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Xbox One and Major Nelson to tour New England (US) - gives exclusive hands on experience

The launch of Microsoft’s next gaming console, Xbox One, is right around the corner and the company is still suffering fallout from a poor launch event. Instead of judging the console from what you read online, wouldn’t it be great to see it in person? If you are in the New England area of the United States next week– you just might be in luck.

Xbox’s Major Nelson will be visiting the New England region, along with other areas, as part of a series of “Xbox One: Road to Launch” events. During his visits, Nelson and other Microsoft employees will give you a sneak peak of the console and even some hands on action of Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct.

As part of the tour, five different locations will be visited including the Burlington Mall in Burlington Mass, The Shops at the Prudential Center in Boston, The Mall at Millennia in Orlando, The West Edmonton in Canada, and Scottsdale Fashion (really?) in Arizona.

The official schedule is listed below:

Microsoft Retail StoreGrand OpeningXbox Community Meet up Date/time
Burlington Mall, Burlington Mass (opens in new tab)Yes, Sept. 19 @ 11am (opens in new tab)Thur. Sept. 19,  7:30p – 9:00pm (opens in new tab)
The Shops at Prudential Center, Boston MA (opens in new tab)Open (opens in new tab)Fri. Sep. 20, 7:30p-9:00pm (opens in new tab)
Mall at Millennia, Orlando FL (opens in new tab)Oct. 22 @ 11am (opens in new tab)Wed. Oct. 23,  7:30p-9:00pm (opens in new tab)
West Edmonton, Edmonton, Canada (opens in new tab)Oct. 26 @ 11am (opens in new tab)Sun. Oct 27,  7:30p-9:00pm (opens in new tab)
Scottsdale Fashion Sq, AZ (opens in new tab)Open (opens in new tab)Fri. Dec. 6, 7:30p-9:00pm (opens in new tab)

Make sure to snap some awesome pictures and send them our way if you attend!

Source: Major Nelson's Blog

  • Yes Burlington!
  • Close....very close....
  • Wow, I just learned that Edmonton, Orlando, FL and Scottsdale, AZ are in New England.... who knew?
  • And apparently 10/23, 10/27 and 12/6 are all next week;-)
  • The first stop next week is in New England. :)
  • I know WTF
  • "Xbox’s Major Nelson will be visiting the New England region, along with other areas" - Not just New England.
  • then how about saying "Major Nelson to tour the US including stops in New England"? See, that's not so hard to say. Will his tour include releasing Amber for the ATT 920's? hmmm?
  • Majjjorr Nellsun... damn it, I can't say it. Too hard. =/
  • "Scottsdale Fashion (really?) in Arizona"
    Microsoft Store at Scottsdale was the first ever Microsoft Store and Scottsdale is filled with millionnaires. That's why..
  • And maybe so when girlfriends go shopping, the guys can spend some time playing video games, even if they aren't Xbox fans.
  • Available for your home in 1995....
  • Pretty desperate if you ask me... After 8 years on Xbox I am switching back to PS, xbone is such a disappointment its hard to put it into words.. I am not the only one, M$ really messed this up.