Xbox One to make its Chinese debut on September 23 (Update: Priced at 3,699 RMB)

Xbox Wire has made the Xbox One launch in China announcement official, which includes pricing info for the console in the region. Priced at 3,699 RMB ($600), the Xbox One will also include some pretty neat extras.

Here's a quick look at what buyers will be able to enjoy:

  • Powerstar Golf and Neverwinter Online with a Special Edition Pack
  • The BesTV entertainment experience
  • Free access to Xbox Live Gold through March 2015
  • A localized Chinese interface, translated content and local payment methods
  • A two-year warranty and local customer service support from Microsoft and BesTV

There's also a limited edition console that will retail for 4,299 RMB ($700). The limited edition Xbox One (which comes with the Kinect sensor) includes:

  • A limited-edition commemorative China Day One controller
  • Day One Achievement for your Xbox Live profile
  • Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year as well as the Neverwinter Online Commemorative Edition Pack, and Powerstar Golf with in-game credit

Microsoft has collaborated with BesTV in bringing hundreds of TV shows, movies and documentaries in high definition to the Chinese audience. Original story follows.

While details regarding the Xbox One launch have been trickling out over the last few weeks, what was missing was an official launch date from Microsoft. We have that today as Yusuf Mehdi, head of marketing and strategy for Microsoft's Xbox division, stated that the console will be launching in China on September 23.

Mehdi did not announce the pricing and while an earlier leak from June suggested a retail price of 4,999 RMB (which comes out to around $803),a recent leak mentioned that the console would cost 3,499 RMB ($565). According to the leak, the Xbox One bundle will come with a "customized" controller, coupons for e-commerce websites along with three blockbuster games. It is likely that the $565 bundle will not feature a Kinect controller, as there wasn't any mention of it in the leaked promotional material.

Chinese fans, are you excited about the upcoming launch of the Xbox One in your country? What titles are you looking forward to playing?

Source: Reuters

Harish Jonnalagadda
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