Xbox One S vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X: Tech specs compared

Sony launched its PlayStation 4 (PS4) Pro last year, giving it a sizeable performance advantage over the Xbox One S. However, the Xbox One S boasted a few tricks of its own, providing slightly improved performance over the Xbox One in some situations, while also rocking a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, giving it a bit of differentiation for those seeking to get into the 4K ecosystem.

With the Xbox One X on the horizon, here's a look at the numbers to help figure out how these consoles compare where it truly matters: performance.

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ConsoleXbox One SPS4 ProXbox One X
Optical drive4K UHD Blu-rayBlu-ray4K UHD Blu-ray
Hard drive500GB/1TB/2TB1TB1TB
Memory bandwidth64 GB/s (DDR3) / 219 GB/s (ESRAM)218 GB/s326 GB/s
CPUeight Jaguar cores
(1.75 GHz)
eight Jaguar cores
(2.1 GHz)
eight custom
cores (2.3GHz)
GPU12 CUs (914MHz)36 CUs (911Mhz)40 CUs (1,172Mhz)

As you can see from the comparisons, the Xbox One X beats the PS4 in practically every way, giving it a sizeable performance advantage. Digital Foundry discovered that their 4K Forza demo, using Xbox One assets, was able to achieve a True 4K resolution with a 60 frames-per-second (FPS) frame rate, utilizing only 65 percent of Scorpio's raw potential.

The Xbox One X also features various other optimizations and refinements that coalesce to give it a general boost. Games that utilize DX12, including Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4, should see further enhancements from the custom processors Microsoft baked into the Xbox One X's 'Scorpio' engine that dramatically reduce the amount of bandwidth required to process DX12 instructional information. According to Microsoft, similar hardware without these DX12 features would need double the processing power to facilitate DX12 rendering techniques. Microsoft has also boosted the amount of available RAM for developers from 8 GB to 9 GB, giving it even more of a boost over the PS4 Pro.

Game developers seeking to make visual enhancements to existing titles or future games should find themselves with a huge amount of graphical potential to play with, but it remains to be seen whether Microsoft can bring the software the Xbox ecosystem truly needs to catch up to Sony's sizeable lead. Time will tell, but one thing is for sure ...

The Xbox One X truly is a monster.

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**Update June 20, 2017: We've updated this to reflect the latest information on the Xbox One X.

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  • This is going to be really funny to see the price reveal at $299.99, PS fanboys are going to flip. I have already made up my mind, I'm buying 5 :D
  • Not likely.   Most probably a $399-499 buy.   By Christmas you'll probably have something like this Xbox Scorpio $399+, PS4 Pro $299+, PS4 Slim $199 and Xbox One S $199+    Let's put it this way, I bought a PS4 Slim Bundle with Uncharted 4 for a relative for less then $215 this past christmas.   
  • when ps4pro released it cost 440 eur in finland and then christmas came... christmas sale was on ps4 costs 430 eur... wow dramatic drop... i dont think the price will drop that much this christmas either... now i see ps4pro on sale for 419 eur.... my guess is ps4pro will costs this christmas around 390 eur these pro and X versions are made for ppl who are hardcore players not for normal family that that play little big planet
  • There is no way this is going to be $300.  I would guess a $500 minimum.  My best guess is that it is going to debut at $599 and go down from there.  Take this for a grain of salt though because maybe they are willing to take a hit on this one to build momentum.
  • At the end of the day, this needs to be marketed as "Disruptive" and one of the major ways to do it is the price, we've already seen the initial performance, we heard about the proposed benefit, now the price must be "Disruptive", capture the minds of the unwilling and get their money. This is going to be great, Phil did say he's going to have fun with the pricing scheme based on what the PS4 Pro has been released at. Maybe it's going to be the same price.
  • There is nothing disruptive about this, maybe the original Xbox could be labeled disruptive as it took more radical steps towards  PC consoles.  What is disruptive about this?  Its a more powerful Xbox One.  As for the price, well, MS has very much said they will only sell hardware at a premium, so selling hardware at a significant loss probably isn't going to occur... which is what the original Xbox and Xbox 360 were doing.   The pro will probably be in the $299-349 range by christmas and I could see a $299 bundle as well... the return to selling hardware at a significant loss is probably not going to happen.  Even if it did sell for $299, its not like people left for price/performance only, and now they are deeply set into the PS eco-system without Sony really messing up hard to see a radical shift... I expect Sony to continue to expand market share.  imo
  • I also don't feel this is disruptive since MS will likely treat it as they do with the Surface line and make it a premium price. They won't want to lose $ right off the bat. Though I can see it stabilizing the gap with the PS4. But PS4 folks won't move over when they can keep the cheaper PS4's including the Pro.
