Xbox One Elite Controller looks set to cost £130 in the UK

Microsoft's own site tells us it'll be on sale from October, but GAME isn't currently committing to a release date.

So, if you're interested and absolutely have to have one, head on over to the link below to get your pre-order in early. We'll hopefully be getting a first look at the new controller from E3 soon, so stay tuned for that.

Source: GAME (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • Love the design.
  • Me too, I loved the green button and the buttons on the back of the controller
  • I might get an Xbox one instead of a ps4 just because of the announcements of E3
  • Not much of a gamer, but just so I can talk with when the conversation arises, why (just a point or 2) would you say the XB is better than the PS? Specifically revering to your comment about E3
  • There are no exclusives to play on PS4 this year, and XO gets plenty of ones starting this August.
  • Lmao a friend of mine said the opposite and said the PS4 has or will have better exclusives. I was like "Uh huh yeah whatever you say bud".
  • I would say Backward compatibility Exclusives.
  • Playstation 4 has only remasters and relaunched games from ps3, has a bad quality controller that forces you to get back to the ps2 times when you play with a wired controller when the batteries go off, and overheats easily. Xbox is a lot better
  • Ps4 had a shitty e3 besides some small indie titles. I am excited for shenmue 3 though.
  • Not bad... Still not a straight exchange conversion but not as bad as if they would get charged £150 which some UK people were expecting.
  • GAME does a pre-order price promise, too. If you order at this price you pay this price, even if it goes up. Apparently.
  • Does GAME just have a monopoly over there or something? Every big gaming article that deals with the UK seems to involve them.
  • They're easily the biggest game-specific retailer in the UK, so yeah, pretty much.
  • Yes, but their sales are likely dwarfed by Amazon, and probably Argos/John Lewis among a myriad of other retailers.
    They don't have a monopoly - they are just the last man standing in the game specific retail sector.
  • Its the biggest dedicated games store in theuk
  • Yup...but that really means nothing when most people shop at the likes of Amazon instead.
  • It's strange they're doing so well in the UK as GAME closed down completely in Australia. EB Games hold the monopoly on all exclusives. I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't jack their prices up $20-30 more than their competitors. Oh, sure they "price match" if you ask, but I find their behaviour anti-competitive and I will never buy from them... they sometimes have good deals on 2nd hand games, but I really hope they go bankrupt to make pricing more fair in Australia. I don't know if GAME UK are on the same level - I hope not!
  • Fantastic E3 all round. If Nintendo deliver now I would say that this has been possibly the best E3 I have seen.
  • @Jas00555 since they bought Gamestation, yeh pretty much they have monopolised the high street gaming market.
  • And Electronics Boutique a while back too I believe
  • Already ordered them lol can't wait
  • I really want one, but as the app is only available for W10 & XB1 I'll have to hold off. I'm going to stick with W7 for the time being until i'm convinced W10 be good for my gaming rig.
  • Just Dx12 is worth the upgrade.
  • I want this controller!
  • What they've not done normal dollar sterling conversion $1=£1
  • That's good right? 150 quid would be way too high... based on the exchange rates it should be 96 squids
  • It's just a Razer Sabertooth...
  • And even shenmue 3, that is expected for december 2017, could arrive on Xbox one basing on dev FAQ.
  • I don't think it's coming to the Xbox One. The amount of gamers that have asked for this Microsoft could have easily thrown the change at the developer but because this showed up at Sony conference I don't think they want it on the Xbox one being Japanese and all. Not being racist it's the racism of the Japanese why I don't think it will come.
  • i'm not normally one to 'hate' on prices, as i own some pretty expensive audio equipment, and appreciate quality gadgets, but i have to be that person on this occasion, who says this seems extortionate, even with the quality / features it proclaims, must truly be my age showing, that people want and are willing to splash this much on a solitary game off to do my knitting!
  • It is pretty high for a controller... my gaming keyboard is around 65 quid (converting from AUD) and gaming mouse was about the same too. My gaming controller for PC was only 30 quid... adding another 120 is quite ridiculous!
  • What are the paddles on the back for?
  • Its customizable but the traditional use from a controller like this would be to replace the x,y,a and b buttons. It means you don't have to move your thumb off the right stick to press them.
  • XBox any day. Without a doubt. It offers much more. Not just with gaming but everywhere else as well. Lol! I've used both. The controls are so much more better on the XBox controller then the PS whatever. So fluid, smooth and great accuracy. Not like the muddy contorls on the PS. And the XBox One? WOW! What a beauty. Trounces the PS4 without a blink. Well this is my opinion from my hands on experience. You can have your own. :) One last thing. Have you PS lovers played Forza 5? If not do try it. Can't wait to try Forza Motorsport 6. Wow!