Microsoft warns Xbox One X buyers to expect shortages at launch

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's upcoming console, the Xbox One X, is just around the corner – releasing worldwide on November 7 (opens in new tab). Set to deliver improved resolutions and graphical fidelity to Xbox One games, the device has garnered a fair amount of attention in recent months, with pre-orders selling out on multiple occasions.

In most countries it's still possible to secure an Xbox One X ahead of release, however, Microsoft UK is now warning that gamers should avoid leaving purchases to the last minute. In an interview with, Xbox UK director Harvey Eagle has warned that Xbox One X consoles may hard to come by over the launch period.

It was the fastest pre-order of an Xbox that we've ever had. I can't guarantee that stock will be available in launch week for people to just walk into a store and pick up. Demand is really high. I'd just encourage people if they want one at launch, to get moving.

Although shortages might be expected at launch, Eagle did clarify that new stock will be frequently distributed, at least in the UK. "New stock deliveries into retail each week as we get through to Christmas," with other major markets assumedly having a similar flow of units available leading up to the holidays.

Since preorders for the Xbox One X first went live back in August, securing the console before launch has been challenging for many. Although new stock has been made available regularly, both the "Project Scorpio" edition console and standard units have seen periods of unavailability in some regions.

While it's expected for Microsoft to tout consumer interest in the Xbox One X, it's still recommended that a preorder is placed to guarantee a device for launch day. For now, we'll have to wait and see what happens in the weeks ahead.

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  • Just imagine the Christmas sales...
  • Maybe they already holding back units
  • Broke this Christmas, so none for me..... Next year, when a 2TB one is available.
  • This is gonna be huge this Xmas. 
  • I don't think so. You don't just get your kid a lavish version of a console that plays the exact same games as their current one
  • unless you want it yourself as well, perfect excuse :P
  • My kids? This is mine. I have had an Xbox One since Day One and it is starting to show its four-year age. This is just to speed things up a ton even though I still have a 1080p TV. Also, what I get my kids is none of your business. I say "no" to them enough during the year. If I want to make Christmas special, that's my business.
  • Calm down calm down. Nobody is specifically pointing out you or your kids Mr. random internet person. Just thinking logically, most parents won't buy a $550 system (includes tax) for their kids if their kids already have the system. Of course there's the outliers. Like rich parents or parents who spoil their kids or parents who will enjoy the console with their kids (really a gift for one's self then). I've had mine reserved for a few months now bexause with my 4k LG oled, it was a no Brainer. I'm not going to wait for Xmas to buy this for myself. Besides its going to have shortages. So in two weeks, it's mine. But in response to the notion that this would be a big seller during Xmas (implying it's being bought as a gift for others) , I have to cast doubt
  • You sir, underestimate the stupidity of American parents.
  • Fair enough
  • I bought one for EACH of my kids to replace their original xbox systems - so I have 4 incoming. One for me, one for each kid, and one to gift to a family member.
  • Ain't trickin' if you got it
  • Man... If you are making it rain Xboxes like that, send a few clouds my way. =P
  • I'm sayin lol
  • My local Wal-Mart still has a few preorders left in-store.
  • Check out the increase in Xbox live users. I am waiting for the Xbox One X launch
  • I stood in line last time around for the Xbox One for my Day One Edition that I still use daily but I'm just not feeling the same excitement for Xbox One X just yet. Sure the graphics are tonnes better but I don't feel the sudden need to upgrade just yet. Even my 12yr old son who's a pretty hardcore gamer has zero desire to upgrade his yet either so it's not just me getting old. I'll wait and when the price plummets after Christmas I'll maybe jump on board or wait however long it takes.
  • Well, it's basically just a more powerful XB1.
  • Can't you technically say that of every iteration of every game console
  • It"s not a new generation. You'll be able to play ALL XB1x games with your current XB1. I really think the general public should know this. 
  • How does that make sense when the ps4 outsells Xbox one
  • That's exactly what he meant. It looks like this thing is going to outsell the PS4Pro, which means there may be a shift about to happen in the "consoll war".
  • I don't think outselling the ps4 pro matters when the ps4 is still outselling the one and the one X combined. But guess we will see
  • I don't think you should worry about PS4 owners. Sony is investing in new games. Sony is making games for them I think that's all that matters to them tbh...
  • I thought it's more a marketing trick to say that they're out of stock. But obviously they really thought the OneX wouldn't be that successful at launch.
  • Are they doing a nintendo? lol
  • I'll wait
  • Pre orders, low stock, whatever. I have an original Xbox One and Xbox One S (Gears 4 console). I'm good for a good while. I can't afford the price of the One X nor do I have or can I afford the price of a 4k tv so.... No biggie. Besides I always prefer a themed console so I'll wait until Halo 6 or Gears 5 comes out before I even think about another console.
  • There is a thing that I hate when someone telling people not to buy Xbox one x, talking like people needs his approval to buy something, let people buy what they want, if it's bad or good is for them to decide, some talking about I buy ps4 because it sells well, then go buy a ps4 but don't tell others to ditch something they want just because it doesn't sell, some telling people Xbox has no games or exclusive Aaa that's stupid if I like something let me pick what I want, that's what I am looking forward to.. #Xbox is a game console like other console instead of telling me what do, just think it's my money 💵 and my time and I am allowed to choose what I want...
  • I'm sure the release of three new entry's to major game franchises that support the new features just before the release are helping 
  • new feature like loot box?