  • At $499 the XB1X will be sold at a lost just like its predecessors. And yet good/popular smartphones cost $700+ and virtually no one comments/balks at that, SMH
  • @Johnathan Dalipsingh You clearly don't understand what this system is and who it's for. They aren't making it to sell to the masses. It's a premium device for those who prefer premium devices. They've never hid this fact and it's people like you who continue to think it's something else than what it is. I guarantee it'll be at least $499. Anyone who thought this was going to be a system for the masses are going to be highly disappointed and the very people who will take to the net complaining that MS priced themselves out of the market. Again, this isn't a system for the masses. It is a system for those who appreciate the finer things in life and have the disposable income to indulge.
  • You guys are taking this way too serious. I'm just speculating guys jezzz. :) calm down.
  • My best bet is $399.
  • Not a chance. It's a junky Jaguar CPU and a $200 GPU. This thing at $600 would be a laughingstock.
  • A bro can only dream
  • Unlikely, AMD sold those Radeons at 200$ in retail, hence the wholesale price for a player like MS is waaaaaay cheaper. Jaguar cores 'evolved' = overclocked will be the same price as they are now. MS isn't stupid as to pay for simple overclocking, they know how hardware is made and what makes the price and what just uplifts the price artificially. They didn;t change the CPU because it;s fast enough. I reckon it might be the same price at the X1 on launch day. Otherwise it's a moneygrab.    What worries me is that current games scaled to 4K took 66% of the console computing power. If you take any current game, set the details and all graphical settings to what we, the gamers, want the 6TFLOP might not be enough. Also it is worrying for me that MS is sticking with GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X. In this case only thing SONY has to do for PS5 is to, overckolck the currect CPU slighly, change the GPU for a faster one and they blow past Scorpio with a much faster, less power hungry and cooler console.
  • @Michal Poterek So, should I down vote you too :) for having the exact same opinion as me? I stated (playfully) that the console will be revealed at $299.99 so Sony's fan boys will go nuts, as it turned out, Windows Central's community went nuts instead LOL... Sorry guys, that I didn't explain it as good as Michal Poterek ;)
  • Actually msft is doing like apple does to their A#X processors which i think are based off Qualcomm arm processors but heavily modified and its the same with the X1X based Jag processors which is heavily modified with extra transistors and higher clocked to get more overhead! And NO! Overclock is not evolve! Is just higher clock speed but the X1X processor has been heavily modified. On the case of the 66% power usage on forza. That is with true 4K textures and assets, not just a regular port. So your assumptions are wrong from the beginning. Just read their interview with Eurogamer and others and you will know that what I said is true. This is a very well optimized console so it will depend on the developer of how well their engine performs with it! Just stating what I have read, nothing else!
  • You obviously didn't read the DF article or failed to understand what they said about the processor. 
  • Nope, not at all. I know exactly what the CPU is, but it's great to see you offer such a vague, useless statement with no substance or meaning a week later. Really adds to the discussion and makes me glad to be engaged by such an intelligent person.
  • Not a chance... Base scorpio will be 399 at launch not a penny more guarantee.... There is nothing packed in that justify otherwise.... It's just really well optimized and that's engineering... A cost that they can spread on additional sales like games and services.... Plus if they want software (3rd party games) to come to them and be lead platform they need market shares... They can't afford to have an elite few as a target customer come this Holliday season.... Heck I think you might even see a game bundled in for that price... For a limited time at launch....
  • ps4pro was announced as 399 but in finland it gets +tax... i guess other countires get it also... and it cost 440 when it first released... xboxonex announced 1 year later and it has more powerful machine than ps4pro so ofcourse it should cost more msft announced it 499 so i think in finland it will costs 550... PS. im playstation fan
  • Hasn't the price point of $499 already been verified? It would be nice to see the One X go for $100 less, but unlikely. If anything, we may see a few store specific bundles going for that price, until MS drops the price early next year. We will likely see a $50-$75 decrease in price around tax time into Spring. In all honesty, only people ,such as myself, will upgrade from a much older system (360) or those who actually own a 4K TV. Until the majority of game developers actually start making games that take advantage of what the One X can do, current One/S owners aren't going to upgrade.
  • 499 + tax just like PS4pro was announced as 399 but here in finland it costs 440 when it first released and now ps4pro is on sale and it still costs 419
  • I think that's the only chance of claiming some market share back: price aggressively. I hope £300 will be great starting point.
  • Very hard to imagine that (gaining market share) just based on new hardware.   People left for more than just because the XBox1 had weaker hardware specs, but at least they will probably avoid the weaker specs plus an extra $100 for the stupid Kinect debacle.   Unless Sony stumbles I doubt there is really any change in market share one way or another.    Sony might not be hitting grand slams but they are hitting doubles and triples everytime at the plate.   I loved the Xbox and Xbox 360 era, but I am also glad I moved on.  
