Xbox One’s Media Remote gets a March launch date – more details to come forth tomorrow

We had previously reported on a leaked image of an Xbox One Media Remote that showed up on via Google’s cache service.

Today, The Verge has reported that reliable sources familiar with the entertainment console have revealed the remote’s official announcement date and its official release date.

The remote is reported to have the ability to not only control media content, but also to navigate, launch and control Xbox One applications on the console. The remote itself will feature a standard Infrared transceiver, so it can be programmed to work with your Television and other audiovisual equipment.

Microsoft is scheduled to announce the remote itself tomorrow, February 20, with an expected release date of March 4. There is not yet any word on the price of the remote, but we expect to have all information by tomorrow.

By looking closely at the remote, we can see some of its features. As expected, the unit has the standard media controls including Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop, and Skip Scene. The remote also contains what appears to be volume up and down buttons, along with channel up and down buttons – these would pair perfectly with your television via the built in Infrared feature.

There is also a circular four-way directional pad, an Xbox One menu button, an Xbox One options button, a back button, and a button to directly access Xbox One’s OneGuide TV feature. At the top of the remote we can also see an Xbox One logo, but we are unsure if the logo acts as the Xbox One button, or if it simply an esthetic point.

Microsoft has been positioning itself to take over your cable box and a Media Remote is the perfect accessory to complete the scene. Thanks to the upcoming Media Remote from Microsoft, you might never need to pick up your ISP’s cable remote again.

What do you think of the Xbox One Media Remote - what would be the right price point for such a device?

Source: The Verge

Michael Archambault