way forward is to wipe Kinect altogether (I still intend on getting an adapter to plug into my Xbox One X when it arrives), we will definitely need either an inconspicuous mic that can pickup voice commands etc, or some bleeding edge Kinect successor that is small, as a webcam and as useful. One thing that needs to happen aside from all this is make Cortana smarter across devices. I keep my Xbox commands to use 'Xbox' as the initiator instead of 'Hey Cortana' because I'd have my Surface Pro3, Desktop, and Win10 phone as well as my Xbox piping up if I want to give my Xbox a command.  
  • It can't really be more expensive to build media remote than Apple's Remote.
  • I respectuflly disagree. Unless the remote can power the rest of my entertainment system, it doesn't need a refresh. If you want a better remote, get a harmony. 
  • You can already buy a Harmony to control the rest of your entertainment system, so YOUR problem is already solved. You don't address the whole Cortana/AI/Search thing and how Amazon and Apple use this as a selling point. You actually can control the rest of your entertainment system thru Xbox and this remote, so I'm not sure you actually have used this product before. I have a Harmony Elite. I think it's overrated and really overly complicated for what I want and need vs. the simplicity of the Xbox One Media Remote.
  • The point is to have a single remote for the whole system, and this remote doesn't really do this. Yes it can turn my tv on and off and set it to the right input, but it doesn't give me full control of the tv, same with my stereo. It does a decent job, but not the full job that a harmony does. Before we worry about a remote doing cortana, we really need to worry about cortana working as well as Google and Amazon have it.
  • "Before we worry about a remote doing cortana, we really need to worry about cortana working as well as Google and Amazon have it."
    The only way Cortana is going to get better is if people have access to actually use it for telemetry and analysis (which is one reason why MS bought LinkedIn, for its data). We don't even have that now.
    "The point is to have a single remote for the whole system, and this remote doesn't really do this."
    I disagree, at least for the current Media Remote which is a basic remote for channels, volume, functions, etc. I get you want a remote that does more but that is not what this remote does. But sure, Microsoft could create a Media Remote for basics, like what we have now, and a "Pro" that does more too. Logitech does not just make $300 Harmony remotes, after all either.
  • I agree with you...  But it needs to go further.. The Xbox needs to have an IP Driver so it can be integrated into ANY whole home automation system. This has always been MS's issue with the Xbox as a TRUE entertainment center. IR control is so out dated and they definately have the storage for it an IP Driver. This was their excuse at their last CES appearance that was focused on Xbox. The ability to control the Xbox via IP would be so powerful.  Yes Daniel.. many people use universal remotes or like myself, I have all my av equipment in a single rack in another room, EXCEPT the Xbox because the IR control is crap. Harmony remotes would work flawlessly and so would RTI Corp, Control 4, Crestron, Savant and many other products if MS would just give us an IP Driver for Xbox.  
  • The XBOX controller is the best remote ever. If you didn't knew that by now means you don't know **** about XBOX.
  • The Xbox controller is a terrible remote for media, especially compared to any normal media remote. If you don't know that, you don't know **** about media controls.
  • And hopefully HDMI cec to go with it....
  • With HDMI cec we could finally control the Xbox with our tv remote....
  • The Talon works great.  I use both and they serve all my needs for a media remote.
  • The remote is terrible. I end up using my harmony when I use my XBOS for video, but that isn't perfect either. Give us a full media control, and I would be absolutely giddy with joy if it included a skip back/forward 15/30 seconds. For the Xbox remote, The press and hold for a special amount of time to scan backward is just horrible. Don't press it long enough and it skips back/forward a chapter, then you need to spend minutes trying to find where you were playing. Hold it too long, and it goes to 32x playback speed, and instead of skipping back to find that one word you missed from what was said, you are now 20 minutes behind. It just doesn't work.
  • I use the PDP Talon version and it is amazing. If I were interested in voice controls and Cortana on Xbox it might be different. The full size Talon has motion activated backlit keys, uses Bluetooth for connectivity (if I remember correctly), and has the full suite of media controls, including skip fwd/back and rewind/ff. It also feels amazing in the hand. If anyone plans to buy a media remote for their Xbox One, the PDP Talon has my glowing recommendation.   Edit: In regards to the bluetooth, I have put the remote in a drawer so it has zero line of sight to the xbox and it still worked.   Edit 2: Also, in most apps, hittng the right and left directional arrows during playback skips forward or back 10-30 seconds.
  • Yeah, agree that the Xbox One remote just sucks. The 360 remote was way better...
  • I have an xbox one with kinect and I some times use Cortana, mostly if I want to pause, the remote is too far away, and I'm too lazy to move :p Overall I don't find Cortana on Xbox powerful or useful. Microsoft needs to enable a lot more abilities (most already available in W10 and W10m) before Cortana will become useful. Then they can add a dedicated button/mic  
  • I agree on so many levels. I use my XBOX One (and coming XBOX One X) as media first, games second. And totally agree that what kills this remote is the IR. You so much as have it off a little, it won't work. So frustrating...