  • There is nothing new in it. It's more powerfull than PS4 pro, but hardware is not more expensive. Jaguar is old, GDDR5 is old. You already have UHD Blu-ray in Xbox One S, and console is not expensive. This hardware was more expensive when original Xbox One came out...
  • I want an SSD version.    
  • I didn't see word on that part but I am hoping they use an SSD as well.  That would really be a noticable boost on performance (at least on load times) without being a huge cost bump.
  • You do realise a 1tb SSD is about £250-300 retail. If you're happy with them adding about £200 onto the already possibly high price then great - otherwise I would imagine it will be a standard HDD and you can just add an SSD externally if you wish via USB 3
  • I hardly think that Microsoft would be paying retail. Lets be real here. In the volume they would order it would be a fraction of that. I know that not everybody would be willing to pay more but it would be nice to have the option. Then again if cost is an issue then you have the Xbox One S as an option. This isn't meant to be a budget friendly console. This is in the Xbox Elite controller category.
  • I am genuinley impressed with what I see. This is absolutely going to be the most powerful console for the rest of this current generation until the PS5 and next Xbox are released. No chance this is released at any less than $499. They haven't made any secrets to the fact it is a premium device for those who prefer premium devices. Phil Spencer was on Podcast Unlocked less than a month ago and reiterated as much. He said they still fully expect to sell more XB1 S systems. This is a premium console. So if anyone thinks it's going to come out with a cheap price you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. Just look at those specs. I'm probably going to get one if they offer up a trade in program for XB1 S owners.
  • what does "next gen" mean? What are you expecting? Scorpion is Microsofts "next gen" which can handle 4K ... they wont realease an updated version for xyz years
  • Scorpio is actually not a new generation.
  • You're clearly don't understand the definition of "next gen" if you think that's what the Scorpio is. That or you're just refusing to listen to the message Microsoft has delivered since day one. The Scorpio looks like an amazing console but it's still just an Xbox One. Nothing more, nothing less. A next gen it is not.
  • I too am VERY impressed with what is on show - and not with the specs.  In the case of this machine, the specs simply do not tell the whole tale.  Here is a direct quote from one of the Digital Foundry articles that illustrates my point:  "From what I've seen so far, there is some evidence that Scorpio's true 4K performance could pose a challenge to the likes of Nvidia's GTX 1070 and AMD's Fury X-class hardware. I've seen Microsoft's new console running a Forza Motorsport 6-level experience locked to 4K60 on the equivalent to PC's ultra settings - cranking up the quality presets to obscene levels was one of the first things developer Turn 10 did when confronted with the sheer amount of headroom it had left after a straight Xbox One port. Out of interest, we tested Forza 6 Apex with similar settings at 4K on GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080. Frames were dropped on GTX 1060 (and a lot of them when wet weather conditions kicked in), while GTX 1070 held firm with only the most intense wet weather conditions causing performance dips. Only GTX 1080 held completely solid in all test cases. " - #DigitalFoundry  ----------------------------------------
    Think about what the man just said for a moment.  The on paper specs for the system indicates that the Xcorpio only has a 43% compute advantage over the the PS4 Pro - 6TF vs. 4.2TF, and he says that in one of his videos.  But then you look here at the article, how Microsoft is achieving that power, how Microsoft is utilizing that power, and suddenly the Xcorpio has been lifted into an entirely different league than the PS4 Pro.  The specs ON PAPER say PS4 Pro competitor, but the ACTUAL PERFORMANCE OUTPUT says Nvidia GTX 1080 competitor.   And this is what is TRULY impressive.  In the hands of the right developers (think DICE, Rockstar, Crytek, id Software, 3D Projekt, 2K Sports, A4, Monolith, Rocksteady, Epic, Rebellion, Respawn, Irrational Games, etc.), the system is going to be able to deliver GTX 1070, and potentially GTX 1080 level graphics - in a console.  If that is not impressive, I do not know what is.
  • Purely speculation, but after pouring through the specs and multiple forums, it seems as though night ch of the internals aren't that expensive (in relation to the power of performance) so I posit this: What is Scorpio comes in at $399 (PS4 Pro price) and they just sell One S units cheaper? One is a "Hero Device" while the other appeals to the masses (and undercuts everyone). Then, when Scorpio is ready to be sold at the ≤$250 price, have the next iteration ready to go.
  • So will games like Dark Souls 3 that suffer from performance issues instantly run better when played on Scorpio? Or does the dev have to decide to improve it? Also, could they bump it up to 60 fps if they wanted?
  • I'd say there are too many variables to say. It depends on why it is having performance issues. I'm not familiar with what is causing DS3 issues (I haven't played it yet)
  • It appears that it will work better without the devs getting involved, but it will only work at native 4K if the dev patches it.  Based on what was on EG, I think pretty much all Xbox One games will work smoothly and flawlessly at 1080p/60.  And it took less than two days to patch Forza for 4K/60.   Also all the Xbox 360 BC games look to run at max res (1080 in most cases) with 60fps.  
