Xbox One update appears to have put some consoles into setup mode

If you turned on your Xbox One today, only to be greeted with the initial setup screen, you're not alone. A number of Xbox One owners have taken to both Reddit and Xbox's Twitter support account with reports that their consoles are being randomly booted into the initial setup screen (via OnMSFT).

According to Reddit users reporting the issue, there isn't any reason to panic. Users report that, after walking through the initial setup steps, their games are still there. However, you will have to sign in again.

Curiously, while this is the sort of problem you'd expect to run into in the Xbox Insider rings, those users don't seem to be affected. Rather, it appears as though this may be connected to the latest update to roll out to the console for general users. According to the release notes (opens in new tab), the update, dated August 29, only packed "general stability and performance improvements."

For its part, the Xbox Support Twitter account reports that the issue was on Microsoft's end and has since been resolved.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I had this problem on my launch edition XBox One.  I was worried that it was finally dying after all of these years.  It needs to at least last until November.  I will have to try updating when I get home to see if the problem goes away.
  • It didn't go into setup mode for me. However, I did have to reinstall 6 games which got removed from my Xbox One.  All Xbox 360 games oddly enough.
  • I also had the game reinstallation problem. There were five or six games, including Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1, which were automatically put into the que for downloading. I'm only on a 3 Mbps connection so it has been hammering my internet for two days now.
  • Wife just called me at work...this happened to my Elite console.  Had to do the initial setup just to get to the TV.  Not sure yet what else I'll have to do.  Most games are on an external drive, but the most recent/active are on the internal, hopefully.
  • It just happened to me, lost save games and addons
  • Have to reinstall all my Skyrim mods. Ugh!
  • Was this the alpha update? Or one released for non preview?
  • At least I know now. I thought it was something my son did.
  • yes, my day one Xbox one had this issue. it reboot it to set up mode but what is odd is that my windows 10 pc did an update today that removed the desktop mode from my pc. i wonder if this is all connected