Xbox One’s Media Remote gets a March launch date – more details to come forth tomorrow

We had previously reported on a leaked image of an Xbox One Media Remote that showed up on via Google’s cache service.

Today, The Verge has reported that reliable sources familiar with the entertainment console have revealed the remote’s official announcement date and its official release date.

The remote is reported to have the ability to not only control media content, but also to navigate, launch and control Xbox One applications on the console. The remote itself will feature a standard Infrared transceiver, so it can be programmed to work with your Television and other audiovisual equipment.

Microsoft is scheduled to announce the remote itself tomorrow, February 20, with an expected release date of March 4. There is not yet any word on the price of the remote, but we expect to have all information by tomorrow.

By looking closely at the remote, we can see some of its features. As expected, the unit has the standard media controls including Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop, and Skip Scene. The remote also contains what appears to be volume up and down buttons, along with channel up and down buttons – these would pair perfectly with your television via the built in Infrared feature.

There is also a circular four-way directional pad, an Xbox One menu button, an Xbox One options button, a back button, and a button to directly access Xbox One’s OneGuide TV feature. At the top of the remote we can also see an Xbox One logo, but we are unsure if the logo acts as the Xbox One button, or if it simply an esthetic point.

Microsoft has been positioning itself to take over your cable box and a Media Remote is the perfect accessory to complete the scene. Thanks to the upcoming Media Remote from Microsoft, you might never need to pick up your ISP’s cable remote again.

What do you think of the Xbox One Media Remote - what would be the right price point for such a device?

Source: The Verge

Michael Archambault
  • Smartglass works fine but could use a few features and refinements.
  • I need this bad.
  • Yeah., a remote control for the xbox one. Maybe as a user from outside the U.S. I'll be able to enjoy the promised media-centre-qualities in a couple of years. My cable box has not to be afraid of getting fired soon.
  • $15 dollars would be reasonable, anything more would be ludicrous. 
  • I think I would bet you $15 that it won't be $15.
  • I think I would take your side on that one. $20-$25 dollars might be more realistic but that is just too much.
  • The last one was $19.99, so this probably won't be any cheaper.
  • Definitely a good start but the remote seems a bit simple. I am currently using a harmony 650 which works great except in the YouTube and ESPN apps.
  • I just learned that you can make Smartglass prevent the phone from going to sleep. That makes smartglass way more useable.
  • will kill your battery though
  • +1 for the battery killing. And it takes a few seconds to reconnect if you do let the device sleep (still way faster than 360 Smartglass, but not instantaneous)
  •   Okay I'll bite. Can you turn on the Xbox with Smartglass? I haven't tried yet but my though was you couldn't if this can power on my entertainment center without trying to look like a fool "xbox, on!, xbox....on!!, xbox, on?" I'd pay $25 for this.
  • I don't think so...this is the top feature I would request.
  • I'd be much happier, if built into the One Guide would be Media Center Extender capabilities, but I'll likely still pick this up for the wife to use.  
  • looks good i'll buy it. I do use the voice commands alot while watching movies. however would be nice not to have to turn on a controller or wait for my phone to load up so smartglass works.
  • Smart glass is good but needs keyboard option for Netflix when doing search. Sliding your finger across your screen from letter to letter is annoying and slow. They need a vizio style remote where you slide the face of the remote up to reveal a keyboard. Its also Bluetooth which is awesome.
  • +1 for keyboard in SmartGlass, for that exact reason too. I just sent feedback to the Xbox team on this (feedback link on The more people who send the same feedback the better.
  • There is a keyboard in 360 smartglass. Why are they having such a hard time bringing existing 360 capabilities to Xbox One?
  • I think that it is the implementation, or lack thereof, in Netflix itself. Hulu Plus can use the keyboard. YouTube is the worst; won't even recognize the Smart glass Y button.
  • Would be happy if it allowed me to do frame by frame play or loop snippets of a scene. Otherwise, I won't be impressed.
  • DLNA support coming too?
  • who knows??
  • I still find that useless compared to using smartglass, the controller or Kinect.
  • As a Logitech Harmony 880 user the Xbox remote looks too simple to control all A/V equipment.
  • This would greatly benefit my wife. She enjoys the voice commands - to a point. But can get frustrated when they don't work. Then looking at the one controller makes her head spin when she's trying to do something simple. I keep trying to get her to use her phone (which does all that this controller does and more), but it hasn't 'clicked' yet for her to use it.
  • my wife is the same way. this would make her very happy. I will be preordering this when its announced.
  • cant wait till logitech's harmony division gets a hold of one so us harmony users can have a better experience than what we have now
  • Amen!
  • Looks a bit cheap looking like one I have for my radio in the car really annoying doesn't always register
  • Would love it if it had a keyboard on the backside like the Vizio remotes. Makes it much easier to type that way. I currently have a USB wireless keyboard hooked up (thanks to the Feb update) but paring down to just one device would be great.
  • Why not use smartglass on your phone (if you have a smartphone) instead?
  • I don't always keep my phone near me (I know, a shame in this day in age). Plus, the smartglass app takes a bit to load up (unlock my phone, launch the app, wait for it to connect to X1, et cetera). Sometimes, having something fit for a singular use is a lot better than a general purpose tool. You can cut a rope with a swiss army knife in a pinch, but a serrated hawkbill does the task much better.
  • Would if been great if it was alot like LG's magic remote with a keyboard on the back side. Would be a great tool for the one
  • I would also buy it just for the volume control. my audio receiver does not have a remote but I can control volume through Xbox, and that's only from smartglass. cant do that from the regular game pad. so I need this. plus saves battery in my gamepads.
  • I'm surprised that this would get a story, but yet nothing on the (arguably) more necessary stereo headset adapter set to be released next week: Probably just didn't get a tip? EDIT: I did a search of the site before I posted this and didn't see anything. Apologies if I missed it.
  • They did.
  • How 'bout that? Well, a reminder is always nice. :)
  • It will be at least $39 here in Australia! We always get shafted by these cunts!
  • There's no number pad... So of course I'll need my cable tv not flicking through 200 + channels when I can just enter the channel directly... Duhh M$!
  • I was thinking this too. I remember on the original 360 remote that launched with the console there was definitely a number pad, you would think that since the xbox one has tv and the 360 did not have tv that they would have included this instead of getting rid of it. Seems backwards to me.
  • I don't see how this works without flash memory and an ir learning feature. My receiver is a rare Sammy and while it was amazing that Xbox one had it in its database, I can assure you this remote won't out of the box.
  • Needs a DVR button
  • Yes, one can use Smartglass. However, I have found that swiping on the screen just isn't as accurate or quick as an actual remote. As for Kinect voice commands, it's been too buggy to be reliable.
  • Absolutely. As long as it's always on, like the stellar ps3 media remote, and not needing to reconnect on wakeup like Smartglass on my phone, I'm sold!
  • Would love this. I use all the cable stuff (need my walking dead on Sunday). Great idea!
  • It should be free so xbone can catch up w PS4 sales. Seriously $500 plus Xbox gold fee to make this thing functional is already a stretch. Anything more is criminal
  • I'll buy this, as my current remote is broken.
  • Just need Plex on the console now and it's bye bye AppleTV for me.
  • The last one came bundled with the launch 360, so was disappointed that the One didn't have one in the box. Will end up buying one though, Smartglass takes too long to load up.