  • Yeah, it's a pain that it's IR.  My console is tucked into the entertainment stand to protect it from my 2 yr old.  I rarely use my IR remote because of this.  They need one that has IR for TV control, and uses their coms for controlling the system for sure.  If they have a "sleep" mode and allow it to wake up the second you pick it up, that would work perfect.  We have a Roku stick that doesn't use IR for the remote, and I have yet to change the batteries, 1 yr later.  So obviously, it can be done.
  • Good point about the Roku.
  • I don't agree in regards to Cortana. I use Cortana on the Xbox all the time. But it's when I have nothing in hand. No controller, no remote. If I have one of those in hand, I'm pushing buttons. I've got an Amazon Fire stick and never use Alexa on it. If it worked without the remote in hand, I'd be more inclined. Perhaps put a mic in the remote that works when the remote is just sitting on the coffee table. But battery drain would probably be a concern as it's always listening then. I do agree about the IR element. That needs to go and go quickly. It doesn't work very well.
  • I can't believe it hasn't been summarily discontinued already.
  • I have an apple TV and I love the remote. I love the minimalist looks and how I can use it to turn on the TV.   If microsoft made a similar remote to apple TVs remote I would seriously consider making the xbox one X my only device for my TV and ditch the apple TV
  • Agreed. Nothing comes close to the apple remote. It's a pleasure to use.
    The Xbox one remote is clunky and awkward by comparison.
    I stopped using the Xbox for media. Apple TV is always on and has a cleaner interface too.
  • Not only that, give the remote a HEADPHONE JACK. Several TV vendors already have that and it would allow you to not only find and watch media but listen to it with your favorite headphones in silence, not disturbing anyone else in the house.
  • Yes, agreed!  I use this feature on the controllers all the time.  Once the kids are in bed, explosions and fighting on either shows or games are kind of an issue, lol
  • Super good point too.
  • I 1000% agree with this article, I've begged for this since I've gotten the remote! 
  • good idea Dan!!!!
  • We bought the Xbox One with the Kinect.  We chose that BECAUSE we would be doing ZERO console gaming and 100% media consumption.  Then Microsoft gutted it.  HOWEVER, at least it functions quite well to control media by voice and it's ONE SMALL BIT THAT SAVES ME FROM HAVING TO TOUCH THAT STUPID XBOX CONTROLLER.  I just don't get the need for a media remote if you have a controller.
  • It's always on, can be used easily with one hand, and has media specific buttons where you would expect them to be.
  • Scuba, the controller is pretty crappy if you're using your Xbox as your entertainment center.  I use the PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox One and it's awesome.  It has number buttons.  I also have a couple of the Xbox One Media Remotes.  They decent but it doesn't work well for a remote with no number buttons.  I use voice as well.  Love my Kinect.  "Xbox Watch ESPN".  "Xbox Go to Netflix".  "Xbox Pause".  "Xbox Volume Up".  "Xbox turn off".  Gotta luv it!  :) Tried the Cortana voice control.  And it was too slow.  And that "Hey Cortana" killed it for me.  It's much simpler just to say "Xbox ..."
  • i've written e-mails to Xbox execs about this very issue, posted threads on the support forums, and as Microsoft survey's my opinions a few times a year, I always write about needing a voice activated remote for Xbox. Thanks for writing this article Daniel as it will be far higher profile than all of the things I've done collectively. Maybe we are the only two Xbox owners who want this, but I doubt it. 
  • i agree with the whole remote thing. They need to upgrade this. However the most important thing is content and UI. And both of these things Xbox easily beats Apple and well all other devices in my country. 
  • I quite literally commented about the Media Remote needing to be Bluetooth/Xbox Wireless on a previous post the other week!
    I actually asked if anyone knew of any cheap Chinese ones that have are identical but Bluetooth. I love the Media Remote! The texture, backlit feature and it's small form factor with the needed buttons for me are perfect. It's that damn IR. I find it so great that I've purchased a FLIRC so I can use it with my android TV and program everything except the Xbox button so that it's my standard remote now, beats my massive meshy buttons Sony remote. Once Kodi is on Xbox, it will be my centre for everything and this remote will reign king for me! 😂 However, I love the ease of the Amazon remote for Bluetooth. Not needing line of sight is great, but no volume buttons ruins it for me. The Roku remotes headphone port is fantastic, but it's quite an ugly remote IMO. Bysing Xbox Wireless it would be very easy to add the headphones feature! (A rechargeable battery too and this remote would be perfect)
    Voice commands... Meh, I don't use this much as I don't like it really, but I might do if it's more convenient than loudly shouting at a Kinnect... With then recently "revamping" the Wireless adapter, I really hope they revamp and tweak this remote, even if the mic feature to give Cortana more traction is what causes this, you'd have one customer at least Microsoft!
  •   what ever happened to... Oh Microsoft is a software company first, that's why they dropped the ball on Lumia. Oh Windows Media Center is so old and it's replaced by Xbox.  but now the remote is shjt... So now what? Are they OEM or software? Does anyone even really know or care what they're doing anymore?
  • I think this would be a good idea. I no longer have a kinect, but when I did, I would turn on/off my Xbox, pause, and launch an app with it. Given how clunky the UI on the Xbox is, having a voice remote would be beneficial.   
