Xbox One sales see nearly 1000% week-on-week boost in the UK

It looks like the Xbox One S is already giving Microsoft quite a boost in the console race in the UK. That's according to MCVUK, whose numbers point to a nearly 1000% week-on-week sales increase driven by the slim console.


The release of the firm's new slim 500GB and 1TB SKUs saw Xbox One sales rise 989 per cent week-on-week.The Xbox One had a 71 per cent share of the hardware market for the week ending September 24th, according to GfK data obtained by MCV. That's an increase of 76 per cent year-on-year.

The news comes at a time when many are watching for a potential change of landscape in the console market as the Xbox One S goes head-to-head with Sony's recently revealed PS4 Slim and, soon, the PS4 Pro. One particular aspect that's being seen as a potential advantage for Microsoft is the inclusion of a 4K Blu-ray drive on the Xbox One S — something Sony chose to omit from the upcoming PS4 Pro.

These new numbers also follow recent news that the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 for a second month in a row in the U.S. — a fairly notable achievement considering Sony's usual sales lead. It will definitely be interesting to see if Microsoft can hold onto this momentum leading up to the release of Project Scorpio, especially as we inch closer to the launch of the PS4 Pro.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Go Xbox! :) STill hanging on to my Xbox One though ;)
  • Same here, keeping one eye on Scorpio. That will be my next and true upgrade.
  • Same here
  • Me too, but Microsoft really needs to come out and say that Scorpio will work with both 1080p and 4K displays. Please don't do a Don Mattrick Phil!
  • They already have. Phil came out and said not every game ill be 4k and it will work on 1080p tv's
  • ^^^^^^ This, but i'd be lying if the GoW Red XOS isn't goin to be purchased, because.... reasons AND it being freaking awsome looking
  • Ruronirican. You and I both bro. There's no way I'm passing up that Gears One console! No fun way!!
  • Ordered mine months ago, gutted I haven't got it yet beacause of waiting for persky GOW4 release. Shame it wasn't console on console launch date, game as redeemable code on game release date. Soooooooon though :D
  • Yeah same here... Almost regretting my used XB1 purchase right before these releases though. At least I got all the games I wanted with it.
  • Don't regret anything my friend. Like you said, you got the games you wanted. Put the console up for sale and pay the difference for the Gears console.
  • Wow good news :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Really looking forward to seeing if Microsoft can keep this momentum going.
  • Happy to be part of this with my one s
  • Xbox rock
  • This has a couple meanings: 1) There are some who claim that no body wants physical media any more. A new device with the latest and greatest player shows otherwise. 2) This has shown that people are not impressed with Sony's new offerings. The XB traditionally does not sell as well outside the US, but here, a device that is smaller and adds one (significant) feature, and people ran out and bought it rather than waiting for the PSPro. 3) This site has had articles implying that the PS4Pro will be a big hit because of the VR capabilities. This shows that is not an absolute given.
  • Just wait for next week's sales numbers. The PlayStation sales (£150 for an old style PS4 + FIFA) have gone through the roof! Lots of retailers have got onboard.
  • Wow really they must be really desperate, but then again PlayStation is the only thing going good for Sony...everything else is failing for them!
  • No. It's retailers selling off old stock of original ps4 and they have flown off shelves, you will be lucky to buy an original new in the uk after this week.
  • >1) There are some who claim that no body wants physical media any more. A new device with the latest and greatest player shows otherwise. No. I bought an S, but have ZERO physical media. People like new shiny stuff. It dropped the power brick, I got the 2TB version so I also got rid of an external drive. For me, it was a continual move to zero additional media, disks and boxes. >3) This site has had articles implying that the PS4Pro will be a big hit because of the VR capabilities. This shows that is not an absolute given. Yeah, I am not yet convinced about VR. Maybe.... one day even, but it seems very 1.0 to me, I'll wait till the resolution is better and games are created specifically for it. (OR perhaps its truly 360 degrees, not an postbox window).  
  • SOme people don't want physical media, and good for them. But there are a lot of people who have a 4K TV and want to get into UHD. This console is cheaper than a stadalone UHD BD player - I should know, I bought one of theose too. But this gives you gaming and UHD, and a good number of people will buy it for that. VR is not exciting to me at all. You move the TV screen to 3 inches in front of your head. Wow. AR is where it is at, interacting with your environment. Look at that stupid Pokemon game. It was an AR game, and was a hit because you interacted with your environment, not had a fake environment presented to you. I have written here before, Sony will sell a lot of their VR headsets at the beginning, much like Microsoft sold Kinect for the 360, but Sony's VR will fade quickly.
  • You dropped the external drive with a 2TB console?! I have a 2TB external on my 1TB XB1 and feel like it isnt enough room and I am currently only ~45% used.