  • Forza was made with UWP in mind though so porting it across would have been a lot easier than say a 3rd party title which is created totally different. The Xbox one games (without a patch) will run at their programmed settings - just like the Pro - so Dark souls for example will run at 900p/30 - once/if it gets a patch then it will run at whatever the developers change it too. The games wont magically change resolution/framerates unless if they were a variable resolution/unlocked framerate on the Xbox one. Regardsing the xbox 360 games - thats incorrect, the emulator doesn't change the resolution, its the same as above, if you are playing a xbox 360 game that was 720p on original hardware then it will still be 720p at whatever framerate it was set to on that console. They can't change the resolution or framerates as they are simple emulations which emulates the 360 exactly, it doesn't modify any of the settings unlike a PC emulator for example or the PS2>PS4 games.
  • I don't foresee this selling well unless you can get it for like £1 new. As with the mobile war, people are now very deeply entrenched into the Sony ecosystem plus the removal of Twitch streaming on the console in favour of Beam (instead of Beam being added as an option) when Twitch is the monolith is going to aggravate the issue. As a result, I feel they'll have to practically give them away. As Microsoft want to sell hardware at a premium instead, I foresee this not helping their case much.
  • Streaming just fine to Twitch on the latest OS version.
  • xbox one s has higher memory bandwidth than the ps4 pro?  did expect that.
  • They're probably cheating with ESRAM speeds in that measure.
  • Yes, but how much will it cost......
  • I am honestly underwhelmed by the Scorpio's specs. It's slightly better than the PS4 Pro but only slightly. 1.8TF more, 4GB RAM extra and 108GB/s extra bandwith...seems they went with the "let's get this thing to just get the minimums possible for true 4K gaming". Which might be explained with Microsoft's wish to keep the price as low as possible. I therefore don't see the Scorpio coming up at anything above 550€/600€ tops.   Personally, I won't buy it. Not at least until Microsoft puts a good UI back on the console as their latest update is utter sh*t.   On the other hand, with these specs, I doubt Sony will be rushing out the PS5. With their marketshare and momentum, I doubt the Scorpio will make a significant dent in PS4 "Pro" sales. PlayStation fans will probably see they'll be better off waiting for the PS5 which will very likely beat the Scorpio (unless Sony plays the idiot-card again as they did with the "Pro" and skips fundamentals like a UHD player...)
  • Of course you are underwhelmed... and water is wet.
  • Agree. PS5 is not needed soon. PS4 Pro with games is better than this PS4 Pro+
  • 4GB of faster RAM makes a difference, and 1.8TF more is approx 42% increase. That's not exactly slightly.
  • In theory. But considering that Microsoft won't allow Scorpio-only games, it may end up not making much of a difference. It will come down to how the games will be optimised. And still, it's not enough to entice PlayStation owners away from their platform. The Scorpio would have to seriously blow away the PS4 "Pro" to achieve that. It doesn't. It's better, no doubt. But not enough to pull them away, specially since they know Sony's working on the PS5 and that one will likely beat the Scorpio (if only because it will come later).
  • There's no such thing as Scorpio only games.  Unlike PS4Pro games built for Scorpio will have graphic options for both Scorpio and Xbox One.
  • "considering that Microsoft won't allow Scorpio-only games"
  • James, afaik there are no PS4 Pro exclusive games meaning all the games work forward and backward from the PS4.   I don't even think Sony is allowing developers to specifically deploy to the Pro only at this time, of course, that could change but it doesn't really make sense generally to go in that direction even for developers.   I would expect the PS4 base to be the lead platform for some time, of course, one area where an exception to this rule might be in future PSVR games... meaning I could see a developer wanting to target PS4 Pro users only for PSVR, but who knows right now.   
  • It would be like the DreamCast all over again, people said that they would like to have the DreamCast, but knew that the PS2 was coming in a little bit, so they waited. Not me I bought the DreamCast, never regretted it too, hell I had the both of them, later ended up playing the Xbox more though. :)
  • I still have my DreamCast. It's in the original box too.
  • Awesome.  I loved tokyo drift.   My ex sold mine on me at a pawn shop.....*****!  I came home,  and it was gone.  
  • There isn't 4GB extra RAM though - if you watch the DF video - only 8GB is avaliable for gaming - the extra 4GB is for the dash and recording/streaming - they may allow games to use more later, but at release games can only access 8GB, the same as the Pro (as the pro has 1GB spare for background operations)
  • The pro only has 5GB available for games.
