Buying Xbox One games from the comfort of your PC just got a little easier. The Windows 10 Store will now let you purchase any Xbox One game from within its confines. Though you could previously accomplish this with Xbox Play Anywhere games because they're available on PC as well, this move extends to games that are only available to play on Xbox One itself.

To accommodate the move, the Store also now features some new filters. You can now sort by an "Available One" category, which includes options for all devices, desktop, and Xbox. Once on a game's page, you'll be able to purchase it just as you would any other item in the Windows Store.

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Microsoft has been blurring the lines between its stores quite a bit lately. For example, the Windows Store began allowing users to install universal apps to their Xbox One from a PC starting in April. The move to allow Xbox One game purchases from the Store app on PCs brings a similar sort of convenience.