Windows Store on PC adds option to install apps to Xbox One for Insiders

The Windows Store recently picked up an update that brought welcome changes like a skinnier download progress bar and interactive notifications, but it appears another fairly useful tweak slipped under the radar. As spotted by Richard Hay and Ethan Alvaree on Twitter, Windows 10 users on the Fast ring can also now install compatible apps directly to their Xbox One from their PCs.

Windows Store on PC adds option to install apps to Xbox One for Insiders

In the image above, you can see the new option is available as a button that sits in between the Install/Launch button and Share button. The one obvious catch is that the option is only available for those apps that are actually available (and thus searchable) for both PC and Xbox One. Apps like Hulu and OneDrive, for example, should be equipped with the option, in addition to any other apps that are available on both platforms.

Unfortunately, this isn't available in the Mobile Store just yet, so you can only try it from your PC. This is also only available to Insiders for the moment, though it's not entirely clear if it's limited to the Fast ring only, or Slow and Release Preview as well. In any case, you'll want to make sure you've installed the latest Store update, version 11703.1000.156.0, to check it out.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Finally! I always wanted something like this. Now they just have to expand this, so when you click install, it asks which device you want to install it on, so you could choose from your phones, PCs, XBox, and everything else. Much like how google play does it in the browser.
  • That would be great. Odds are if I'm getting an app on one device, I want it on at least one more of them.
  • It's easy to solve. There have to be checkboxes to select multiple devices at once 😀
  • bringing back a feature originally released on Windows Phone 7.5 and 8
  • You can do this by using my app "Downbload App Anytime" You simply just need to - share an app from the store  - select "Download App Anytime" - choose one of your devices - hit send Just in a second the store opens on the unlocked target device and you can install the app. Its actually faster done, then reading this text. ;-)  
  • Sounds good 😊 But what I imagine is more seamless. You just have to press the button on one device, and without unlocking, or even touching the other one, it would just download in the background 😁
  • you spelled it wrong its Download not Downbload
  • Surprised this feature wasn't already there with the focus on UWP, as that makes sense for any user.
  • The convenience and logic grow.
  • I loved how the Store used to be web-based and you could install apps right from the web store to Windows Phone. At least the Store on Windows Mobile is easier to navigate now than it was back then! This is a neat throwback of sorts to that era.
  • There still is a web store just when you open it on a machine that has the store app it opens the store app
  • Yeah, but it was nice before to be able to navigate the Store on my PC and install apps on my phone. :)
  • I can confirm that the store update that allows you to install on Xbox One is available on Release Preview for PC.
  • Logged in to confirm : Release preview here, noticed that option this morning.
  • This would be cool except everyone I know is using someone elses "home xbox" so that they can share games. Would be great if Xbox came up with a better way of sharing digital game titles between family members than trading consoles. 
  • I've noticed for a while now that when I installed certain apps on my PC they were also auto installing on my Xbox One as well. Hadn't noticed an option though.