  • I'm no Microsoft fan, but while the Xbox One X is a capable games machine, the media side is very second class. Microsoft has the resources to develop both, but clearly no desire. They should bundle a capable media remote in the box. Maybe even shut down some cores for media playing only, to save power, and encourage developers to have good featured streaming apps. The media functionality should be fully-featured eg colour & position of subtitles, voice search, instant 10sec rewind/forward, save position, recents, play USB content with varying codecs. They have the money to do this, without charging extra for the box... don't be greedy.
  • I totally agree Daniel, I brought the Xbox one as Multimedia box and one point everything was routed through my xbox one using the HDMI switcher and the hdmi passthrough. Here in the UK, Sky Q is taking off in a big way and their remote also uses voice commands. Sky are the monolith when it comes to consumer TV set box subs. My biggest gripe was that with the kinect, I had to mute the gameplay or movie to ensure voice requests registered the first time. Due to space constraints I had to place the kinect below and behind the TV. I couldn't place it on top the of TV as the kinect is huge and pretty heavy. A media remote with voice commands would have solved that issue. I only have one pad and one headset so passing that around constantly when someone wanted to give voice commands is not an option.   I should add I have the OG Xbox 1 - Day one Ed with the clunky Kinect Port...
  • Daniel, great points (as usual). I hope MS is listening and takes aciton. I don't even think the battery life is much of an issue. A Bluetooth keyboard, for example, can least months or more a single set of batteries and that gets more use than TV remote (a pulse per keypress). My Dish Network RF remote lasts about a year on a set of batteries and it includes voice controls. And on Voice, while I use it for searching on my Dish system. I don't really care about that in an Xbox Media remote, because I have Kinect, which works great for talking with Cortana, but for other people who don't have a Kinect, I could agree and could see that being a great way to connect with Cortana.  What I'd really like to see though more than any of this for an improved media experience is better integration with my Dish 4k Hopper/Joey. I pretty much ONLY watch TV from the Dish DVR, even "live" sporting events, where I generally start about 30-45 minutes in so I can skip talk and commercials. As far as I can tell, Xbox only supports tuning to a live channel through its controls, which misses 99% of what I watch through my Dish STB. After I've selected a show with my Dish remote, Cortana lets me play, pause, skip forward and back and adjust volume (but volume adjusting with voice commands feels a bit clumsy compared to just pushing a volume up or down button), but there is no way to actually select a program from the DVR and play it, at least not that I know how to do. That means my main remote remains the Dish remote, not the Xbox. Add the ability for the Xbox to interect with recorded programs on my DVR and I could ditch all other controls, which would be a great thing.
  • They already do have a remote. It's called SmartGlass, which is available on Windows 10 Mobile. They need to work on the Xbox One SmartGlass app!
  • They should make two different color models....a white one (with black buttons) to match the S, and a another black one, for the X. They could also add "media bundles," that include Xboxs with small storage (similar to 4gb/12bg 360 and PS3,) that come with media remote, instead of large storage, controllers, and games (though they can be added later by the buyer.) It would also be nice to add HDMI CEC for both the 360 and the One, consoles. Also give the remotes better range, like the controllers.
  • This.... This... This... A million times this!!! I prefer using the Xbox for media in my living room but I'm considering switching to a Fire TV instead because the remote is just so much better. The two aren't even in the same league
  • Wireless charging! So when not used the remote is easy to find.
  • Why just for Xbox? Make a media/voice remote for all Windows 10 AND Xbox. Yes I like Cortana, but don't want her listening 24x7. But those times I want to ask her something but she's too far away... Use the remote. Plus many of us use Windows 10 as a media centre so it would solve that problem too...
  • Yeah... I'd love a TV remote that could actually control my TV and Xbox One features.
  • I have the TV tuner on my Xbox so my controller does control my Xbox and the TV.  I use the standard Xbox One controller but also use an Insignia  remote from Best Buy that also has a keyboard on the reverse side.  Today, I wanted to watch TV through the Xbox and didn't have either one so I used voice commands for the Kinect.  Before I got the Kinect, I used a small button microphone plugged into the Xbox One wireless remote.
  • My Xbox One is mainly a entertainment streaming box as well, but I happen to like the existing feature set of the Xbox Remote. It is missing a few buttons, but it does everything I need it to do while being very affordable. The fact that you bring up $300 remotes when the Xbox one is around $25 is a good marker of how drastically different the approach is, and I don't know if we all need to be paying $50 for a remote unless Cortana integration on the Xbox was phenomenal...which it definitely is not.
  • Why do you need another remote.
    It has been for ages that I used a device proper remote!
    Just buy a Logitech Harmony remote and enjoy the use of one remote that works with ALL your devices.
  • In my opinion, the next innovation from Microsoft with be a Surface Remote that will do everything a Logitech Harmony can and more.
  • In my home theater setup, the xbox and the rest of the hardware are tucked up in a place that no IR can reach. So THANK YOU Daniel, for pointing out the obvious. We are past the days when a small TV and a gaming box would sit on a TV stand right opposite your sofa. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!  By the way have you seen the "remote" within the XBOX app? Any comment on this rediculous implementation?