  • Sony is in a very bad place right now.  The PS4 Pro isn't selling all that well.  Aa a company, they struggle to eek out a profit.  Microsoft has just unified all game development with Scorpio so all PC games and Xbox games will be the same, lowering development costs and ensuring that all non-exclusives for PS (Call of Duty, Battlefront, Madden, FIFA, etc) will be developed for Scorpio first and then basically ported to PS4.   So Sony is going to lose having its console be the primary one for development.  They also don't have the engineering or money to keep up with Microsoft. And they've long been dealing with issues in the attach rate.  The average Xbox One user buys more games.  Sony may sell more consoles, but developers see fewer Xbox users buying the same amount of games as PS4 users.   The main thing Scorpio will do it get most developers to build for Scorpio first, knowing it'll work on PC with the same build.  Playstation will become the second class citizen going forward.  Sony will have to pay more for exclusive DLC and marketing because Microsoft is in charge of a much larger market (Windows 10 is on about 500 million devices). And the only real play Sony has on PC is the lackluster PSNow.  Sony is now stuck in a box without any real prospect for growth.   The profile of the PS4 owner tends to be lower income and younger - meaning they have less disposable income and muy less games.  A lot of the PS4's success has been because it's the console parents buy their kids for Christmas and birthdays.  Look at the numbers leaked out from Activision and EA.  The Xbox sells as many games as the PS4 despite the much larger lead in consoles.  That's bad news for Sony long term. And if Scorpio is priced at a good level and leads in sales, I'm not sure Sony will be able to recover.  They are a shell of what they once were.  They don't have the money to keep up with MS if MS has decided commit its resources.
  • ....aaaaand...then you woke up from your drug induced dream in which you were spewing some nonsense about a company's finacials, engineering, and sales like the company shares them with you, and realized that Sony is not in a bad spot, it's stock is doing well, outselling it's competition in the competition's own market, and 2-1 in the other markets, exlusives are killing it, it's VR headset is selling like crazy...yeah, not sweating much. Don't mean to troll bro, but wake up. Scorpio, as cool as it's going to be (though not as cool apparently as we thought) is not going to compete with the PS4 pro, it's going to be a premium device for those relative few that want to spend on it. It's not for the masses. Parents buying PS4s? Yep, you bet. They also buy Xboxs, though not as many. When they see the price, guess which one they'll pick? I may pick up a Scorpio down the road, will definitely be an upgrade from my 360, but get your expectations in check. I'm excited. Competition is great for me as a consumer.
  • "Sony is in a very bad place right now.  The PS4 Pro isn't selling all that well."   The PS4 Pro is selling more than Sony expected. I don't know who the hell told you it's selling poorly, because they lied through their teeth (   "Aa a company, they struggle to eek out a profit."   Whilst profits of the Sony Corporation are down, Sony Corporation isn't a single company but a bunch of separate companies. While for example Sony Mobile is in the gutter, the Game & Network Services division is seeing increased profits. This is the division that controls the PlayStation.   "Microsoft has just unified all game development with Scorpio so all PC games and Xbox games will be the same, lowering development costs and ensuring that all non-exclusives for PS (Call of Duty, Battlefront, Madden, FIFA, etc) will be developed for Scorpio first and then basically ported to PS4." You're deluding yourself. Game development will NOT be done first for the Scorpio. Starting with the fact that there are probably more PC gamers than there will be Scorpio owners and PC gamers will NOT stand for the limitations that Microsoft will force on the Scorpio games...because these will also have to run on the Xbox. So games will continue to be developed for PC and consoles, separately. And when you look at consoles, the PlayStation dominates the market worldwide. In 2016 they accounted for 57% of marketshare ( worldwide. And when you get for example to the European market, almost every single country is dominated by the PlayStation with marketshares for Sony's console over 70%. In my country for example, the PlayStation has over 91% marketshare (and I was told this now by Sony or a retailer but by a responsible of Microsoft itself). If anything benefits from the unified Windows 10 core it will be the Xbox that gets games developed specifically for Windows 10 - and mind you, the majority of consumers does NOT run Windows 10 on their machines but Windows 7. But even then you'll not see a lot of movement since big titles will not want to limit themselves by the Xbox internals. Because there will be NO Scorpio exclusive games. Microsoft has already made it clear they won't allow it.   So I'm sorry but you're ABSOLUTELY deluded in your statement. You're basing your opinion on pure fantasy. Oh and by the way, Sony DOES have the money to keep up with Microsoft's Xbox division. In fact, they probably have more money available to develop the PlayStation than the Xbox division has. Because unlike Sony, Microsoft doesn't depend at all from their Xbox division. In fact, if it were for many Microsoft shareholders, there wouldn't be an Xbox division anymore inside Microsoft.
