Xbox One Duke controller now available to preorder

Hyperkin's revival of the original Xbox controller, always called the Duke, is set to arrive later this year, and the good news for eager Xbox One gamers is that preorders are now open at Gamestop.

It'll cost you $69.99, which is a fair amount, but you're getting a lot of controller. Literally. The layout mimicks that of the original controller perfectly, with the addition of left and right bumpers to bring it up to today's standard. The Xbox logo in the center is also an OLED screen, which is extra fancy.

If you want one (and of course you do), hit the link below to get your preorder in. There's a chance these could be a pretty hot item, so get in while you can!

See at Gamestop (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I will not buy this to game with!
  • Buy it to look at then and marvel in its majesty!
  • I thought it was wireless??
  • It it just like the original?  The original controller didn't have shoulder buttons and it had a big slot for a memory cartridge in front of it. 
  • This one got the trigger and bumper I think, it's designed for xb1 and later Xboxes after all.
  • It does have shoulder buttons unlike the original. They've mapped the Black and White buttons to them the same as they were mapped for OG Xbox games that were backwards compatible on the 360. So it's your preference on how you want to use those buttons. Also the center badge is now an LCD (or I think OLED) screen that plays the OG Xbox startup animation.
  • The original also didn't cost nearly as much and was made at the turn of the century, so why compare them now? Tech is better and cheaper now, so some things should be standard. Enjoy gaming with a cord like you are a 10 year old again. Would you like a bean bag chair to go on the floor too? =P
  • I would totally like a bean bag chair.
  • Yuk!
  • I'm interested in this controller specifically for quality, and durability reasons as the current standard Xbox One & Elite controllers are all defective, and they've been that way since the 2013 launch as the left thumb stick modules are cheap plastic garbage on the inside, and they break so easily as it's a widespread issue Microsoft never fixed as they've just let it ride since the start, and so hopefully this duke has the original high quality metal thumb stick modules like the original Xbox & 360 controllers which we're buillt like tanks ...........
  • I just ordered mine. Hopefully by the time it ships, Microsoft will have a better selection of OG Xbox backwards compatible games.