Xbox One games can now be purchased via the Windows Store on PC

Buying Xbox One games from the comfort of your PC just got a little easier. The Windows 10 Store will now let you purchase any Xbox One game from within its confines. Though you could previously accomplish this with Xbox Play Anywhere games because they're available on PC as well, this move extends to games that are only available to play on Xbox One itself.

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To accommodate the move, the Store also now features some new filters. You can now sort by an "Available One" category, which includes options for all devices, desktop, and Xbox. Once on a game's page, you'll be able to purchase it just as you would any other item in the Windows Store.

Microsoft has been blurring the lines between its stores quite a bit lately. For example, the Windows Store began allowing users to install universal apps to their Xbox One from a PC starting in April. The move to allow Xbox One game purchases from the Store app on PCs brings a similar sort of convenience.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Jeez, mobile needs this too. Tweeted and written several feedbacks and still nothing. If they don't want us to purchase on mobile why don't they revert the changes so we could buy from the Xbox app instead of the app redirecting us to the store only to see an inactivated Buy button? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • im pretty sure its down the line.  it'll just confuse people.  friend just bought Ori accidentally on the PC because he thought the site meant its for PC, but accidentally purchased it for the xbox and he doesnt have an xbox. 
  • He should be able to get a refund.
  • Heh... I was JUST about to comment on the risk something like THAT happening if it's not well implemented =)
  • I would hope that the Store would recognize if, say, the account signed into the Windows 10 Store has never used an Xbox One (and, thus, likely doesn't own one), and would then give a warning message popup if they tried buying the Xbox One version.
  • This! I posted this on Xbox subreddit but no answer whatsoever until now. I've also tweeted Xbox Support and still couldn't help.
  • They don't regard us... simple enough. Feel soo stupid sometimes.
  • @kenzibit absolutely right
  • The Xbox app redirecting to the store is a PITA I think. It's a worse experience taking us in and out of apps to look at certain prices etc. In terms of consistency it's still something MS is struggling with in the store, although it does keep getting new features to make it better at least
  • Do you think they'll enable the store to give us these benefits on mobile? Cuz I don't get it. Xbox app used to do everything for us with no hassle.
  • Your friend should call and request a refund.
  • I'd love the ability to gift a game right from the store. Had to buy someone the gift card instead.
  • Weird, i thought we've always had this function!!! I clearly remember buying Destiny (Xbox game) off my phone while i was at a party because a friend convinced me to and by the time i got home it had downloaded and was ready to play cus i had my Xbox on instant-on where the storage doesn't go to sleep. This was almost 2 years ago
  • Sounds like that was by using the xbox app. I have done the same for the last couple years.
  • All we need now is playing the game directly on our pcs without an Xbox.
  • Finally. This is one of those "seriously?" functions that annoyed me with its absence.
  • The next step is allowing you to play them on your PC. It will come at some point. Windows 10 "emulating" Xbox should be a thing.
  • I'll be cheering when this ability comes to mobile; my prepaid principal is able to be spent via carrier billing and otherwise goes to waste.
  • about time! i hated useing the xbox app its slow to purchase games. 
  • I suggested this to ms, bot only on a large scale & letting us install any app on any device from any other device !!
    ex- I can install WhatsApp on phone, while using pc !! visit store, open WhatsApp download page & slect to install it on phone !!
    ofcourse, ms may be working on that one !! & will implement it on a larger scale in future
  • And now make the purchase of bc games easy. I dont want a creditcard on my profile. Allow me and other gamers to buy those games with credit thats on the account