  • The PS4 Pro is not selling more than Sony expected.  Sorry.  You're not parsing what the CFO said - it had a lot of "well, it's selling what we thought, maybe better" speak. Fact is tha neither the slim or PS4 Pro are selling very well.  Most PS4 sales to end the year and open this one have been original PS4 bodies leftover form prior to the slim rollout. My father worked for Sony for a decade and has a lot of friends still in.  The company is in bad shape and there's internal talk of selling off the Playstation division to a Chinese firm in order to try to finance some kind of a future.  They have gone through a lot of layoffs over the years across the board and their broadcast division is now having problems - and it was a steady moneymaker for years.  They've had to funnel money out of the Playstation and their insurance holdings in Japan to keep other segments afloat. They also feel the pinch from underwhelming software sales for Playstation.  It means less licensing fees for them. My statements are based on internal knowledge of Sony.  Those issues concerning Scorpio are what they are being told by developers.  It's one of the reasons why they are considering selling Playstation assets while they are worth something.   The biggest concern they have is if Microsoft decides to take a loss on Scorpio to promote the platform.  Sony's nightmare scenario is Scorpio being priced at $399.  They cannot afford to reduce the PS4 Pro or the Slim much and they are concerned that the Play Anywhere Xbox badging will broaden Microsoft's ability to draw licensing revenue.   Expect after E3 to hear more and more rumors about Sony negotating to sell the Playstation assets.  In this scenario, Sony would sell the console without the IP and then bring their IP to everything in order to get more revenue.  They would merge Sony Interactive with their other entertainment assets at that point and seek ways to broaden revenue. BTW, that article you sourced is from 2015 and referred to Q2 2015.  It's no longer true. Just watch.  I have it on good authority they'll be shopping Playstation this summer because internally they are concerned about bottoming out.  PS VR has been a dud.  PS4 Pro has done very poorly.  The only reason either are performing in line with Sony's expectations is because Sony reduced manufacturing on both after the initial run due to lack of demand.  The central problem is they had a glut of older systems in the pipeline and they only caught up with that by the end of February.   Most of the PS4 Pro sales came within the first week of sales due to pent up demand, but they still had excess stock because they estimated higher demand.   Remember who has the most money at Sony now.  It's their insurance business in Japan.  They hate the Playstation part of the business and I can guarantee you that Sony won't sell it's insurance business. So maybe by Christmas we'll be getting our Huawei branded Playstations as Sony gets a multi-billion dollar cash infusion from China.   Sony is a rotting carcass right now.  It's bad and Playstation is saving it unless they sell the assets.  The higher ups are very nervous about Scorpio and Microsoft's dominance of gaming platforms going forward.  A big offer from China will be considered and probably accepted.  At that point, Microsoft might even be able to jump in and buy the IP for several billion to boost Sony's cash reserves a bit more, though it seems like Sony wants to keep the IP and just take it multi-platform.  
  • You're as deluded as you're dumb. I'm not arguing with someone so ignorant as to even ignore the sources I published to back up my claims whilst continuing their moronic argument based on nothing more than fanboy-wishes. "My statements are based on internal knowledge of Sony." Sure they are.
  • You have never posted a source that states good sales figures for PS4 Pro, yet you are so quick for insults.
  • So much bs and lies. Are you purposely spreading lies and misinformation to mislead people, are you trolling or does lying and making things up come naturally?
  • when they are going to release ?
  • Great specs, but where are all the new games? XBox does not have a competitive roster of exclusives to use against Playstation. Microsoft needs to stop cancelling exclusives and figure out how to bring more quality games and new IP to the platform.
  • This was just a hardware showcase. Games are for E3.
  • Games as in timed indies games. Minecraft in 4K!!!
  • The real question is, how big is the power supply for this?
  • If you're talking about physical size, we know that it's internal.  They did also mention the wattage but I don't recall what it was.
  • Ha ha.  for sure.  Our Xbox 360 and xbox one's two power supplies take up like 10 sq ft of floor space..ha ha.
  • Wow, I didn't see the "Jaguar-evolved" on the first article. It's those stupid "cores" that were the death of that whole arch line still, isn't it? They aren't full CPU cores, people, don't buy the "8 cores" hype. This is the same base arch that left AMD reeling in PC gaming for the last 5 years. It's an optimized arch from 2013 that flopped commercially. The GPU and RAM are decent enough. You've got a slight bump from the RX 480 of last year, a $200-250 graphics card (depending on which model you picked). Nothing impressive, basically the entry level for 4K and VR, but definitely not a slouch. The move to GDDR5 is appreciated, as is jumping to 12 GB if the stuff. Storage had better be self-replaceable, IMO. Many of us don't care to fumble with external drives, and if they try to shove another of those stupid laptop drives at 5400 RPM into this AND lock it down from replacement, I will not touch this console. IMO, this should be the same HDD of the XB1S, but replaceable, or it needs to be a low-end model SSD (like a pre-3D EVO or a PNY or a Kingston starter model), so loading times aren't a joke. If they force a bad HDD onto me, like they did with XB1, I'm out, no matter how good the other components could be. I'm very conflicted on Scorpio now. 6 TFLOPS doesn't look like an impressive number when you see the relative parts breakdown. We get no Ryzen. We get no Vega. You get a slightly improved CPU from the 2013 low-end and a mid-range GPU. Arch-wise, I'm bummed. Performance-wise, it's...good enough, but far from the monster we got hyped (though knowing what TFLOPS is helps to quell that beforehand). That it is supposedly going to be $500+ is the real letdown though. It just doesn't strike me as a couple hundred dollars north of a PS4P. I'd rather put $400-500 into Ryzen 5 and a better Polaris video card, if not Vega. Hopefully that drive is replaceable, it comes at $500, new games are announced and released in short order, and Forza supports VR.