  • That doesn't make sense. 45% of 3 is 1.35. 2>1.35 Therefore 2 is enough. Or do you feel like you can fill up the remaining 1.65 (of your 3) with little effort?
  • I do feel that way unfortunately. Games are 35-80GB per install. If I get 10 games a year that can fill 800 or more GB, another 10 and it would be full. Sure not all games are that big, but they are probably going to start averaging bigger and bigger as the system grows. So that means a minimum of 20 or so games. Extremely doable within two years if games with gold continues. I only say this because I experienced this for the last year or so on my 500GB 360. Even curtailing game downloads and deleting games I didn't need anymore, it was like I still couldn't keep up. If I really wanted a download it meant losing yet another game. At least with XB1 we can do external drives that have a size that is worth it. Also, unless they upgraded the XB1S hard drive, a 7200RPM external will load games faster. I only found this out after I bought my XB1. I think I would have opted for the smaller internal drive and splurged on a bigger external.
  • This morning I look a look at my actual usage of each hard drive and it appers that I was a bit off in my memory of usage and the amount of space games take when installed. It looks like the average XB1 game (for me) is takes about 35-45GB per install. Some games take much more after DLC is installed. Halo 5 takes about 86 GB and I have a couple in the 60's. As far as my usage goes: Of the total storage I am using 39.7% with 1.5 TB free Internal drive 49.4% used with 394.7 GB free & External 35.7% used with 1.1 TB free   So in conclusion, it appears I was off in my calcuations. If I download 38 games at 40GB each, that will fill the remaining space I have (not considering if I utilize DVR or other media downloads). I still think that is doable within 2 years, and thats about the time that I would be thinking about gettting a Scorpio.  
  • You kidding right? I have 2.5tb total. I have every single app installed. Plus 88 games installed. And still ha e 1.3tb left.
  • How many are 360 games? Also, any DLC on XB1 games? Fallout 4 takes well over 100 GB (not sure the number right now) after the DLC for me. I have to see in the morning what is actually taken and what I have installed to properly respond to this. I have found that my system allocates a large portion on the internal 1 TB ( I think around 780 is available).
  • Ok, I apologize because it appears that I was talking out my @ss yesterday. I looked at my actual usage and got the real numbers: Fallout only takes 41.4GB (I must have looked at the 100MB game saves and remembered wrong), though Halo 5 does take nearly 100 at 87.3GB. I have 82 total games installed and about 35 apps (most are core apps), 55 games are XB1 games (some of which are only in the teens for GBs).   I was correct in the amount of space that is reserved on the internal, it was 780.9 GB available.
  • PS4 Pro VR sucks. Bethesda said Fallout 4 isn't coming to it because it's underpowered. It's gonna flop hard.
  • I doubt physical media sales will ever diminish until MS learn how to have a sale. Every deal they've ever had has always sucked compared to retail offerings. That's in stark contrast to the almost-dead PC retail market, where Steam and other online offerings reign supreme.
  • Good news for XBOX though likely to be countered by the heavily discounted PS4 bundle that went on sale this week. Hopefully the Scorpio will help the brand gain some ground as it looks to be the more powerful system over the PS4 Pro but Microsoft need to hurry it along.
  • 11 month gap between PS4Pro and Scorpio.  Sony has the time to fail.
  • No need to hurry. Xbox One S upsaclaes all games to 4K just like PS4 Pro can only upscale games. But also the One S can play 4K blurays. Pro can't. The Pro is gonna look terrible at release when it can't do things a cheaper console can.
  • Take that **** Sony.
  • That's an amazing achievement, nicely done Microsoft. I know my housemate has been having some issues with the WiFi on his one but they are minor, he's loving watching 4k Netflix.
  • As owner of both im amazed Sony have managed to blag the public with the 4gamers message and bribing sites like gameradar. Good to see the better all round games console doing well
  • The Xbox One S is a amazing console, I'm having a great time with mine.
  • XBO all the way!
  • I never thought the playstation has no games. Infact quite the opposite, as someone who has had zero interest in fps for the past four years the x1 has no games. However with games like recore scalebound and sea of thieves, the x1 has been moved out of it's box and, is setup. Microsoft does deserve credit for continuously improving the console. Competition can only help gamers.
  • Over the last 4 years you missed out on Killer Instinct ( best fighter this gen ), ori and the Blind Forest ( best 2d platformer this gen ) Forza Horizon 2&3 ( best arcade racers this gen ) Forza 5&6 ( best sim racers this gen ) Sunset Overdrive ( amazing crazy game ) Quantum Break ( best story cinematic experience ever in gaming ) among others. Funny enough none of those are FPS games. Wierd that.
  • Lol if you've played one Forza then you've played them all. Definitely no "missing out" there
  • This is the start of Sony PS4 demise. Xbox is on fire. And PSVR will fail profitwise. Be getting my One S in 2 months. 4K Tv in just 4 weeks. Bring it on.
  • Keep dreaming!