Xbox One backwards compatibility feature will start rolling out 12 hours after NXOE update

The big New Xbox One Experience update for Microsoft's console is just a few hours away from going live on Thursday, November 12. Microsoft has posted up some helpful hints to make sure your console is ready to receive the update.

The NXOE update itself, with its redesigned user interface based on Windows 10, will begin to roll out after 12:01 a.m. PT tonight. However, even if your console gets that update, the big backwards compatibility feature for playing old Xbox 360 games won't be part of it yet. Microsoft has decided to wait until after 12:01 p.m. PT on Thursday, 12 hours later, to begin the rollout for the backwards compatibity part of the update. This will happen regardless of when your console gets the New Xbox One Experience system update. Microsoft says:

"To start playing your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One after this time, refresh your Game Collection to see your pre-purchased, digital Xbox 360 titles from the Backward Compatible title list in your ready to install queue or simply insert the disc for a supported Xbox 360 title and download the game to start playing it on Xbox One."

The company adds that if your Xbox One console is in the Instant-on power mode, it will update in the background when the console is in Connected Standby mode. If your Xbox One is in Energy-saving mode, the update must be downloaded manually. Owners can go to Settings – System to see if the update is available and, if so, they can choose "Update Now" to start the download process. Keep in mind that since this a global rollout, not every Xbox One will be updated at the same time.

Finally, Microsoft says that all Xbox One consoles will receive a message to get a mandatory download on November 23 if it has not already installed the New Xbox One Experience update.

Source: Major Nelson

  • So how does this work? do you plug in your reciept codes for xbox 360 games you own already and it lets you download a digital copy?  
  • If it's a digital game it shows up automatically, if it's a disc you just use that.
  • No, if you have the physical disc then you use the physical disc. If you have the digital version then it will show in your library and you can download it.
  • They're explaining that right there.
  • "or simply insert the disc for a supported Xbox 360 title and download the game to start playing it on Xbox One."  Oops, didn't see this. my bad
  • Yep it helps if you read before you comment
  • If you already own them digitally they will appear in your "Ready to be installed"-list.
  • Any supported game that you purchased (or redeemed) digitally will auto-populate to the far right in the Games section of "Games and Apps".  If you want to play one of your physical copies, just pop the disk in and you'll be prompted that you need to download a package to run the game. (as long as you have auto-start enabled, otherwise start it manually) You will need to insert the disk whenever you want to play a game, but the downloaded package will stick around and update as needed. Currently, there isn't a way to re-license a physical copy to digital, but who knows... VUDU does it for movies.
  • Our just use the supported disc or the digital download.
  • I talked with Microsoft support because I wondered the same thing, I sold my 360 already. Deleted all my games and account from the console. But apparently tha doesn't matter, if you had a 360 whatever xbox live account you use for that. All your download history from the 360 will get transferred over to the One. It's like going into your account settings on the 360, and then their is a menu for download history. So you could go back and download something again if you needed to. I found it pretty handy at time myself, being I stared to delete lesser games for others. 
  • Do you think TH2 could arrive at the same time or rather at 10am as is the usual time for Windows Updates?
  • I think you misread the article from Major Nelson.... it specifically says it doesn't matter if you have the NXOE or not, as it will be released in waves, to play the bc titles that will be available at midnight pst. Wouldn't make much sense otherwise, as the bc titles are "regular" XBOne games. Edit: Apologies, I misread the MN article.
  • I think you need NXOE to play BC games. Right?
  • You didn't have to back in June when the first wave of BC came out.
  • True.
  • But NXOE will be a mandatory update, so there's no more regular XB1 dashboard after this
  • Of course not
  • You didn't during the preview for BC, and if you buy Rare Replay the Xbox 360 games use the BC functionality with the current Xbox os
  • Exactly.
  • So is the rare replay games suppose to work with the new update? Because I keep getting an error when I try to play any of them. 
  • Cool
  • Dirt 3 still never showed up on ready to install on my Xbox One.
  • It should show up 12:01PM PST tomorrow.
  • Is this the same build that current preview users have?
  • Time zones aren't my strong point... I'm in the U.K. When will the update be live for me?
  • Should be around dinner time
  • Cool thanks
  • 12:01AM PST (-08:00) ± the timezone you live in (±xx:00) = local rollout.
  • Windows Central (and every international site) should always put the UTC time next to whatever local time they use, because "PT" means nothing to anyone outside US while UTC is universal. but again, Microsoft US-centric mentality must have rubbed off on the Windows Central site. I know how US hates universal time and date formats and loves being a snowflake with their units, but come on, I know they can do it.
  • I'm Canadian. Maybe you/others should stop assuming everyone is American.
  • I never assumed you are from US, I'm clearly talking about Windows Central, I said "they". I just replied to your comment because it was on the topic.
    And being from Canada you are technically as "american" as I am.
  • or maybe you could just stop being Canadien. I don't know why you would voluntarily admit that anyways 
  • & this is why we have edge unfortunately
  • Major Nelson is always friendly about posting a link to a time zone converter any time a release date is mentioned in the articles.  BC will be available
  • Cool....I wish Windows Phone update too had this magic update switch.
  • Maybe, If only one phone model exist.
  • Any ideas on what the size of the update could be??
  • 1.21 Gigawatts kwartey!
  • ~2 Gb I think
  • A little over six parsecs
  • The first time I got the NXOE it was around 1.2~1.3GB.
  • Just got an 3.5gb update. Dont know if its that though
  • Somewhere in the 400mb range me thinks...
  • I would think way more, since it's the whole operating system changing. But who knows
  • Preview update to it for me was about 1.1GB I think
  • The last preview was about 3.5 gb I don't think it was a patch I think it was a complete reinstall
  • Maybe you missed one of the daily updates. Regardless, it will be in the range of GBs.
  • Will this let me play PlayStation 4 games? /s
  • There are none worth playing.
  • Bloodborne and Uncharted disagree.
  • Killzone 2 and 3 and TLOU would graldy join the disagree pack. To be honest I liked KZ 2 and 3 much more than Halo. KZ 4 was crap though, same as Halo5. It would be nice if MS could port these games to X1.
  • Yes! And for a bit of retro magic they will add Atari and Spectrum support in the new year. /s.
  • Maybe thru ea access
  • Yea all ugoyta do is get a ps4 plug into hdmi in and tell ur Xbox go to tv and tadah.... I did this with my surface with the screen cracked for the longest now I have a pc inside my Xbox
  • I am confused isnt 12:01 tonight already in the past?
  • 2 hours 30 minutes ago now
  • Not sure if I can last till 3a.m. EST
  • Who cares. There is maybe a few good/okay games. It's like a form a clickbait for people to buy the xbox one.bMicrosoft is a prick...
  • just like how 3D touch is a click-bait to buy an iPhone 6S?
    it's called a *feature*. don't mix it up with other things and call MS a prick for no reason. it's great to see them pushing the software further ahead.
  • Uh, a lot of people?
  • I got it this morning UK console turned it on at 7.50am and it was updated already
  • You guys know Xbox does not only exist in North America, right? Would it kill you to make a simple time conversion to include UTC/GMT time zones in the article? The rest of the world has learned how to calculate their time based on those 2. Every time I see an article of yours about an international event without UTC/GMT, I just think that you're lazy. But hey, it's not like the majority of your readers are not based in the US, right? Oh wait...
  • Am I still able to play rare play 369 games after the update, because I keep getting an error message when I try to play any of the them