Following the arrival of a new year, Xbox One game releases are starting to ramp up again into the month of January. Headlining this week's lineup, The Behemoth is set to release its latest turn-based action game, The Pit People. Nevermind is also releasing this Wednesday, delivering an equally psychedelic and horrifying adventure experience. Other notable releases include Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution (yes, that's a thing) and survival horror game, Sylvio.

Our top pick this week:

Pit People

Pit People hits Xbox One Game Preview this week, delivering amusing turn-based combat and adventures across an apocalyptic wasteland. Taking inspiration from The Behemoth's previous classics, Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater, Pit People brings together the gameplay and humor you've come to expect from the studio.

Offering a single player story, cooperative multiplayer and the competitive online play, Pit People is the culmination of years of experience with their earlier, similarly-styled successes. With fully-narrated quests, a deep loot system and player customization, Pit People is looking to be the next big hit for The Behemoth.

Although the game is releasing in Xbox One Game Preview, a majority of the game's mechanics are currently in place. From now on, the team aims to add more quests and maps, alongside additional layers of polish across the board.

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Other releases this week:

January 11

January 13

What about you?

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