Xbox One X suffers poor launch week in Japan

Microsoft kicked off sales of its latest video games console, the Xbox One X, last week – promising a premium gaming experience as an extension of the Xbox One family. While maintaining compatibility with existing games, the device delivers 4K resolution, HDR, and other enhancements to select titles, standing out as the most powerful console on the market.

The Xbox One X has seen noteworthy success in its core markets, with high demand being reported across the west. However, according to Media Create (via DualShockers), which tracks retails sales in Japan, the high-end console failed to grab the attention of Japanese customers.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

As detailed in Media Create's figures for last week, the Xbox One X sold 1,344 units – securing the eighth place on the hardware sales chart. For reference, the Nintendo Switch reportedly sold 79,958 units over the same period, while Sony's PlayStation 4 came in second, with 20,021. Other devices, such as the 3DS, 2DS and PS Vita all reportedly outsold Microsoft's latest console in the region. The standard Xbox One was also sold 121 times over the seven-day time frame.

This follows a report that Xbox One X preorders sold out in Japan last month, leading up to the console's release. This once again proves that phrasing is essential – preorder unit allocation was clearly significantly lower than other markets. While it's possible limited availability in Japan did reduce sales, interest in the Xbox One has never been high for the region. Nintendo and Sony continue to dominate in the market, while the Redmond giant fails to secure mindshare four years after launch.

Xbox head, Phil Spencer has previously discussed the lack of traction seen in Japan, announcing efforts to enter negotiations with Japanese publishers. However, it still appears Xbox One isn't considered as a place for Japanese gamers or developers, despite an attempt to expand.

Matt Brown

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