Xbox One backwards compatibility feature will start rolling out 12 hours after NXOE update

The big New Xbox One Experience update for Microsoft's console is just a few hours away from going live on Thursday, November 12. Microsoft has posted up some helpful hints to make sure your console is ready to receive the update.

The NXOE update itself, with its redesigned user interface based on Windows 10, will begin to roll out after 12:01 a.m. PT tonight. However, even if your console gets that update, the big backwards compatibility feature for playing old Xbox 360 games won't be part of it yet. Microsoft has decided to wait until after 12:01 p.m. PT on Thursday, 12 hours later, to begin the rollout for the backwards compatibity part of the update. This will happen regardless of when your console gets the New Xbox One Experience system update. Microsoft says:

"To start playing your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One after this time, refresh your Game Collection to see your pre-purchased, digital Xbox 360 titles from the Backward Compatible title list in your ready to install queue or simply insert the disc for a supported Xbox 360 title and download the game to start playing it on Xbox One."

The company adds that if your Xbox One console is in the Instant-on power mode, it will update in the background when the console is in Connected Standby mode. If your Xbox One is in Energy-saving mode, the update must be downloaded manually. Owners can go to Settings – System to see if the update is available and, if so, they can choose "Update Now" to start the download process. Keep in mind that since this a global rollout, not every Xbox One will be updated at the same time.

Finally, Microsoft says that all Xbox One consoles will receive a message to get a mandatory download on November 23 if it has not already installed the New Xbox One Experience update.

Source: Major Nelson

John Callaham