Microsoft's Xbox One invades our hotel bathrooms; watches us while we shower

Okay - the Xbox One isn’t actually watching us shower, but Microsoft doesn’t want us to go even a few minutes without seeing an ad for their latest console. Our Editor-At-Large, Simon Sage, tweeted this picture after getting back to his Los Angles hotel room.

The advertisement states: “Drive fast. Defend Rome. Skype on your TV. All in one. – Xbox One” The first two statements are references to Xbox One exclusive games including Forza Motorsport 5 and Crytek’s RYSE. The third statement is reference to the console’s new ability to make Skype calls via Kinect in full screen or snap mode, while playing a game.

Here is another closeup of the ad grabbed by our writer, Sam Sabri:

Hotel Ad Closeup

We love our Xbox One news here at Windows Phone Central and it seems we won’t be able to escape it at this week’s E3 event; that being said – we really don’t want to. Except for Simon, Simon wants his bathroom back.

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What do you think about Microsoft’s advertising campaign for the Xbox One?

Source: Simon Sage via Twitter

Michael Archambault