  • I highly doubt it'll be $500 for base SKU.
  • Do you think it'll be higher or lower? The Ready at Dawn team apparently said $400 wasn't happening, and I see no justification for higher. The thing isn't $350 more powerful than the XB1S. We have a pretty good idea that the GPU is on-par with what you get around $200. Back when the PS4 launched, its 8 GB of GDDR5 was estimated to cost $88 for Sony. Ignoring the possibility of decreased prices over time, that would make the 12 GB in Scorpio $132. So, now you're at $332. The HDD can't cost much, if it's another budget model like we've been getting, maybe $40? The CPU is low-end, and probably isn't more than $50 (I know it's not a traditional CPU-GPU setup, just speaking to general performance costs). We're right around $425. That leaves $75 for the PSU, board, casing, and disc drive. That doesn't seem unreasonable. Unless they're dying to sell the controller at a massive profit, I don't see justification in the specs for $600 at the base model. I also don't see much defense for multiple models though, as the drive shoudl absolutely be replaceable by the user, limiting the need for multiple SKU (except to overcharge for storage).
  • Then I guess according to your expertise PS4 pro must rival a ps3 in power lol
  • The New XBox will be called the XBox One X  (XBOX)and will cost $499.
  • You were bang on the money with this comment, kudos.
  • This cant be right, April 06, 2017!!! If so Microsoft should give you a free XBOX!! Or You gotta be on the pay roll. LOL
  • i think it will be 499 + tax so im guessing in finland its going to be 550 eur just like ps4pro announced as 399 but when released on finnish market it was 440 eur
  • Homer Simpson voice* "They're both losers!"
  • Coming Soon! Retrenchment Needed! LOL
  • A fast device with horrible operating is just faster at being horrible.
  • What? I have no idea what you are even going on about. What is wrong with the XBOX?
  • This guy is a troll, every time ... Every time a see a bad comment and look at the username... it's him. He don't seems to like anything from Microsoft, but are always here to talk about it.
  • Don't feed the d̶o̶g̶ troll.
  • lol wut?
  • It will be all about price and content, Xbox 360 games is useless on a system like this. Microsoft is looking to the future with Scorpio, and is hoping developers will reward them with exclusive for making a system with Scorpio hardware. For the consumer it will be price first, because they already have a PS4 and or Xbox One and loads of games.
  • Really excited about it. Just hope Microsoft doesn't come up with silly name like Xbox Pro to kill all the magic. Actually Scorpio would make a great name. IMO.
  • Not great if you entered a Store looking for a game, you would worry about compatibility. And the X matches the S for a sense of family
  • And when its released, the hardware is old mantra will be chanted. God, I hate these leaks. Spoils the enthusiasm.
  • sorry Ps4 pro, i was thinking about you then this came out, guess we need to break up.
    It looks to have a tiny form factor, could it be smaller as compared to the xbox one s as well, I can pretty much see all the components in the cover image and on the website so for something that's smaller than a mini ITX board, sure does pack a punch. MS has really been putting time and money into their products nowadays, just look at the evolution from the original xbox to this thing. wow.
    I reckon, In comparison to a PC, I think due to console optimization being better, this should run at the same level of a ryzen 7 1700 paired with a gtx 980. Similar details and frames on this machine
  • $499 or $549
  • $499 in the US / £449 in the UK
  • $599 CAD when exchange rate puts it around $667 CAD, so it's a deal to go X in Canada.
  • And probably 25K LPS in Honduras because sellers here are aholes (25K are roughly 1000 USD)
  • Rehashed article, Ruufus asked the question 2mths ago, well before pricing was revealed at E3 >.>
  • In Australia $649 
  • would be 549
  • Looks great. Can you install steam pc games using Windows 10 on this system?
  • Well in the graphic chart you're showing here, it's only showing the comparison between Xbox One S and PS4 Pro but not X1X vs PS4 PRO. You're talking about their performance but it's showing the One S not the X1X specs. Unless I'm missing it from the page!
  • The chart has columns, One S, PS4P, XB1X. It shows you posted the comment "0 sec ago" so it is not like they updated the chart at the exact same time you made your comment. I think your page is just cut off.
