Xbox One players, check your PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds server

If you're used to playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on the PC then moving to the Xbox One is a much toned down experience. However, even for a first preview release, initially it's been pretty solid.

However, there's one thing that keeps happening to us that could also be happening to you and making things extra laggy: Your server choice.

I'm in Europe, and I want to use the Europe server. Because that's how I'll get the best time. But every time the game boots up fresh, it seems to reset to North America. If you haven't been looking, the same could be happening to you and be introducing Mr. Lag to your game.

To change the server is simple.

  1. Press the menu button on your controller when at the start menu (seen above).
  2. Choose your server.
  3. Look for a region changed message to confirm it worked. Also check the bottom right corner.

Now things should be working a lot better. Of course, we don't yet know how the servers are going to hold up with the initial influx of very eager players, but making sure you're on the right region is going to give you the best chance to enjoy your chicken.

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Richard Devine
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  • Could you elaborate on exactly what is toned down in the console version? I just installed it this morning but didnt have time before work to play. Also, I noticed that the install size is only 5.24GBs. That seems much smaller than I had thought this game to be. Any ideas why?
  • The frame rate for one is massively toned down. It's a lot slower to play than on PC because, controller, and there's very little in the way of options. You can't customize the controller layout for example right now. There's also no FPP modes, and the new map (albeit coming next week to PC) is nowhere to be found. Granted the Xbox version should start to catch up to the PC version soon enough, and they included vaulting at least. If you ever played this on PC it's a big difference.
  • I've only seen it played on PC. Its disappointing to hear that it only runs at 30fps -- even on XboxOne X. Hopefully, devs can eventually figure out a way to allow X players to play in servers that run at 60fps. As for the controller customization, I have an Elite controller. Would this be able to sort of allow for better customization layout in the game?
  • You could obviously make use of the Elite, but the issue there is some of the buttons have two functions, so you'd be remapping more than just one thing. Eventually they said it'll run at 60fps on the X. I doubt it'll be separate servers though.
  • It is day-one of the early access program. I'm just happy to finally get a crack at it.