Xbox One Stereo Headset and adapter coming next week, pre-order today

Earlier this month we told you guys and gals about two new accessories from Microsoft coming out for your Xbox One. There’s the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and the Xbox One Stereo Headset. Both were slated to come out in early March, but no firm release date was shared. It looks like Microsoft was able to do something they don’t do often, ship a product early. You can pre-order the accessories and get them next week.

Head to the Microsoft Store website and you’ll see the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter available for pre-order. It’ll set you back just $24.99 and has a release date of 02/25/2014. Which is next Tuesday. We’re definitely pre-ordering one of these. The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter allows you to plug in your own headset into the Xbox One controller. Assuming it’s compatible you’ll be able to adjust the chat audio, mute, and more all from your controller.

Now we’re not seeing a release date for the Xbox One Stereo Headset on the Microsoft Store website, but we are seeing it on Amazon. Like the adapter, the release for Microsoft’s stereo headset is set for 02/25/2014 with a retail price of $79.99. You can pre-order through Amazon and get it next week. This is a good option for those who don't already have a headset they use for gaming and want something out of the box to just work with their Xbox One. 

I’m thinking I’ll take one for the team and pre-order both of these if you all would be interested in a hands-on/review. Sound off below if you’re planning on getting one these accessories for your Xbox One.

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), Amazon (opens in new tab)

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Sam Sabri
  • So now when I beat Sam at Titanfall, he can hear me yell how awesome I am *cough* *cough* (;
  • Yes!
  • Already pre-ordered my Xbox One Headset Adapter last week!  Been waiting for this for my Turtle Beach X50's.  Now only if MS would hurry up and add Dolby Digital to SPIDF Out...
  • Does the headset connect out of the box?
  • The headset, comes with the adapter, you get both if you buy it
  • What about the Polk 4shot? That's the one I like. Wasn't the update on 3/4/14 bringing the support? Seems weird, need more details...
  • We need an adapter to use old turtle beaches??
  • Yes Microsoft made a proprietary plug on the One. This way they get to sell you a adapter for $25 so you can use headsets with a STANDARD plug.
  • I think getting audio from the console over the controller makes this a must have for late night gaming sessions.
  • @Sam please update the headset release date to 02/25/2014
  • Good eye. Thanks and fixed
  • Just ordered the adapter! Going to try using it with my Beats Wireless headphones. And no i'm not stupid and realize it can't connect wirelessly. I'm going to use the audio cable. The audio cable that came with beats has a mic built in. Hopefully it works. If not no big deal. More or less looking for a better solution to playing late night gaming without disrupting others. I am currently just pluging in my beats straight into my reciever. I wonder if this will have similar quality of sound using this adapter. Also wonder how much battery drain this add on the controller.
  • Isn't the adapter for 2.5mm cables and not 3.5mm like most headphone cords? If not, I'll be able to use my munitio mw3 billets.
  • Very bottom says it supports 3.5mm
  •     Any 3.5mm stereo headset (that uses the CTIA plug standard) can get stereo game audio by plugging into the adapter.   Re: My comment below
  • Ok so now how exactly does this thing support 2.5 & 3.5? My tritton headset uses a 3.5 to 2.5 to plug into my 360 controller. Just got an optical cable for game audio, just need this for chat now. MS should have posted a video for this, if they have can someone link it.
  • I want a Titanfall console, make it happen Microsoft!
  • Awesome. I've been dying to try my Grado's on my Xbox One.
  • Does the adapter allow game audio?? Or just chat?
  • Just chat, which kind of stinks. You would think they would make one that would do both that could work with any stereo headphone and mic.
  • (From Major Nelson) Any 3.5mm stereo headset (that uses the CTIA plug standard) can get stereo game audio by plugging into the adapter.    
  • Sweet I should get that for late night gaming
  • Absolutely interested in reading a review of the headphones, Sam. I'm specifically interested in how the surround works and sounds on stereo headphones, as I'm in the market for a pair at this moment. Hearing the direction of gunfire in Titanfall or the sound of footsteps sneaking up behind me in battlefield 4 is very intriguing to me.
  • I'm excited for the adaptor but idk how well it will work with my turtle beach 510X
  • Great, when is the adapter to allow me to use my usb joystick coming?  I spent $150 on it and its in great shape.  Not seeing why i need to pay 200 for one that works pretty much like mine does now.
  • I'd get one of these long before any Turtle Beach.
  • Doesn't the headset already come with the adapter, so it wouldn't be very smart to order both.
  • Sweet. Can't wait.
  • I'm buying the adapter! :D
  • This us lame, where in the fuck are the wireless headsets??? No Bluetooth on Xbox one, fucking joke.
  • Go cry somewhere else, crybaby.
  • How about you stop being a blind fanboy. MS is doing what they always accuse apple of doing, forcing us to buy thier crappy proprietary shit. Again, they fuck up the music app, dont include BT on thier console and also have not fixed the "XBOX ON" issue as well. Add to that all the stupid phone exclusivity deals and they wonder why they only have %3 mobile phone market share...sad and stupid at the same time.....
  • No one is forcing you to do anything. Either buy it or don't. Stop crying in the comments.
  • Again just shut up if you dont like hearing the truth dont comment on my post. kthx
  • Dont comment on my comments if you dont like the truth.
  • No Joy on my end. First of all the link above sent me to the Canadian MS Store which created a whole bunch of problems trying to check out. Even when I got to the US store and signed in, it kept asking me for a Canadian billing info. Finally, opening up IE, logging in clean I was able to get to Place to Order only to find this message waiting for me:  We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact customer service for assistance. I'll just wait for it to come in to GameStop or Best Buy next week and pick it up there or if Amazon gets pre-order, I go for that.  
  • But where is my chatpad?
  • This.
  • Stop crying about a chatpad...your sad as no BT in a next gen console.
  • So your crying about a chatpad?
  • It does have a chatpad. It's called SmartGlass. I use my phones keyboard to type on my XB1 all the time.
  • Preordered the adapter, but I'm eyeing a Turtle Beach XO 4 or XO 7 headset instead.
  • I am reading the discription differently. From what I am seeing at the sale sites and reading from Major Nelson, 3rd party headsets do not play audio from the adapter. The adapter plays chat audio and controls game ouput audio, but i do not see anything saying game audio works for alternate headsets. I cannot fin where this has been clarified.
  • I think MjrN had it right. But we don't know if the mics will work on 3rd party headsets. Probably/maybe not at launch but later on is my uneducated guess. Getting everything to work out of the starting gate is hard to do. So you focus. I suspect that is what is going on. The xbox team is busy as hell on more important issues. Backwards compatibility will come I am certain after more important stuff is addressed.
  • I really REALLY like the design of these headphones. I wish I could say more. I think these headphones are going to be worth the wait. The remote may be of less utility to some and may not be worth the asking price. This otoh does not seem to be an accessory that MS is cheaping-out on. I'll see very soon.
  • It'll set me back only 25 bucks? WOW How about having a freaking 3.5 mm jack right on the controller?
  • i am looking to both this and the xbox headset.