  • Its there, bud.
  • I think the table might have issues on mobiles, I'll try and figure it out
  • Disappointed Xbox One X didn't have more media features like integrated tuner and DVR ability.
  • Because $499 is not enough?
  • If they added OTA DVR capability and a PS-Vue app I'd buy it in a heartbeat! :-D
  • OTA DVR is there through HomeRun HD. PS-Vue seems to be up to Sony.
  • i doubt it gonna be available on xbox... like spotify is exclusive for ps4 on the consoles... this is why xbox doesnt have spotify yet
  • Spotify is not exclusive, theres UWP apps for Spotify on xbox
  • Link for the app? My friends been complaining and many ppl from internet also... In spotify community forum ppl been asking and staff said they arent going to comment on any that is related to partnership
  • A store app just showed up yesterday. simply search the store for spotify
  • Just looked. No you are wrong. There is a user guide app tho.
  • i dont own xbox so cant try to search it... like ive stated my friends + many ppl from spotify community forum complaining about this that there is no spotify for xbox
  • I just realized something... I don't play any of the Xbox exclusive games lol. I love it for everything else. I don't play halo. Only games that PS4 shares with Xbox. Personally i don't like PS. When i was 10 i did. Then i grew up :)
  • The One S memory bandwidth is 64 GB/sec for the 8gb of ddr3 ram. And only the tiny esram runs at 219gb/sec. Considering that the ddr3 does almost all of the initial workload the esram is mainly used for writing the frames. Ao the bandwidth is nowhere near what the chart claims for One S. Not even close.
  • You're right, my bad.
  • Because these are features that EVERYONE wants. Remember, the Xbox One is supposed to be the One box to rule them all. Until it has more TV centric features, it never will be.
  • I have it as my one box. And get more content including live TV than i ever had having a virgin cable box. And my Tuner will work with One X as well.
  • So where is the part about why we hsouldn't bother with it...? 
  • Top 5 reasons not to get one: 1) You still have an SD TV 2) You don't like things that are good. 3) You would rather spend your money on buying your 100 cats new toys. 4) You are Amish and do not have electricity. 5) You think that people are being kept prisioner inside that box in your living room.
  • 6) Under mind control of Sony and/or the anti-Microsoft media campaign.
  • Ah the media bias card. So funny to see the victim card played once again. :)
  • The undeserved Microsoft hatred is real, face it.
  • Undeserved? Did you see MS's E3 conference? Once again they showed they aren't investing as much as the competition into making their own games. So many anti-gaming timed deals. Trying to mislead gamers/consumers with their "timed deals" that they called "launch exclusives". They get criticised for that things that they do. Just face that.
  • "So many anti-gaming timed deals. Trying to mislead gamers/consumers with their "timed deals" that they called "launch exclusives"."  - As far as I understand, they didn't call them "timed deals" because there is no deal. They are just games that happen to be going to Xbox One (usually from PC) first, before they also then do the work to get it over to PS4. Calling it a "launch exclusive" makes sense to me, assuming that is the case.
  • Please lay off the cheap drugs.  they make you paranoid.
  • 1) You have a PC that does real 4k gaming without the use of dynamic scaling, checkerboarding, and reduced textures.
  • You mean all that stuff that the PS4P does, and so game devs are going to the LCD and porting that crap to the X1X? Oh, and I have a 1080Ti card. Got it a couple weeks ago. I still play games on my XB1 and not my PC.
  • You're the evidence that Microsoft makes awesome products and crap marketing. X1X doesn't use fake 4K like PS4P does, with its checkerboarding and stuff.
  • Both consoles can do Full 4K, and both utilizie checkerboarding. XOneX is more powerful though so should need to rely on checkerboarding less often, difference likely around the same as 720p/1080p difference with PS4/XOne (difference in how often that disparity exists).
  • ps4pro and xbonex are for hardcore console players only... this is why there are still normal consoles for those who arent freak gamers :P
  • Well my kitties already have enough toys, I have electricity, I have checked that box for prisoners, I have an HD TV, and I love good things. What am I missing?
  • exactly
  • Tbh, this console has me considering buying it. I never have bought or owned a Xbox before, always PS. But this one looks really good to me. I usually just flame n troll you Xbox guys
  • ...and if you do we will gladly welcome you the dark side of XBL. =P
  • Xbox already has it hard enough with sony trolls. But given this is a Microsoft site there are plenty of pc elitists here to toss in their two cents as well. Microsoft needs an ally. 
  • Yup, CPU is a bit on the weak side still, but seems like a good console overall.
  • So, games vs hardware
  • In a sort of off topic,  will the XB1S get the backward compatability of the OXB?
  • Pretty positive all Xbox ones will
  • Perfect.  I think im going to pick up a new one S.   Give it a try.  I am excited to fire in my old xbox games and give them a whirl.  I have a bunch!